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  1. I'll have some stuff ready for you tomorrow when I go through the first book with what you have done and then to see if something more could be upgraded.
  2. So, here I thought this would be a great adventure with an epic ending to what was going on. Instead I get a complete skip of chapter 3 due to some horrible Perils rolls and no fate re-rolls allowed for them. And then a Moritat Assassin one shotting the bloody False Saint so that pretty much....its just 2 people going into combat and then an end to the campaign. So i sent the Iron Hands, Space Wolves, Storm Wardens, and Black Templars to cleanse teh heritics. Yea...not amused that the FINAL ENEMY doesn't even have Touched by the Fates...but the minor psyker in chapter two does? What in the bloody hell. Anyway rant over...definetly needs to be re-worked.
  3. Very nice, I wish I had read some of this before I ran my group through the first two and they are almost done with the last book.
  4. As of this bright thursday morning, my group is on part IV of the Chaos Commandent at Grangold. Here is where it got very hilarious. SPOILERS In Part II when you have to go after Molokar...his perils rolls turned him into a Daemonhost...he then got sucked into the warp on the next subsequent perils check....so no body to auto-seance. So, my group completely skipped the Survial Horror aspect of the adventure in the ship and when I told them they were actually upset about not killing him before hand like usual. We still found it pretty hilarious that it happened though. My group is more stealth, combat based than before with some actual character deaths that happened when it was more investigation. So this series fits well. My thoughts on the whole trilogy...yea, they screwed up on some things: Church of the Damned was missing an entire sub-plot except for random mentions. Chaos Commandent could have used a map of the laboratory like they did with the mansion, and the cathedral from one which would have been helpful.
  5. so far in my own game, i've had 2 players come up with possessed ideas. One after reading Dark Apostle and liking Burias. The other from a background sort of idea. I'm adapting the Daemonic Vassel rules for both with different daemonic gifts based on alighment and either Chaos Marine or Heretic.
  6. wow, that is very different than my group. They really hate the new zealous hatred rules so they want to keep with Righteous Fury. I'm not currently running a DW game right now but the same group also plays in DH and BC. So it will be fun to see how things work.
  7. Alright the first four are finished as these are the legions represented in my game: Legion Background Rules All get Ancient Warrior, and one alignment skill can go up by one rank or get chosen, counts as 3 towards legion alignment Death Guard: Immune to Toxic and Dieseses, Melee weapons gain Toxic (1), -5 Fellowship, 3 to Nurgle World Eaters: Frenzy, Battle Rage, +5 WS, Must enter Frenzy at the start of every combat, 3 to Khorne Thousand Sons: Must be a Sorceror, Immune to Mutation and Possession of Lesser and Minor Daemons, +1 Psy Rating, -5 WS (Lose from the Gifts of Tzeetch chart: Changing of the Ways, Face of Tzeetch, and Ecstatic Duplication), 3 to Tzeetch Word Bearer: Cant of Lorgar (in Achilus Assault) (Champion only), Inspire Wrath, Must spend time defacing Imperium icons and dedicating to Chaos, 3 to Unaligned Cost is 1000xp must be bought at character creation The unaligned legions will have something for each archetype so it fits alot better for them. My humans got some backgrounds as well for 500xp which count as 2 toward alignment of choice. Apostate: Fallen Governer: +5 Int, +10 Social Skill test to deal with one branch of the Imperium of choice. Fallen Priest: +5 Fel, +10 to resist opposed social tests Heretek: Dark Mechanicum: +5 Int, upgrade tech-use by one, Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) Explorator Tech Priest: +5 Int, gain lesser minion of chaos (servitor) Psyker: Escapee of the Black Ships: Hatred (Inquisition), +5 Int, Security Fallen Sanctioned Psyker: Conditioning (as sanctioned psyker in DH. Roll once on the chart and adjust as needed for Black Crusade) So I made something for everybody and i'm working on the last legions and the Renegade plus adding one more background per archetype for the humans. Enjoy.
  8. well i also look at the fact that the winners joins the deathwatch and they have some profiles for them.
  9. Does the 1,000 word limit for the captain have to include a statblock?
  10. I'll post them up when i'm done with them.
  11. Looking through everything and reading everybodies ideas and the critisims. I have found a solution that should be interesting. My players will start with 2k extra experience. I will have backgrounds made that will cost an average of 500xp - 1000xp for human and chaos space marines. They will count as two - three into the advancement they are applied for. So a Death Guard buys his background and it counts as two to three toward Nurgle (haven't come up with a final number). My Unaligned legions will have backgrounds as well that will also do the same but for Unaligned.
  12. I like both ideas for what to do. I might find a way to turn it into a background that could be bought. Along with making some for the humans to go for as well from Bladehate. If I do the extra experience there are some characters that pretty much become unkillable. I'll be thinking about it and seeing what I can come up with.
  13. One of the things i'm doing for the humans is that they get extra stuff based on background. If they dont know anything about the setting or background I help them come up with an idea and they get stuff based on that.
  14. *sighs* Its fluff that becomes rules. When they have a talent called Ancient Warrior that says hey you survived the Heresy and my characters picked the legions they wanted because they are cool. Hell, I'm allowing the older marks from Rites of Battle for some legions based on the Heresy rules for how they got it. Its interesting how alot of you are fighting something that is fluff based. Yes my human characters know that the Space Marines are getting better from this. They also realize that i'm going to still make it fun for them. Yes, I may be unbalancing the game but i'm also creating a system that says this: Guess what now you actually FEEL like your playing a character from that legion. Instead of a Death Guard player starting off unaligned because there are none that are. Same with World Eaters, Thousand Sons, and Emperors Children. Those four legions have a very distinct attitude and makeup. Guess what they start aligned and yes they will have to read up on the legion that they chose. If a player doesn't want to be one of those four then they play a renegade or something else in the legions. Its all about choice. I also am still working on it. I posted it thinking that people would actually enjoy trying out some rules that make Chaos Space Marines not suck compared to their younger loyalist counterparts in Deathwatch.
  15. Um, you guys all make me shake my head: If there is no armor and they do enough damage the head shot kills. If not its a very annoyed person/thing and it focuses on the shooter. The argument is invalidated: All head shots kill in my game due to damage rolled. Dice happen, roll better and suck less.
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