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  1. Great. Would be fun to try Boba Fett and I see you find uses for both the Quadjumper and the Falcon. I guess the Hounds tooth is usable if I manage to get some games with my son
  2. When playing x-wing I have focused on other factions, but I have some Scum ships. As I have joined a league, I dont want to experiment with a new faction from scratch so I have searched for suggested lists on the net, but I always seem to miss something essential. So can I make a decent list out of this collection of ships? 1x Hounds Tooth 1x Fang fighter 1x Quadjumper 1x Shadowcaster 1x Slave 1 1x Millenium falcon 1x Escape craft 1x Mining Tie
  3. I do not have the full picture, but at least two of the conversion kits (Scum is one of them, the other I do not know) have a booklet that have pictures of Bomblet, Loose Cargo, Proximity Mine, Conner net, Proton bomb and Seismic Charge. The Bomblet, Proton Bomb and Seismic charges have the same scale as the 1st edition tokens. I had all the tokens from 1st edition except for the bomblet. I cut out and glued it on an unused 1st edition token. So now I got them all. I did spare the second booklet as I want it for the token rules.
  4. If you have the 1st edition stuff, you will get two more scenarios when the expansions that comes this fall. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/8/12/a-horror-without-end/
  5. In one of the scenarios you needed both sides on one tile at once. The re-printed these tiles. I don´t know if this is an issue, but if it can be a problem I belive it will be a very rare problem.
  6. Some from boardgamegeek suggest Barnabas Marsh, Deep one hybrid and Dagon priest for the last 3. So the list of monters should be Cultists, Deep ones, Ghost, Riot, Hunting horror, Star spawn, Barnabas Marsh, Deep one hybrid Dagon priest
  7. So we got Cultists, Deep ones, Ghost, Riot and Hunting horror. What are the last 3? The is one priest like character, one Zombie/ghoul and one big humanoid creature.
  8. They have released this picture showing a hunting Horror. This show the chuthulu star spawn and some humanoid I don´t know what is. This picture shows the cultist also included in 2nd edition and the hunting horror. The text mention Deep ones and it makes sence as it also mentions Innsmoth. There is obviously that they want to wait before the show the monsters and I think there must be more than those shown so far. The list so far seem to be. Deep ones Star spawn Cultists Hunting horrors And unknown "humanoid"
  9. What monster miniatures will be included? There is a Spawn of Chuthulu on one picture, I think there are some cultists, and the text refere to Deep ones and Innsmouth something that suggest Deep ones will be included. I really hope there is little overlap with 1st edition.
  10. There are more options if you can use the new board with the expansions. This put restrictions on how the new board can be. My guess it that the new board have a more modular feel as the different "characters" are put on different spaces.
  11. The Saracen have its spot taken by the warlord.
  12. The lion have a part in folklore and fairytale, so you could argue that this makes the lion "in theme". There is also the Talisman history as the original 3rd edition forest had a lion. I liked that lion more, as it really would fit the current theme better. You had to try remove a thorn from it´s pawn and if you succeded you got it as a follower if I rememner correctly.
  13. I liked how items worked in 3rd edition. Every weapon you could buy broke if you rolled 1. So even if the great Axe was +2 strenght you might use the +1 strength magical weapon you found instead as it was more reliable.
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