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  1. We're not very close to Madison, but we are playing the game here in Kenosha, WI at Colosseum Games! We have set up a play night yet since the game has just released but quite a few people have sets now.
  2. If anyone is looking to ****** up an old collection, I have about 1600-2000 cards spanning both sets plus a started deck with rules. Hit me up on boardgamegeek.com. I am BranWheat on the site. I would much prefer to sell than trade unless you are going to part with an equal valued Magic collection.
  3. I've had a habit of getting into miniature games that don't have a solid community or lack releases (I'm looking at you Anima and Arcane Legions). Does Dust Tactics get regular product updates and have a strong community? I noticed this forum doesn't have a lot of traffic overall. Thanks!
  4. I agree. This is likely what they were going for but they definitely didn't make the text clear enough. Once per game, per Landroval? Once per game, per hero? Once per game, period? DarthJalapeno said: I would guess that it's the ability that is limited to once per game, not once per game per card. But this is only my interpretation.
  5. Frodo would ignore the damage, not die, and would gain threat.
  6. I am running into a low Wisdom problem while trying to be creative with deck ideas. Off the top of my head, the only two characters I can think of with Wisdom above a 2 are Glorfindel at 3 and Eowyn at 4. I was running Frodo (2), Thoedred (1), and Dunhere (1). My deck has allies with Wisdom, has the +2 Wisdom item in it, and has a myriad of threat lowering cards at its disposal. Unfortunately, even in Passage Through Mirkwood, I am finding that this only works for a turn or two as the locations begin to pile up and unless I draw into the perfect had to supplement my Wisdom, I find myself swimming in a sea of threat, which leads to multiple engagements despite Dunhere's best efforts. I've tried using the card that lowers a location's threat by 1, which has helped, but even this is just a stalling tactic. For the time being I am going to switch out Theodred for Gloin, as he has an additional point of Wisdom, but I'm not sure that is going to be enough. Has anyone been successful with a low Wisdom party or has it been decided that Glorfindel or Eowyn are necessary to complete quests?
  7. You could also have a character with the sentinel ability that would allow you to defend in their place.
  8. Two of us still have our models and a third player is back for the summer but we haven't played in over a year. I'm definitely still interested in playing at some time though.
  9. I couldn't find an answer to this question, but will the chapter packs for LotR contain 3 copies of each card or have they gone back to the original set up?
  10. Are the cards in the Kings of the Storm expansion reprints or new?
  11. Might just be the vendor he uses. I ordered and picked up Janus 2 weeks ago in my area.
  12. Fridays people are there from 4 till 10pm typically. A chunk of the Anima players will be absent this Friday (May 1st) though due to a birthday party.
  13. I've been over to the other forums, Edgeent, or something of the sort and I've noticed people referencing official rules but people have said their is no official English FAQ. Does anyone know why this is and whether or not Fantasy Flight might go about working on one? I would think after having been in the US for a few years now that this game would see a solid list of rulings over the questions that people have.
  14. I've finally been able to play the game a couple of times now and I've got a new question. When an ability gives a character a state, for example Haste Level 2, what happens if that same ability is cast on the character again? Do the counters stack, giving the character 4, or does the ability override the previous and reset the counters to 2?
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