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  1. @Adeptus-B, that is mighty fine work you have done. Your research is very good and immensely helpful. I completely agree with your wish list, to expand it however, in my opinion we really need to tackle the subject of Sanctioned Xenos. While that doesn't necessarily mean we have to create playable Eldar or any other race, the topic really needs to be taken into consideration. What really are Sanctioned Xenos? What rules govern them? How does xeno become Sanctioned? What mission it is sent on? How much trust (or rather distrust) it has to deal with? How Inquisitors in Calixis view Sanctioning of Xenos? We have to answer this question because the topic of Sanctioned Xenos is one of the most interesting thing mentioned in 40k books, but never really explained. Second thing - Saruthi and other Chaos xenos, Saruthi are race from Dan Abnett's Xenos book. Like you all probably know, they were a race corrupted by Chaos, did they have any influence on Calixis sector? Maybe there are some Saruthi artifacts or even enclaves? After all, Scarus neighbours with Calixis. This leads us to discussing the topic of Chaos corrupting other races than men. What does it do to orks? Are there Chaos Eldar (there were in the old fluff, do we bring them back?) Were Yu'vath just warp-dabblers or Chaos worshippers? Third thing - the Tyrant Star, Ordo Xenos' approach to it, theories and operations concerning it. What OX Inquisitor's think of this phenomenon? How they investigate it? What race do they blame for it? Fourth thing - Ordo Xenos holdings, description of Ordo Malleus bases was in my humble opinion one of the best things in Daemon Hunters, we should devote some pages to secret Ordo Xenos labs, bestiaries, xeno artifact repositories. Also concerning Cold Trade - what are punishments for it? Of course, selling alien weapons deserves probably a death sentence but what punishment can be given to a noble who bought an alien sculpture, a really truly innocent sculpture that just happenes to not be mind corrupting machine, xeno atom bomb or portal to the warp?
  2. I really like your story for the Yu'vath but we must remember that this is supposed to be book about the Ordo Xenos first and formost, while their dedicated enemies are very important and describing them is thing that needs to be done, we need to remember to put our focus on Alien Hunters. Here is how I would like to see it organized: create both chat on skype that will allow us fast discussions, deciding what to put inside the book, dividing work and chatting about the project. And I would like to set up some small private forums to post content, provide lengthy reviews and point out things that need to be reworked. I do not want to do it here on forums because it would be very inefficient for a group project. Posting things here and getting opinion is perfectly fine if someone posts things he's doing on his own. But discussions and lots of people seeing the project in work would just create unnecesary clutter that would slow things down. While my intent is not secrecy, it's after all project "whoever wants, joins" and everything will be published for free for everyone. I would just prefer to avoid been slowed down by people discussing about things posted, sending their ideas, demanding this, hating that. Etc.
  3. Ok, to make things easier. Everyone who wants to contribute to Ordo Xenos sourcebook, please send me a PM, it will be easier for me to get the band together.
  4. Great mock-up covers Cogniczar, I especially like the one for sorcery book. About mysteries in books - I very much like White Wolf's new World of Darkness and how they approach grand, unknowable mysteries. First they present mystery and what is known about them (so not very much) but after this they give us few possible explanations and solutions, they don't say which of them is true, maybe none is, or all are, but possible explanation to the mystery is right there. And this is the way I would like to approach subject of mysteries. And about Ordo Xenos all my previous posters explained what the appeal is. I don't care about making profiles and stats for new ork monsters that you can send on your players. It's boring. But I'd like to explore activity of remnants of Calixian pre-human xenos empires, items that Rogue Traders bring from Koronus Expanse, give more details to Halo Devices, explore forbidden worlds of Calixis sector teeming with unexplored ruins of dead civilizations.
  5. I'm okay with giving Ordo Xenos a priority, they're extremaly interesting and there has been almost nothing on them so exploring their philosophies, factions and personalities would be cool thing to do. Also fleshing out their history in Calixis, important persons, secret bases and labs, more detail on cold trade and pre-imperial xenos artifacts in Calixis, maybe something about special taskforce of Ordo Xenos sent to Koronus? I'd like to tackle that a lot.
  6. I'm glad seeing that my proposition got accepted by the community, I must admit, I was a little afraid that I'll get ignored or bashed for whatever reason. But it's good that it is not the case. About your ideas - while I disagree with the statement that two other Ordos got their books, I firmly agree that Ordo Xenos needs a sourcebook. I disgree that Ordo Hereticus was covered, Daemon Hunters got their very own, specific book. Hereticus did not, they go way beyond that what has been said in Blood of Martyrs - which focuses on the Ecclesiarchy and Adepta Sororitas anyway. I really like Ranoncles' idea. Now, let us assume that there would form a group that would be devoted to writing fan supplements for DH 1e. While members would probably change with each project, here is how I would see the fanbooks: Big books - like official ones, big, cover a lot of material 120+ pages etc. Mini-books - smaller ideas that would be awesome to cover at some time, but there is no need for making it gigantic tome, I see them as something from 20 to 60 pages maximum. What books I personally would like to see done? Here is my list: - Alien Hunters - Obviously, similar to Daemon Hunters book in every aspect, - Witch Hunters - Another Ordo book and the last of great three Ordos, - Ordos Minoris - maybe as a minibook, to cover all Ordos Minoris and their operations within Calixis Sector, - Puritan's Handbook - the truth is, we have not gotten a good presentation of many Puritan philosophies of the Inquisition and puritan factions operating in Calixis, so here it is, - Ordos Calxis - Ranoncles' idea, maybe as a minibook too? To cover how Acolytes are recruited, how to set up safehouses, how to get money and equipment, interactions with black market, how to infiltrate both cults and Imperial organizations, how to make various charges brought by Arbites go away, how to avoid them etc. - Calixis Sector gazeteer - name says it all. - Sorcery sourcebook - I see it as a minibook, we've got nice sorcery from Radical's Handbook but I see that the idea can be expanded, there is a place for different disciplines of sorcery, dark pacts, rituals etc. - Psyker's sourcebook - psykers have been a little neglected by DH, there are tons of new guns with every book but not many psychic powers if any at all. So this would repair that state of things. - Minibooks for Adepta Sororitas other than Sisters of Battle - like Sisters Hospitaller, Famulous and the rest of them. That's just few loose ideas that are in my head if you're curious.
  7. With recent announcment of Dark Heresy 2nd edition, it became obvious that the 1E is dead, I wouldn't really mind it if it meant just updating rules for OW/BC level, but apparently will be getting completely incompatible mechanics and brand new sector. Now, I don't want to start any edition wars, I don't consider 2e a bad thing, especially that I don't really know it since I have not bought beta and don't plan to do so, though I'm definitely buying final core rulebook when it will be released. Even if 2nd edition will be good, there will be probably many of us that will prefer to remain on 1e, maybe some of us will think it has better rules, maybe some of us will prefer to remain in Calixis, maybe some of us just hate change. Doesn't really matter the reason. What matters is that we will remain without having anymore support for our game line. And that sucks, but who can blame FFG for wanting to refresh their best 40k game. Certinaily not me. However, this leaves us with lots of questions about the Calixis sector unanswered, and while some of them, like the Tyrant Star, should remain so, so every GM could craft his own dark answer, not all should be left in shadows. During all the years when Dark Heresy was published we received some great supplements like Disciples of the Dark Gods or Blood of Martyrs, lots of topics were brought to our attention and described in rich and interesting detail. So what can we do if we do now? Well, since the Calixis sector has been left unguarded, we should descend on it and make our own supplements. That's right, that's how it was done in ye olden days when game line died. We're rich and creative community with lots of awesome ideas, so why not use it to our advantage? We won't receive much more information about Calixis sector from FFG, only snippets and mentions that will get smuggled in books for other 40k RPG game lines. I say, let us gather a team of writers and artists, write a supplement and release it for free for all fans of Dark Heresy. While the task may seem daunting, many fans of other games have done so before when their beloved game was killed and so can we. We just need to organise. While I'm aware that many of us have families, jobs, studies and other important matters, we all also have some free time, otherwise we wouldn't play RPGs, right? So, we can devote some of this time for describing a few weapons or planet or something. How I think it should be done? (By the way, it's just my humble opinion, not a descision of any sorts) We should gather a team who can devote a fair share of their free time for writing and/or creating art, but also accept texts from non-affiliated with team fans. Maybe someone has great idea for a chaotic cult, but doesn't have time to devote oneself to writing a whole supplement, such person can describe his idea and send to creative team for reviewing (to check if it doesn not contradict any official lore or things planned for the supplement) and them accepted. So what supplements should we create? I think everyone who wants should submit their idea and then let the fans vote for what they want the most right now. Calxis sector gazetteer? Puritan's Handbook? Witch Hunters guidebook? Psykers sourcebook? Whatever gets most votes, should get priority. I'm not saying such a team would be a stable organized unit that would write supplement after supplement, maybe someone just wants describe few worlds of Hazeroth Abyss, but doesn't care about psykers at all? That's fine. Team for each supplement should be probably created anew. If there will be more than one supplement anyway. What do you guys think about this?
  8. Peacekeeper_b said: When is free RPG day? 20th June
  9. In my DH campaings my players are using two vessels - Inquisitiorial cruiser Dark Splendour and Rogue Trader's starship Void Rift
  10. Mastigos

    Next books

    If you like thinking in that way, we also have some accesories for Radicals - look into DotDG
  11. Mastigos

    Next books

    I'm hoping that FFG after publishing Radical's Handbook will give us Puritan's Handbook
  12. Haarlocks Legacy boxed set would be great thing if it would be published. All three parts of campaign, handouts and something special like in all CE's
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