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  1. what i think this game needs now that it is dead is an official rules list/errata now i know there is a thread currently but it hasn't recieved any new erratas in months. now the reason i am bring this up is contradictory rules statements such as whether dark/villains are unique or how finklestein and other halloweentown friends work. i think one official document we can all agree on (well at least the mods such as troth or dawn) can fix that i saw it work in another game i used to play called anachronism that ended up getting canceled. it's simply much easier with all the rules in one place rather that going hunting in the forums only to find contradictory rulings.
  2. ok do i know what snow white and belle do. and i just mailed the SASE yesterday so i was wondering if anyone knew what aurora and cinderella did or had a scan of them i am mighty curious
  3. yes i agree the only villain that you should be able to have more than one out is undead pirate but then again where's the fun in that?
  4. i've got an extra moogle if you want, i'd be interested in tink or disney castle
  5. how did you guys manage to get snow white? how would i go about getting a snow white?
  6. do you have any Rai's or set 4 olympia? i'm willing to do business my e-mail is stevoisthemastre@yahoo.com did you see anything else on my thread that you might like?
  7. ok this is my first time on the trade forums so i hope everything goes smoothly Wants: Lvl 4 Donald (Set 2) x1 Lvl 4 Cloud x2 Lvl 4 Sephiroth x2 Lvl 2 Aerith x3 Lvl 3 Jack Sparrow x2 Snow White Olympia x2 (set 4) Rai x3 Pence x2 Oblivion x2 (set 4) Cid x1 Daisy x1 Ultima Weapon x1 Lvl 1 Halloweentown x3 Haves: Riku (promo) Lvl 1 SImba (promo) Kingdom Key Lvl 3 Simba (set 4) Lvl 3 Simba Foil (set 1) Lvl 3 Simba non foil (set 1) Lvl 1 Hundred Acres Woods Lvl 1 Agrabah (set 4) Lvl 1 Agrabah (set 3) x2 Twillight Town x4 Lvl 8 Hades (set 4) Lvl 8 Jafar Genie (set 4) Lvl 6 Crescendo (set 4) x2 Lvl 4 Search Ghost (set 4) x2 Lvl 3 Alladin (set 4) x2 Lvl 3 Beast (set 4) x3 Ansem (set 4) Lvl 1 Genie Foil Lvl 4 Genie (set 1) Lvl 2 Monstro Lvl 0 Hundred Acre Woods Lvl 3 End of the World Lvl 3 Agrabah Foil (Set 3) x3 Lvl 3 Agrabah x5 Curaga Thundaga (old) x2 Aeroga x6 Stopga x4 Blizzaga (old) x3 Graviga Lvl 2 Simba Foil x2 Lvl 4 Bambi Lvl 2 Chesire Cat Foil Lvl 2 Chesire Cat Lvl 3 Hercules (old) x2 Lvl 4 Alladin x2 Lvl 0 Jasmine (old) x3 Lvl 3 Jack Skellington Lvl 0 Sally (old) x2 Lvl 0 Owl foil x3 Lvl 0 Owl x3 Lvl 1 Winnie the Pooh x4 Lvl 0 Winnie the POoh x2 Lvl 1 Pinnochio x3 Lord Fortune x5 Wight Knight Trickmaster x3 and any commons and uncommons you might want to trade just let me know
  8. can you provide a link i am very curious and have been looking through forums for over a half hour now and can't find it
  9. so it is only with friends and magic/friends where the having the same name is not necessarily restricted to just three (3 lvl 1, 3lvl 2, etc)?
  10. i believe that i read here a ruling stating that you can run both the attack card Oblivion and the equipment Oblivion (and i assume the same goes for oathkeeper and olympia) but would you able to play both during the same turn (or does it invoke uniqueness rule) also in regards to the new Peter Pan being a Magic/Friend could you run both (3 lvl 1 friend and 3 lvl 1 M/F)? and again would uniqueness prevent you from playing both? Lastly since the new magic cards say "Magic/Attack" now i doubt it works like that but my friend wanted to know since it is a "new card type" if you can run both the new and the old magic cards (3 Fire Magic and 3 Fire Magic/Attack)? hopefully this will all be cleared up in the erratas but in the meantime thanks to whoever answers these questions
  11. hmm interesting i never knew about that second part (the whole targeting dark/heartless) so Peter Pan doesn't blank out the new Queen of Hearts text? is so then ouch!
  12. so just to wrap things up 1. Mushu gets double the support is on lvl 2 wonderland but not wisdom form 2. with ariel out you can pay up til -2 of your life (assuming you have the one that prevents -3) because if you pay anymore you are at 0 or negative which means you lose. did i miss anything?
  13. so with the new mushu you can use his effect twice per turn (+4 each turn) so with mulan out and ditching cards each turn he can get pretty big right? also what happens to mushu if mulan is discarded?
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