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  1. I had a great time watching it, midnight screening on the 16th full of other SW dorks and don't think anyone came out grumpy. Sort look at it as a predecessor to another two films, so speculating the whos/whats/wheres are probably going to be filled in a bit later. Great pace, awesome sound and there's some genuinely funny moments in there. About the only thing I was going to be dubious was the script and some of the actors, but it hangs together ok and they've got a very good on-screen chemistry. Whatever Daisy sort of lacks in experience I think she made up for in spades with Rey's 'presence' and both Poe and Finn where very strong leads. Plus it was kind of cool to see Chewie wrecking house. Wasn't that impressed with Kylo, but he's still around and hoping for something a bit more complicated to come out of the next two movies, his 'tanties' where **** hilarious though. Also sort of disappointed Max Von Sydow got chopped early on as he's always been a favourite.
  2. I did up the Belbullab-24 some time ago, which was the strike-bomber version: Sil 3, Speed 4, Handling 1, Fore/Aft Defence 1/1, Armour 3, Hull 10, SS 8, Hard Points 3 Hyperdrive 6x, Backup x15 (Not so sure about those... but it was canon at the time) Enc Cap 5, Nav-Comp, Crew 1 Consumables 7 days Cost @70-100k Avail 6 Weapons- 1 Hull mounted triple Medium Laser Cannon 1 Hull mounted twin Conc Launcher (Ammo 3) The 22 wasn't that much different, though from memory it had 6 laser cannons in 2x3 setup and may or may not have had a hyperdrive. There where sort of 'hotrods' though and pretty popular to do up, so I think 3HP is ok for that, plus you can stick a droid socket in there and not suck so much.
  3. I did up one a few days ago as a weapon system- Anti-shipping Mine Layer These much feared weapons are a hazard to shipping as they can remain active for years after being put down. They are notoriously difficult to find as they do not show up on Passive Sensors and require an Active Scan check of (PPPP) to detect. Any vessel coming within Short Range will be detected and result in a massive charge detonating. Mines are Silhouette 1 and Skill of (GGG) with the Guided 2 Quality to 'Attack' any ship. Mines cost 1000c each Mine Layer 25,000c, Rarity 8 ®, Sil 5+, Limited Ammo: 15 Mine Range: Short, Damage 10, Crit 2, Blast 8, Vicious 4, Breach 4, Guided 2 (Sil 1 for purposes of size) Its a very specialist type of weapon system and not exactly cheap, but if you've got a system to keep people out of it, you could do worse that load up a corvette full of bombs and go ruin someone's day in a large area of space.
  4. Yep, this little site keeps up with the times- http://swrpg.viluppo.net/
  5. I think go with the Citidel, tune it up with some decent modifications and maybe switch out some of the weapons. That big forward tractor beam is pretty handy. There are two external racks for smaller craft, so you could look at something like a little A-24 Sleuth for scouting/sneaking around and a HWK-290 for shuttle duties, both those little ships are very good for adding a lot of modifications to them and tooling them up to suit various missions.
  6. Tell us 'what you want' the ship to do? Carry freight, passengers, fight, mini-carrier etc Once you approach that aspect of the design, its a bit easier to find something that fits and worst comes to worst I got about 25 years worth of star wars books I can hack something out of if FFG hasn't done it already. General Purpose ships- My favourites there are the Citidel Cruiser & YKL-37R Nova Courier Plus if you keep the ship to Sil4, it means you can do piloting actions that you can't really do in Sil5+ ships
  7. Paying peanuts, getting monkeys. Back to the Q', thinking Nemesis doesn't apply to capital ship crews, however, what you could do for effective commanders with a rank or 2 in Nemesis have it apply perhaps to their crew in a more useful fashion- time spent training Lt Fred and Ens Bob to not stab you in the back and yell at minion groups more effectively. So if you had a Cpt Dirk Diggly with the Nemesis of 2, scourge of the space lanes, he could apply a Skilled [Y] dice to two minion groups on his crew as a means of yelling at them to shoot hard, fly better, fix stuff before we die etc
  8. Yeah, we had a bit of a laugh about that the other day that the iconic rebel fighters are apparently not a restricted item.
  9. It says pretty clearly in the description (last paragraph) that ion affects cyber gear
  10. Page 245 It should take 1 ship maneuver
  11. Ion cannons are the old pirates standby, of course if you've not got those, you can use the regular ships guns and get some ideas here- https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/99058-take-out-that-starship-component/
  12. Anyone used this rule mechanic in-game and how did it work out for you?
  13. Nexu kitten! Nothing can resist cuddliness of that magnitude
  14. Kind of think of the holonet as a proper, heavily redundant, staggeringly expensive and encrypted military network. Sort of what the internet would be if there was no civilian access and then let them fill it with cat pictures, email spam and porn.
  15. In terms of comlinks and radios, you need to do a couple of things. Find the frequency they're using, so you sweep through the active signals with a spectrum scanner until you find the right one. (Or- you steal a radio they're using and then use that, though it runs the risk they know its missing and change their freq+ crypt) Record the transmission onto some sort of data storage Find what kind of encryption they're using, duplicate that and load it into your reciever so you can listen in. Of course, if they're using a fairly complicated encryption, then it will be accordingly more difficult Holonet is considerably more problematic. You need a holonet reciever, which is expensive, rare and highly restricted in the age of the Empire Then, you need to figure out 'who' they are going to be sending their transmission to, because the system is effectively point to point. Once you've got the gear, figured out who is sending what/where (astrogation) you need to literally cast a net so to speak to capture and record the S-packets that are going through that part of space. Or They could be sending it off to the nearest holonet relay. Finding a relay is super top-secret stuff, plus you'd like to think they're just a satellite sitting out in the middle of nowhere... except that they arent! No sir, they're a satellite sitting out in the middle of nowhere which is in hyperspace (objects in hyperspace remain there until their engine drops them back out) From time to time they get maintained by people/droids that send a signal to the unit, drops it out of hyperspace and then do what they need to do, them put it back in the hyperspace dimension. If you can get hold of that sort of super-secret data, then you stand a good chance of netting massive amounts of traffic by simply diverting the data off of the relay and into your own reciever. Then, sit back and spend quite some time picking through it and decrypting what is essentially top secret, secure information. The Codebreaker talent from Slicer career makes them better than most others at doing this, but its never easy, if it was easy then the information is obviously not that important.
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