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  1. And the weird thing is they only require 1 hard point. I think it's an error. They are a bit more expensive than some crystals, at 12k and 14k, but still cheaper than the Barab ingot, Krayt dragon pearl, the Sapith, and the Sorian, and are rarity 9, do I don't think the cost is a balancing factor here. The crystals were one of the things I did, and it is an error, for which I sincerely apologize. I hope everyone enjoys the book, though! Edit for clarification: I intended the crystals to have the same hard point cost as other crystals, so they should be 2 each. However, I'm not a dev and wasn't involved with any post-playtest elements, so I can't speak for the "official" ruling on what they should be--it could actually be 1, could be 2, could be something else entirely.
  2. You don't have to get into specifics, but how does FFG handle the Cyberpunk 2020 "The Netrunner does awesome Cyberspace hacker stuff while the rest of the party watches him roll dice for an evening" problem? Having read a bit further over lunch, there's actually a couple of pages on this - ways to keep the other PCs amused, and ways to challenge a Technician's other skills aside from Mechanics and Computers. I did the Slicing stuff, in addition to a couple other things, and one of my top concerns was balancing the need for engaging slicing gameplay with keeping the whole game flowing for all the players. My mental model for the whole process was R2-D2 in the escape from Cloud City. I cannot promise that I succeeded in making anything that awesome, but that was definitely the goal!
  3. You're not missing a map--the locations specific to Lure of the Lost are not covered in the map from the Beginner Game box set. Hope that sets your concerns at ease.
  4. I'm pretty sure Spintiri glowbats are not in any previous product. Vrblthers, too, I'm reasonably certain, although less certain given I just statted them up and didn't create them. I can't discuss any creatures not mentioned in the article, but I would suggest waiting to check the product out at your local game store before making calls about how much of the material is repeated.
  5. That is a bit of a trip, but if you can make it, I'd be glad to try and get in some games with you. I work part-time at the moment, so I tend to be in early afternoon (2-3 ish, usually) and just stick around until things start winding down. This week in particular has a couple minor complications--I might be doing an X-Wing demo close to when I get in, and there's an X-Wing tournament in the evening that I'd be tempted to sign up for in the absence of other commitments (although I have no problem sitting it out if something else comes along, such as a new opponent for Conquest). Let me know what's up, and I'll be happy to try and make it work, though!
  6. It's still running at Dream Wizards in Rockville with pretty decent attendance at last few monthly tournaments, and a few of us who play on Wednesday afternoon/evenings as well (I'm in almost every Wednesday with Conquest, but the other regular Wednesday players are a bit more variable). There was apparently a tournament this evening at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, so presumably it's happening there as well, but I mostly stick to Dream Wizards, as it's considerably more convenient for me than basically every other local option. If you can make it up to Rockville, more players would be great--there's several local semi-interested folks and fence sitters in the Wednesday game night crowd who might join in if we got more faces involved. Interest breeds further interest, after all.
  7. It sounds like you want the "Operating Within a System" sidebar on page 18 of Stars of Inequity, which covers the time it takes for a ship to travel from a typical Warp translation arrival point to various parts of a system. Hope that helps!
  8. I believe the downtown one is called Labyrinth, although I haven't been. I'm regularly at Dream Wizards, and there's a good crowd of gamers that goes there, although most of the ones I know there tend to be a little busy for role-playing or more focused on other games (sometimes both). Definitely worth a shot, though.
  9. I'll be there as well, but I don't know if I'll have a chance to run anything. If I do (and it would probably be Saturday or Sunday if so), I'll probably use the same Twitter idea as my compatriot--check @JordanGoldfarb.
  10. Just a quick question: Was "Lost Legacies" the name of the adventure that FFG was running at the demo events, or are you referring to the adventure in the beta book, "Lost Knowledge"? I was running Edge of the Empire demos and didn't get a good look at the F&D adventure last year. The F&D core rulebook has a different adventure than the beta version, but beyond that, I don't know.
  11. So, the usual disclaimer about this not being an "official" answer, since I am a freelancer and not a true FFG employee, but here's my perspective on it from when I wrote the adventure: The holocron room isn't much of a secret any more. It used to be, but the temple's in disrepair, and as you mention, it is possible to just walk right in. As noted on page 9 of the adventure: "The three gatekeepers who managed the Dawn Temple’s systems did so from a secret chamber in which their holocrons were hooked up to an intricate interface. The chamber was hidden in natural tunnels once accessible only through a secret door in the secondary archives, but a collapsed wall near the entrance to the temple also allows access to the tunnelsystem. With only the Curator in place, the holocron chamber is completely unguarded, and it was only luck—or the will of the Force—that kept Malefax too occupied to locate it." In more basic terms, Malefax doesn't find it because he presumably gets stopped by the PCs before he could do a thorough sweep of the grounds. Rav Naaran is a true Dark Jedi, unlike Malefax, and could easily find it. However, because he is a true Dark Jedi, and one with a history of strategic planning to boot, he wants to make sure he has all the advantages possible before he confronts the temple's security measures, many of which are completely unknown to him. Given the roots of his fall to the Dark Side lie in losing faith in his fellows and their mission of peace, he probably also assumes the security measures are much more potent, lethal, and painful than they really are, because that's how he would build them at this point, and he no longer believes in people with a higher moral purpose. So, he waits, gathers information from the minds of his thralls, and tries to figure out how best to crush his opposition in one fell swoop. When he realizes that the only real opposition to be had is the PCs, he moves in, and as you note, he is fully capable of just walking in if they don't stop him. It's even one of the available endings to the adventure! As far as hiding the various sections of the map, I'd say that's generally going to be a thing dependent on your personal GM style and preference, and could only tell you what works for me and the players I tend to run with--I don't feel there's necessarily a right or wrong way to handle something like that. I hope this answer is helpful to you, and if you have any other questions about the adventure, I'd be happy to answer them as best as I can. May the Force be with you (and your gaming group)!
  12. That works quite well for me. I look forward to seeing folks there!
  13. I could do either of those days. I couldn't stay long if it was too much later than 8 on Friday, but I'm free all morning Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you (and the rest of the team) at the con this year!
  14. Errr what? I mean I saw it's on the cover but what's a landing craft doing in the committees book? Largely? It can carry or house passengers, pass as an Imperial vehicle, and stands out from the rest of the options in the book to provide variety. So less of a "totally fits" and more of a "eh... give em something that isn't a Yatch" thing? More "diplomats can use a variety of tools in a variety of circumstances, so let's showcase that" than either of those. But yes, "let there be something that isn't a yacht" played a factor in the decision-making process.
  15. Errr what? I mean I saw it's on the cover but what's a landing craft doing in the committees book? Largely? It can carry or house passengers, pass as an Imperial vehicle, and stands out from the rest of the options in the book to provide variety.
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