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  1. Finally beat this brute! Thanks for all the advice which helped me hone my decks. It ended quite suddenly at the end of a Round. The last Time counter was removed and I sacrificed all my healing allies to survive that last onslaught. One team was at 49 Threat and all Heroes were badly damaged, but alive. Very close and very exciting. On to the next! Cheers!
  2. You certainly need to stop him attacking. Anything that keeps him 'engaging' different players, will run the Time down more quickly. 'Mighty Prowess' will keep him damaged, without actually attacking him, but I can only think of 'Infighting' to make use of that damage. Must think of other combos to stop the slow death. I will experiment with 'Elrond' to double all healing, but he is costly. The harder the Quest, the greater the pleasure when (if), I finally succeed. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Not what I wanted to hear, but not your fault. If 'Infighting' is the only reason to attack Turch, it seems awfully tough. In practice, there are plenty of other Dunlendings you need to remove. Any other reasons to attack Turch? So many effects have you drawing cards, and that has a lot of nasty side effects!!! Tough scenario, which I havn't beaten yet. Cheers!
  4. Remember that when Gandalf enters play, he only does ONE of his special actions. You cannot reduce threat and put 4 damage on an enemy. He can still Quest, Defend or Attack depending on the phase. Still a great combo!! Cheers!
  5. Very clearly he never leaves play, but what is the point of his Defence and Hit Points? Surely you can attack him, but if you kill him, he is still 'In Play'. Does killing him stop him attacking and/or stop his engageing? We would like to stop his attacks, but not his engageing. What can a 'dead' enemy still 'In Play', still do? Not clear!! Cheers!
  6. Beast Rabban brought up some interesting points about attaching 'Ranger Spikes'. Well spotted! Read his reply. Cheers!
  7. Despite playing this game since it came out, and the Wizards original version, this came up in a recent game and got me rethinking this whole aspect. We get so used to paying 1 credit to add an advancement, that we automatically turn that token over and use it for both. Actually you pay the credit to the pool and put a token from the pool on as an advancement token. There is an X cost Corp card that puts advancement tokens equal or less than Tags on Runner. Just pay once!! The 0 cost Corp card that adds 2 advancements, is free!! I have seen players take 'advancement tokens' from their credits to use the latter. Cheers!
  8. I have followed through all the Quests since this game first came out and I finished each in no more than 3-4 attempts. That was until the middle Quest of the Heirs set. Only difficulty 4? Should be easy once you know what could turn up. NO! NO! NO! 10 ttempts and I have only once got to 2B. Yes, I lost Celador! I learn't to finish the 1st active location on the first turn, but still get swamped by nasty enemies, locations, treacheries and shadow cards. I just can't seem to protect against them all. I should add that I refused to buy extra Core Sets just for the odd extra good card, but surely I shouldn't be penalised for that. Any help would be appreciated. I normally play 2 groups to cover all 4 spheres. I add 'When Revealed' and 'Shadow' stoppers. 4 x Gandalfs + Sneak Attacks. Threat reductions. Card Draws. Resource Boosters etc. My decks are 50 card ones, so not too big, but the nasties just keep coming. Unlike other Encounter Decks, which have a few non or very low effect cards, this Quests cards are all deadly! No respite! Heroes dropping like flies! Help!!! What am I overlooking? It's only difficulty 4!!!!!!! Cheers!
  9. Thanks for the forum link. Has it been FAQed yet? The general consensus seems to be that 'Engaged Objective' things work, but not 'Objective' things. That looks the simplest way to cover things until the official answer comes out. The Luke Skywalker not being able to use it just looks like a 'Thematic' oversight from the films climatic scene. Cheers!
  10. It seemed so easy to enhance the Death Star with that Enhancement card, so it can be Engaged. However, what does "Engage as though it was an Objective" mean when it is immediately followed by "It is not an Objective"? If it is never an Objective, you could never put damage on from units with the Blast Icon - Just ridiculous - nor the Fate card that does damage during the Edge Battle, or even the Objective that adds damage if you win the Edge Battle! These must be allowed, but what about the Event that does 2 damage to an Objective if it is played during an engagement with the Death Star? The only difference is the wording of 'Engaged Objective' and just 'Objective'. Any official word on what is allowed or isn't? Cheers!
  11. There is a card that allows the taking control of an enemy unit. It may be just character or Droid, but I don't have the game with me. I am pretty sure it is 'take control' and not 'capture'. The more I think about it, the more I believe my instinct of it being illegal, is correct. Cheers!
  12. Could I as the LS player, play Yub! Yub! and Focus an Ewok controlled by the DS player to remove a DS Emhancement? The card just says 'Focus an Ewok' but not one of your own. Conversely, Focusing other players controlled cards must be wrong or you could use their Enhancements or Objectives. It is sneaky but I feel it is illegal. Cheers!
  13. The Finchley Games Club in north London plays this - and many other games - every Thursday night. Drinks available! See their website. Cheers!
  14. I have no problem with what you said about the cards, and 'seeing' the cards is not an issue with me, but I was surprised you didn't mention the waste of 6 cards. The 3 alternative 'Identity' cards are fine, but why oh why are there 3 of each? You only need 1 of each and the wasted 6 cards could have given us 3 copies of 2 new usable cards! Cheers!
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