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    LeBlanc13 got a reaction from Decessor in Recommended Experience for becoming an Inquisitor?   
    A character starts with a 35 Influence.
    - Book states characters should receive between 3-5 influence over an adventure lasting a few sessions (3).
    - This equates to 3-5 (assuming an average of 4) influence being worth approximately 1200xp based on the abstract method of awarding 400xp per session.
    - Based on a starting influence of 35, you need 40 points to meet the 75 influence threshhold.
    - At 4 influence equalling 1200xp (40 influence divided by 4 is 10 and 10x1200xp=12,000xp)
    - I'd say you need exactly 12,000xp (not including the starting 1000xp)
    My guess would be roughly 13,000xp starting level is reasonable for an Inquisitor on the fast track.
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    LeBlanc13 got a reaction from n00b f00 in Sibellus - Crunching the numbers   
    In reality, I don't think they put much effort into figuring out population size. They probably just said...25 billion sounds about right to me....don't you think?
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    LeBlanc13 got a reaction from Keffisch in General thoughts on Askellon   
    Personally, I think the point of the map is to show that the sub-sector is so saturated with warp energy it affects the whole sector. I think the saturation actually causes distance between worlds to bend... Travel is really imprecise. Nothing can be predicted and it's dangerous to travel anywhere. The map itself is only to give you relative points and distances between worlds.
    I like the setting, but I think they went to extremes only to differentiate itself from the prior setting. In this setting, you're required to use everything at your disposal to fight chaos because it is a losing battle. Inquisition is not well represented so each Inquisitor feels an enormous amount of pressure on them and feels like the are drowning in enemies. In fact, they likely are.
    It's great that Calixis is still out there for those that want to run a more vanilla campaign, but I think Askellon offers an interesting alternative.
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    LeBlanc13 got a reaction from Lynata in (Role)playing Ecclesiarchy characters   
    Actually, the goal of the eccleisiarchy is to look after the Emperor's flock and defend it from corruption. In fact, the Ministorum goals really coincide very nicely with the Inquisition's goals. They use their faith in the Emperor to root out heresy and protect their flocks. The more zealotous of the Ministorum see this heresy everywhere and uses more extreme means to protect the Imperium of man. I played a fairly moderate Ministorum priest for over 4 years. He started out as a fairly naive priest and as he was exposed more and more to chaos and corruption, he became darker and more grim in his administration of justice. I myself am not that religious, but I had a blast playing this character.
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    LeBlanc13 got a reaction from Gridash in So what do you think would happen?   
    Well, by Chaos god of Order, I would like to infer that It would be as tyrranical as the Imperium of Man is. As humans would create the god in their own image (similar to the desires of the Eldar becoming Slannesh.) If he were the Chaos God of Order, he'd be a tyrranical god who enforced order (his order) with an iron fist. Since it would be created by men from their actions/thoughts manifesting int he warp, it wouldn't truly be the Emperor anymore.
    Additionally, I don't really think the Emperor is truly alive in the setting. He is described as a corpse god decaying on his golden throne. The pictures of him in books show him as skeletal. I personally think they are using him as a conduit now and that his body and mind are basically shattered. I don't think there is any recovery from that. I think if the Imperium knew the truth on a massive scale that the emperor was indeed dead, it would shatter the chains that currently bind whatever's left of him to his golden throne (spiritually) and a new Chaos God would emerge.
    Of course, nothing in this setting is definitive, but that's the way I choose to look at it.
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