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  1. I feel like the grinch, but I hate the idea of the ATAT in legion. Something that size just seems so out of place.
  2. Cad Bane and Bobba Fett are now both 125. That's hilarious. Poor Cad Bane.
  3. Anyone else hate how the tanks get whittled down by snipers, especially the new critical one Republic sniper. Now that's a rule that needs tinkering.
  4. Dooku. Unpopular opinion but as the 2nd most expensive character in the game he's kinda underwhelming. Same goes with Cad Bane, and of course Chewie, Han, Leia and the rest of the Rebel B team. And let's hope Iden and the clones get a smack down.
  5. Iden and Kallus. It's getting weird in the Empire releases.
  6. A bit confused by this. Does it include playing allies?
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