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  1. As always, great. Keep up the hot takes too!
  2. I'm glad you've had a better experience but again, it doesn't need to be optimal to be disproportionately great. We need a bigger sample size sure, but lets not pretend its not amazing.
  3. Having been on the recieving end, they don't need 32 aims to make it unpleasant to play against. A very sub optimal 10ish free aims made rebel squads vanish with very little I could do about it.
  4. Im waiting to see how it plays, but my hunch is its broken. Even a less optimal use is going to give out aims for africa.
  5. It all depends on his costing. He better be cheap.
  6. New.. Not Star wars or Lovecraft.... Urge to try rising... Why does FFG hate my bank account? Joshing aside, I have to applaud a different looking game. Definitely worth a go! (And at worse $20 lost)
  7. Complete rules wise it seems. So maybe more slots like Operative being an example. So much speculation!
  8. I'm having rebel envy. The Emperor. How amazingly awesome.
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