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  1. So Mobilize cannot be used to occupy two enemy home provinces that are completely empty?
  2. One quick question: If an opposing force is wiped out in the first round of combat, do Human Knights or Undead Necromancers still have the opportunity to draw tactic cards or summon Reanimated? Also: One of the tactic cards forces a neutral force to retreat. Who decides where to retreat - the player that played this card, or the one on his left (as in combat)?
  3. Also note that each Arborec ground force can produce only one ground force for 1 resource (due to their production capacity). If you research their racial tech that increases their capacity by 1, you can produce two ground forces for 1 resource. Once planted planetside Arborec become virtually impossible to root out
  4. The rules on revolving battles state that traitor cards are played after simultaneously revealing strategy cards, but before resolving them. So my guess is that the traitor blocks the retreat effect.Story-wise, a traitor wouldn't let the troops under his command fall back to safety, but guide them into their deaths instead.
  5. Nonimus said: It says: For: Players may not invade Mecatol Against: Mecatol is the only planet players may invade this round Its also a law.
  6. I successfully invaded 1 planet containing at least 1 opposing ground force this turn. The whole point is to claim 1VP by fighting for the planet, instead of invading an undefended planet or with just a PDS. Seeing how this is vanilla public objective (Mechanized units are from 2nd expansion) there is no reason not to claim it if you sallied forth and defeated a mechanized unit.
  7. javascript:void(0);/*1351061463953*/ There are other tech trees on boardgamegeek if you don't like this one. Just make sure you are browsing the files in vanilla game, not expansion.
  8. Eu8L1ch said: Experimental ranking of the 17 races in Shards: 17- Sol [ new RST is pathetic, FG is nothing special ] Sol gets a huge bump when playing with representatives. IMHO they have the most powerful representative assassin/bodyguard (Rev. Hendrickson) which can only be killed by one or two other representatives (Mentak suicide assassin and cant recall the other).
  9. We stick to the system from the rulebook, but we place systems face down (except red systems). Resource distribution is more uneven, but there are a lot of surprises that provide an interesting development, like a wormhole next to a home system or a premium system smack in the middle of two empires.
  10. Fnoffen said: ghostofnightswatch said: 1. for making deals whith people what can be traded, i know u can do trade goods, but can u trade things like tech or anything else Only a certain political card allow you to trade technologies and that may only ever happen once. Other than that it's only Trade Goods and Non-binding promises. ghostofnightswatch said: 5. if i dont like a current law is there a game mechanic taht lets me ignore that law, say i dont reconize x law and just do it anyway Only if your race sheet says that you may (Such as the Ghosts of Creuss being able to use wormholes even if they've been sealed by a law). The only way to get rid of a law in play, off the top of my head, is to play the political card that lets you revote on a law and hope the turnout is different. 1. There are also Promissory notes in SotT that contain binding arrangements, I.E. that you must retreat from a battle if the attacker invokes a note that you gave him earlier. 5. There should be at least another political card that completely discards a law. But yeah, there is not way to ignore a law unless specifically stated (like the previously mentioned Ghosts example)
  11. Too bad about the space mines. We found them extremely useful - fighters become more useful since they are immune, and invasion forces must be spread out across the fleet in the case of carrier scoring a mine hit.
  12. I love how you put Brothers Qquiar "bodyguard" in plural
  13. If you add a 4th ring you'll have 20+ resources each, which in your case might not be a bad idea since you're going all out with variants, but would break a regular game where you have to plan each resource expenditure carefully.
  14. Unlike the action card that allows a prerequisite to be skipped, Inheritance system uses plural - which means you can skip both prerequisites. In effect, if you have Inheritance Systems, Enviro Compensator and Hylar V laser, you can buy War Sun tech
  15. Correct on both. Bear in mind that you cannot claim both secret objectives at the same time: Only one public and one secret objective can be claimed in status phase.
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