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  1. Loved the movie. Not sure how this will work out, but at $24.95 it might be worth a purchase. It does seem you have the right tone for the Baron.
  2. I'm a big fan off the rules updates to 2nd edition. I think it's a complete system even with only 6 products to it's credit. The rules updated brought it in line with Black Crusade and Only War so a lot of the material can cross over between the three games. In my opinion it's worth picking up. DH1 will always have a place in my heart, but I felt DH2 was needed to rebalance the power creep. The only thing I didn't like was the change of needing to roll for equipment, but a GM can provide whatever is needed as a care package from the group's Inquisitor if the group rolls poorly to acquire what they need.
  3. With the end of the GW licensing, I assume this FFG app will stop being sold on the APP store. Will we still be able to use it after the discontinuation of the license?
  4. I can imagine that FFG bringing a miniature based competitor to market has a lot to do with GW not renewing the license. What makes it even easier is how FFG has been cranking out Star Wars licensed stuff and letting the GW license stagnate on all but a few games like Conquest. I'm sad to see the relationship end, but I'm sure GW will get their products to market with a vendor they don't see as direct competition. Not 100% certain this is the reason, but it makes sense. GW doesn't always make the best decisions for their IP so only time will tell if this comes back to bite them.
  5. Untouchables have no connection to the warp so they can't feel the same revulsion for each other that others do. Likely they would be unaffected by each other's presence.
  6. The adeptus administratum works as you say, but quality doesn't so a starting character can't start with light power armor unless your GM agrees to it. Quality provides a bonus to influence roll to requisition only. With your scenario you could get it as a rare item with a +10% bonus to the roll, but that would be after play starts. Your GM can always bend if you come up with a good story or are starting with additional xp for more advance play.
  7. 13 pages and the original poster hasn't commented again... I smell a troll. A successful one at that.
  8. I still think that Sage or Seeker can do those roles better. Chirugeon has Dedicated Healer and the role seems to be based around that rather limited role.Actually, the Chirurgeon clearly states they make excellent torturers using their medical knowledge to "dig" out the truth.
  9. I wonder if it's not the warp engine that requires a ship to be big, but the gellar field generator. Maybe more mass is required to maintain a safe gellar field. I like the idea of the cutter acting like the bridge of a ship detachable from the warp engine/gellar field generator.
  10. Ex. A character starts with a 35 Influence. - Book states characters should receive between 3-5 influence over an adventure lasting a few sessions (3). - This equates to 3-5 (assuming an average of 4) influence being worth approximately 1200xp based on the abstract method of awarding 400xp per session. - Based on a starting influence of 35, you need 40 points to meet the 75 influence threshhold. - At 4 influence equalling 1200xp (40 influence divided by 4 is 10 and 10x1200xp=12,000xp) - I'd say you need exactly 12,000xp (not including the starting 1000xp) My guess would be roughly 13,000xp starting level is reasonable for an Inquisitor on the fast track.
  11. Actually, the goal of the eccleisiarchy is to look after the Emperor's flock and defend it from corruption. In fact, the Ministorum goals really coincide very nicely with the Inquisition's goals. They use their faith in the Emperor to root out heresy and protect their flocks. The more zealotous of the Ministorum see this heresy everywhere and uses more extreme means to protect the Imperium of man. I played a fairly moderate Ministorum priest for over 4 years. He started out as a fairly naive priest and as he was exposed more and more to chaos and corruption, he became darker and more grim in his administration of justice. I myself am not that religious, but I had a blast playing this character.
  12. Personally, I think the point of the map is to show that the sub-sector is so saturated with warp energy it affects the whole sector. I think the saturation actually causes distance between worlds to bend... Travel is really imprecise. Nothing can be predicted and it's dangerous to travel anywhere. The map itself is only to give you relative points and distances between worlds. I like the setting, but I think they went to extremes only to differentiate itself from the prior setting. In this setting, you're required to use everything at your disposal to fight chaos because it is a losing battle. Inquisition is not well represented so each Inquisitor feels an enormous amount of pressure on them and feels like the are drowning in enemies. In fact, they likely are. It's great that Calixis is still out there for those that want to run a more vanilla campaign, but I think Askellon offers an interesting alternative.
  13. Warp capable ships are massive. Eisenhorn berthed his gun cutter on rogue trader vessels. He had a favorite RogueTrader he used whose entire ship was crewed by servitors only. The trader himself was more machine than man. Overall, it's your game and you can do what you want. An archeotech or xenos vessel may work for you if it has to be small. Gun cutters though are not warp capable by the fluff.
  14. Don't think of the Chirugeon as a healer, but rather a Medical/Forensics/Torture expert. They can heal and probably did before their career started in the Inquisition, but likely they'll be using their medical knowledge to assist the Inquisition in a CSI capacity... Medical Examiner... Expert on torture... etc...
  15. Well, by Chaos god of Order, I would like to infer that It would be as tyrranical as the Imperium of Man is. As humans would create the god in their own image (similar to the desires of the Eldar becoming Slannesh.) If he were the Chaos God of Order, he'd be a tyrranical god who enforced order (his order) with an iron fist. Since it would be created by men from their actions/thoughts manifesting int he warp, it wouldn't truly be the Emperor anymore. Additionally, I don't really think the Emperor is truly alive in the setting. He is described as a corpse god decaying on his golden throne. The pictures of him in books show him as skeletal. I personally think they are using him as a conduit now and that his body and mind are basically shattered. I don't think there is any recovery from that. I think if the Imperium knew the truth on a massive scale that the emperor was indeed dead, it would shatter the chains that currently bind whatever's left of him to his golden throne (spiritually) and a new Chaos God would emerge. Of course, nothing in this setting is definitive, but that's the way I choose to look at it.
  16. The emperor would become the fifth chaos god, the lord of order & oppression. Created by humanity in the way slannesh was created by the eldar. Nothing to back it up, but I think it would be cool.
  17. Say something inflammatory...Insight endless debate... I missed these forums! Just to weigh in... I'm strongly in favor of FFG keeping DH2.0 compatible with BC & OW. So far I like the updates and don't mind the cut and paste. I am more than a little concerned that proof reading is still not a strong focus of FFG. Their books are generally not well edited and it has been that way since they first got the GW licensing.
  18. My last character was a Noble Scum "Prince of Pistoleers". His weapon of choice was a Dueling Las. With quick draw, rapid reload and Mighty Shot talents, you have a 1d10+6 pen 4 weapon with accurate and tearing that can be reloaded as a half action and fired as a half action. You don't get to use accurate by doing so, but it's a devastating hand gun and fits right in with a dueling character.
  19. Oh, you could easily wield that in a quick draw duel!
  20. Not that I want to throw a wrench in the works, but how can you put a fire selector on a a revolver? Doesn't the revolving part negate switching between magazines? I think you'd have to go with a stub automatic instead. It drops reliable, but gains ammo capacity and rate of fire. Edit: After reading the rules, it's not against the rules to put a fire selector on a revolver, just the laws of physics. I suppose you could have a wheel with 3 6 shot chambers rotating on a central axis, but that seems VERY bulky and counter to the simplicity of using a revolver.
  21. Just moved to San Antonio, TX. Looking to play in a Dark Heresy campaign. Have been playing in the same campaign since the game was released. If anyone is interested in adding a 40 something experienced Dark Heresy player to their game, PM me.
  22. I see nothing wrong with someone scouting my table. If they do, I know to use different tactics against them. You can't stick rigidly to a game plan. Most game plans fall apart in the first couple of plays. You can script, but adjust to your opponent as you see his/her counters. I look forward to someone scouting me out only to see that my tactics have changed when I get to play against them.
  23. Shouldn't this supplement be fixed to work on multiple readers? I use iBooks and was having a similar issue to bladerunner_35 on my iPad as well. While downloading and using Adobe Reader is a quick fix, as a long term solution, it stinks. The reason it's not my primary reader is its horrible on the iPad. Can this supplement be configured to work with other readers?
  24. Gregorius21778 said: Nope, all my PDFs from RPG-Now work just fine. But am I PC user (not using a MAC). Anyway, "wrong forum" If you have any issues with a product, the thing to do is to contact the vendor. In this case, this is RPGNow. Thanks for the response....but 1. The file works fine on my Mac, so this is not a Mac vs PC issue. 2. I've stated previously in the thread that rpgnow has been unresponsive to my communicating through them. 3. Mobile platform viewers, both IOS (iPhone and iPad2) and Android (Nook) are having the same issues. That's why I'm reporting this here
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