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  1. I have been a fan of the L5R RPG for some time, but rarely have I had any interaction with the card game. I often felt that some of the history of the setting seemed a bit odd. I normally assumed that somebody won at Gen con and got a weird story award and then others had to write around it. One specific thing that I am really curious about, how did the Crab align with the Shadowlands early on in the Clan Wars. Thanks to the great 20 years of memory thread by AFrede I started looking around and it looks like the very first cards to come out in Pre-Imerial edition were already detailing the corruption of the Crab clan. Does anyone have more perspective on this? All I have found are in universe explanations that basically say, Kuni Yori was corrupt and tried to convince Kisada to ally with the Shadowlands once and failed...but then evidently succeeded the second time. Does anyone know why the story team decided to start this way; and is there any good in universe explanation that helps show why Kisada thought that opening the gates at the wall and marching on the capital leading a Shadowlands army with the murdered corpse of his son nailed to a banner of Fu Leng was a good idea?
  2. All I can see now is Commisars demanding a retreat and shooting brave fools for advancing rather than waiting for support.
  3. First, I will admit that I have spent woefully little time with the core book. However, I am inclined to agree that space marines should be highly cross trained. Because all DW marines of the normal specialities (Devastator, Assault, Tactical) have spent years, if not decades filling each of these roles, I would allow any of them to take skills from each other's trees as an elite advance for an extra 100. My first instinct was 50 as that is what DH would lean to for automatic elite advances, but the scale of DW makes me think 100 is more appropriate. As for techmarines, librarians, and appothocaries I would not allow them automatic access to elite advances and they would have to petition and bid for them like any other character.
  4. Thanks, I forgot about the size bonus. Areas of outdoor illumination also make sense. After a rough start through the demo I stopped using the hordes as anything other than a device to make the marines feel pressured for time.
  5. The hordes look a little scary until I realized that they can't hit. BS 25-30(shooting at night)= -5% to hit. Bump this up to 5% at short range, and they are still laughable. The only hordes that might be worth our time are the heavy stubber hordes, which have a full auto option. It seems that having the whole battle before sunrise makes all the human opponents moot, what do you guys think?
  6. Peacekeeper_b said: Snidesworth said: Peacekeeper_b said: They did it with Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy on the psy powers. That was a case of FFG coming up with something different from what Black Industries made. They didn't like it (for whatever reason) and made something different. It's not quite the same as developing two entirely different sets of vehicle rules simultaneously. It's possible that the rules might differ because of the different focus and scale of the games but I highly doubt that. I think it was more of a better way to do Astropathic powers. Ive rarely seen (er read) in any of the novels of fluff a astropath getting any sort of perils of the warp. I have also never seen one struggle to send a message outside of their current solar system, but FFG delivers on that note too.
  7. The Baron said: Ah, but he can be a Teacher of Magnus. Look at how Luther taught the Lion, whats-his-face taught Gulliman, and the Tyrant taught Mortarion. Also remember from the Index Astrates that Magnus was taught by the Sorcerers and eventually he surpassed all his previous masters, them becoming his students. Perhaps, but Grand Archivist Etibulus Mortanr, Archmagos Lexicanus, Keeper of the Vault Dissembling tells us in his transmission to Caidin at the end of PtU that "...teachers Magnus had many, surpass them all save one, did the Cyclops: Eloeholth Palidius, Silversmiht of Prospero, sweeping his song..." I find it unlikely that the unsurpassed teacher would have become a space marine. However I agree with the earlier poster who suggested that Ahriman is likely to be well informed about him. Our group began formenting plans to travel to the Planet of Sorcerers inside the Eye of Terror to chat with him. We have yet to come up with a way to do so unlikely to result in our death. Thus stalls our plan.
  8. Mack Martin said: Secrets seeded into the conception of Dark Heresy will finally be revealed and I can’t wait to watch the fans to uncover them too. You mean that you guys haven't forgotten about the Tyrant Star or the Nameless One? We will be watching with interest, good luck!
  9. the 8 spider said: from france no gendarmerie is a millitary branche who deals first whith rural probleme. police deals with urban probleme. surete deals with nationals probleme that doesn't requires secret services. so gendarmerie is not police To be fair, you are talking about 3M gendarmerie, not 41M gendarmerie, I think by that point little or even big distinctions can be ignored by whim.
  10. Like everything 40k it varies from planet to planet, but if you like to play up the high gothic (read latin) feel of a place have them refer to the Vigiles Urbani ("watchmen of the City") or Cohortes Vigilum ("cohorts of the watchmen"). Alternatively you could call them Garda, Gendarmerie, Militsiya, Constabulary, or Hermandades. The term Police is also acceptable. I believe Iconothus has its own scourges detailed in PtUC. Litter your game with slang both familar and utterly nonsensical, and make sure that the local boys usually hate the Arbites, and you will probably be doing just fine.
  11. Meatpuppet said: Graver said: Graver said: I see the use of Subtle Influence as the mechanic of getting things done without flashing your credentials ;-) Bribery, for me, would just be a use of Subtle Influence modified by various social and scummy type skills to manipulate an individual or group of individuals... no need to styart bringing matters of hard cash numbers into it. But then again, your view is just as valid (and useful) in looking the rules over. I guess my personal prejudices against the monetary system (every time currency comes up, things either start feeling too much like a fantasy adventure or too consumerist to suit my view of 40k) and my desire to see it completely eradicated color my view and interpretation of the rules a bit. Same here. I've been waiting a long time to get rid of the DH monetary system. I was about to port over the Proft Factor from RT when Ascension came along. Btw what would be the Influence Level of a group of starting Acolytes? 5, 10 or maybe 20? I am pretty sure they wouldn't have influence. If I wanted to abandon money as a system for my games I would determine their inquisitors influence and have him make tests for the characters. The frequency of the tests and the quality of goods attempted to obtain would be dependent on how successful the cell has been in the past and how important the acquisition seems to future success. Actually that is a lie. I wouldn't have the inquisitor test at all. They would just be provided equipment appropriate for their rank and training modified by how well they have been doing on adventures thus far, I would need no mechanic. If acolytes wanted to obtain something independent of their inquisitor I might dummy up some system of acquisition where they need to make a d100 test against an arbitrary number assigned based off of social status, rank, how often they have been testing for acquisitions, and unique situational modifiers (you did the seller a favour in the past, you have something to barter that the seller couldn't buy with money, etc).
  12. Good, I am glad I was helpful. Let us know how the game goes.
  13. ThenDoctor said: i was hoping for something like a background package, like something from the RH and yes i guess you're right on some careers already have a place so it would be nice to have a reason for aribitrators and scum to be there (assassins are usually the snipers unless they are melee in which case a reason would also be needed) Actually I don't think that the Imperial Guard makes much use of assassins at all. And to the extent that they do, it is usually temple assassins that get called into play. The Elite Advance Package as I wrote would allow an assassin to join a regiment in a normal fashion, instead of being that weird dude the Commander hired. I was under the assumption that you wanted a package that represented people who are currently, and for the foreseeable future would be, in the Imperial Guard. That is why I built it as an Elite Advance Package (following the model in the RH). That seemed to best justify players continuing to dip into the Guardsmen career for advances that made sense for someone who was by all rights (even if not by career name) a member of the Imperial Guard. But if you are of the mind to build their military training as something in their background... ++++++ Background Package: Tour of Duty Career: Any except Guardsman Cost: 100 xp For billions of men and women across the Imperium, military service is a fact of life. Very few of these ever leave their home solar system or join the Imperial Guard. Most people have a chance to return to a normal life after a rotation in their home Planetary Defense Force, and resume their previous careers. However brief their tour of duty may have been, they still retain knowledge and training from their time in the service, and Inquisitors of a militant mind set appreciates the discipline and combat training afforded by military service in all of his or her acolytes. Effects Apply all of the follow to your character. Skills: Knowledge (Imperial Guard) Talents: Basic Weapon Training (las) +++++++++++++ If this doesn't seem generous enough, you can pile on extra traits like pistol training (something), knowledge (war), or any other things that strike your fancy. I figure that most former troopers will remember their basic military facts (knowledge (Imperial Guard)) and even though their training with a sidearm was limited they remember the many hours they spent with their lasgun.
  14. ThenDoctor said: i dont really want it to be an elite advance, i want it to be something they take from character creation that allows a basic skill/talent set for guardsmen i dont mind if its a little overpowering for first rankers i just want the adept and the tech priest to be on even levels in the military. Sorry for the double post (we really need an edit feature). So I read this again, more slowly, and I think I understand better. My package was designed to allow characters to take it at character creation. Its cost of 300 xp means that characters who took it would still have 100 xp to customize (on their normal career or on guardsman advances). If it doesn't allow your players enough access to skills for your campaign needs, then you can just as easily say that it also comes with the option of swim or drive (ground) or drive (walker). If you think that 300 xp will mean that people won't be able to buy things that you really want them to, then make it 200 xp. I tried to give the package the most important advances (I can see a drill abbot skipping driving instruction, but not basic weapon training). I did skip on some flexibility in choices (perhaps laziness on my part) and that could be added back in (pistol training (sp) or (las) for example).
  15. I think I am confused as to your needs. When you say you don't want an elite advance what exactly do you mean? What sort traits do you expect basic training to confer? P.S. Tech-Priests should also be exempted from my package. P.P.S. A normal guard army already has a place for Imperial Psykers, Clerics, Tech-Priests, and Guardsmen on the battlefield, and Adepts (hopefully) off the battlefield. I see this package as a way to easily explain the presence of Scum, Assasins and Arbites in a regular unit. As I suggested above, it is also a good way to incorporate Adepts into a squad. It not only gives them initial weapons training that they might be lacking, but allows them to access skills they might need for soldiering in addition to their regular progression as time goes on.
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