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  1. @valvorik: True, you can do this by yourself. We sometomes do too. But as the game progresses, the games turns more mechanic on us, so we "need" clue tokens to close gates after a while. The Story-Clue-Cards would help to remind us, that there are strange things happening and we are following leads, and not just meet a condition for rerolls and gates closures. But you are right, in the end, the true story behind a game of AH is bound to imagination alone. @secure/stable locations: Then just add the secure-locations to the card descriptions, but we usually can't finde clues in stable locations. Or maybe i just never paid enough attention.but my gutfeeling asys, that most clues are found on instable locations.
  2. I love Arkham Horror and i am happy about every expnasion. Also Fantasy Flight has added some absolut crucial elements concerning the look and feel of the game, like the injury und madness cards, so it's not like "sure, he's been to the hospital for the sixth time, but look at him, almost as new". Or the epic battle cards. But one element has been missing since for one crucial element: The Clue Token. You need clue token for one of the most important things in AH: closing gates but also rerolls. In AH you have so many places of the Lovecraft Mythos, you have all these characters and all these GOO's, but when you visit a location you just "recieve a clue". That bothered me from the start. Wouldn't it be great, to have a very short information for every Clue you pick up? Even betterm when they were specific to the location you are at? An example. You pick up a clue token at the Science Building. immediatly after you picked up a clue token you have to draw (or chose to draw) a Clue-Story card with an according Color of this neighborhood (bright yellow). Since clues can only appear at unstable locations it is ust nescessary, to have these locations listed in the Clue-Story-Cards. There is a very short story to the clue you picked up: "As you are in the Science Building of the Miskatonic University, you find deep in the exhibits of the dark pharao piece of metal that could not be from this world. Engraved on its front you see symbols you cannot read. Suddenly you realise, that you broke into exclamation of the name "Nyarlathotep" over and over again. You gain one clue Token" Also, the Clue-Story-cards can add additional events to the game: "Stumbling though the Woods, you find the remains of something that looks like an altar. As you examine the remains, you find a mystic symbol referring to the cult of the black goat. In the distance you can hear voices calling... Iä! Shub-Nigugrath! You gain one clue token Also, you mus take a "one of the thousand" cult membership card" (if you are playing with the Goat expansion) Or you can gain additional Clues, lose the clue at this location ("You got sidetracked by rumors that turned out to be false. You gain no clue tokens at this location.), pass checks, be confronted with difficult decisons (either you take the clue and be delayed, or lose this clue token). Upside of Clue-Story cards: More atmosphear, more tie ins with the characters and GOO's (i.e. some namedropping), some more random effects Downside: prolongues the game. Therefore it could be optional to draw a Clue-Story card. What do you think, should such an expansion be released for AH? I sure would love this. I couldn't make this by myself, because i don't have such a deep knowledge of the Lovecraft mythos, but maybe other people are willing to do a fan pack like this?
  3. Dunwich Horror, just to get started with the Scenario.
  4. I'm holding my German "Wolf" in my hands :-). The charactersheet is identical to the english one, so no pain using him in english boards. And maybe FFG will release his equipment on the support site of Tannhäuser, just like they did with the other three additional heroes.
  5. True, it seems unfair. And i am also waiting for the new legendary chars. But IMHO, the matriarchy is centered around the legendary, the other chars are more ore less just support. I fear, with new legendary characters, the power could swing back a bit too much. But until we can hold them in our hands, the will be plenty of time enjoing Zorka's wrath :-D
  6. Worth it. You get an additional (and quite mighty) new faction so you can play with 3 players. Also you get some Token of the month stuff, new map, new miniatures etc. For me, Tannhäuser seems incomplete without Novgorod.
  7. Sergey said: Sergey said: Thank you for explaining the situation with GenCon - in other words, the one goes to GenCon can get only ONE copy of Wolf?. As for German Wolf - is it in german language or in english? Basically, it will be in german. But i don't think, they will do many modifications to the character-card. The Tokens should be pretty much the same. The only real difference is, that you would have to pick the translated equipment sheets from gameboard geeks or something like that. I will definitly get me a german wolf, even though i collected this game until now exclusively on english.
  8. Then get a german copy soon ;-). No, seriously. Nobody will just "give" his Wolf to you. You can try to get one from ebay, but they are VERY expensive. Just saw one for 40 (!) $. Wait until genCon is over and then try to buy one copy on ebay. But of course, if anybody want's to give away Wolf for shipment and original "price", then count me in as well ;-)
  9. And the german redistributor promised WOLF in may. :-)
  10. I wanted to add that it is perfectly possible to play with 3 Fractions on the new Novgorod Map. Just today i did a great 3 Player Match. You can also use the other maps. And even though i thought the reich and the Union would cooperate (what shame!), but because we played "Capture the Flag" it went smoothly even without 2 against 1. It was a close call in the end. Even though i think the Matriarchy is overpowerd. especially on "Hard". It is for instance possible, to replace one Objetive Point with an entry point and Voilá! There you go. I think to add a second board is quite a nice idea. I have to make my mind up how to do it best. Greets!
  11. Marius said: Your best shot at Willpower in these factions is: The Underwater Conspiracy Cost 2 Conspiracy. TTCAI Text: If you win this conspiracy, you may cause all characters in play to lose willpower and then go insane, if able. So, you can only use Underwater Conspiracy against Willpower-Characters as i see it, right? Sorry for my questions, but i need a litle bit of trining with understanding the cards correctly :-)
  12. After playing some Multiplayerr-rounds, here is my verdict: It is possible, but with just one core it's lacking heavily the neutral cards. It is really necessary to add either 1 or 2 core's or add up with asylums containing some good neutrals (preferably with characters). The negative side is, taht with just the core there isn't much of deck building. Therefore aome combinations you have to fall back to due to 3 Players are lacking power or playability. The positive side is, that heavy decks (Cthulhu and or Agency) is getting attacked by two sides, preventing domination. So i would recommend it to other players, but not just with the base set. You have to be ready to spend a little bit of money for additional cards.
  13. Thanks for the results! I noticed the strength of a Cthulhu deck and also the Agency does a good job. I totally lost with a Hastur/Miskatonic deck (just to see if it would work in any way) against Cthulhu & Yog. But i have already a little bit of older black borders (Asylum-Packs + Premium Starters). so my results are not as solid-prrof as yours.
  14. I see! thanks for this neat information. I was really giving up on miskatonic :-/
  15. Marius said: OldCasual said: Does one resolve Icon Struggles at an unchallenged story card, or do you just count skill? They resolve. But you can't drive anything insane, or wound anything. You get to ready one of your committed characters at that story, though, if you have at least one Arcane icon, and you get an extra succes token if you have at least one Investigtion icon there. So the maximum of success tokens gained for an unchallenged Story would be 3 then?
  16. I have finally started to play yesterday, but i have been buying since some weeks. And yes to everything johnny shoes said. Most of the cards are really beautiful, and it is VERY strategic. there are times, i had to think minutes, what the best move would be. And let's not forget, that CoC has a small, but really nice fan-base. Most of the people will help you out if they can. The only problem with this game right now is, that i don't want to miss out on the old stuff, but that is out of production. Therefore i have to limit myself, not to buy old boosters etc., because then it will get expensive. IF you can restrict yourself, then stick to the LCG-Edition and don't buy the old editions. since i started playing, I can't stop buying...
  17. I don't think it kills the game. As i said before, black is better. But since the decision is done and they produced and selled already a whole bunch of copys, what do you think would happen, when FFG anounced:"Thrash your white-borders, we going back to black". People would run amok. So, we have to accept it. And since the core set is aimed at a new fanbase, they wouldn't know, that there have been ever beautiful black bordered cards.
  18. At least you don't play on a black table :-D. And yes, black is beautiful. but we have all to accept the white borders and just be done with it. Nice picture though, always good to see people play CoC
  19. An interesting 3-Player-Rule is presented at Boardgamegeek: "In Glasgow, we play a three player variant with the stories set in a triangle. Each player sits with one corner pointing to them. That player can commit to all stories except the the story opposite his corner: that is all three corner stories and the two edge stories nearest to him. The turns are played just as in the two player game except during the story phase the active player has a choice of five stories to commit to. Once the active player has commited his opponents can commit. The first opponent clockwise can commit characters to defend any story that was attacked except the story opposite his corner. The second opponent can then commit characters to defend any story the attacking player commited characters to except those that the first defending opponent commited to and the story opposite his corner. After a player completes his turn, the next player clockwise takes his turn. During a phase, the oppurtunity to play actions passes clockwise from the active player. After all players have had a chance to play a turn in a round, the story triangle is rotated a third of a turn clockwise so that a different corner points to each player. In their first turn, no player may commit to stories and all players draw two cards. To ensure there are enough story cards for the game, the Arkham and Eldricth edition decks are mixed together to form a single 20 card story deck." This variant is a bit confusing due to the rotation of the board. Also the normal Success token cannot be used, because it is not clear, who won which success-token. But it is possible to alter this variant without rotation. The advantage of this method is, that one story is always "safe" of being attacked/defendet by a certain player, adding a bit more strategy to the game. What do you guys think of this variant?
  20. At least it will be very easy to sort out the black borders
  21. Why can't they add a multiplayer-board and additional Story & domain-Cards in this one??
  22. First off: Pandafarmer said: I personally think they look great, and this from someone who desperately traded away all of his white boardered Magic cards in favr of black boarderd versions when availible. Thats really a hard decision, to trade all Magic-Cards just to have black borders, but i understand it very well. None the less:Wow! I am just starting to play the LCG, but by mistake, i also ordered some older CoC CCG-Asylum Packs. So i now have both, the white and black borders. First of all, i also think, everybody should stop whineing. Yeah, IMHO the block borders do look better (Dexter Ward in this dark embedded background is just great). But they won't switch back. i think, it is to make absolutely clear, that the times of the CCG are over. Personaly, i also think it is because of money issues, because it is cheaper not to use all that beautiful black ink. Everyone with an InkJet will understand this. Since the CCG didn't work well enough to continue on, they also needed to rethink, how to make things cheaper in order still to make a profit out of it. Therefore it is also easier for new Players (like me) to join. And secondly, i think the decision for white border Cards is aimed for this new audience. Now experienced players cannot screw over newbies by adding overpowerd old edition cards to their decks without having the newbie ask:"Why do your cards have black borders??". But maybe i'm wrong with both my theories .
  23. I will receive finally my Core-Set tomorrow. It got stuck at customs. I already play Arkham Horror with my friends and i REALLY LOVE it. I will buy me myself my own copy if i have some money to spare. By the way, it seems there is another discussion about Multiplayer-games in the forum: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=35&efcid=4&efidt=63286 There are already some experiences with Multiplayer games and different playstyles.
  24. I usually play with 2, sometimes 3 friends of mine serveral diffent games, like (of course) Arkham Horror, Age of Renaissance, Illuminati etc. And it would be a real dealbreaker to say: Well 3 of us is fine, but one of us has to go, because i want to play the LCG. Therefore i would apreciate well defined Multiplayer-Rules already in the Core set. I would love to see somekind of "Multiplayer"-Box , with an enhanced Playboard (up to 5 players or something) and additional Story/Domain cards and Domain/sucess etc. tokens. but THAT will never happen. By the way: The official Multiplayer-Rules: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=11&esem=4
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