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  1. Memorare


    Is this the Nute Gunray fan page?
  2. The game to be totally about Nute Gunray. Every card, every dice, every box, plastered with Nute Gunray.
  3. Looks interesting, but he's no Nute Gunray.
  4. Have you considered Nute Gunray?
  5. Come on guys, let's get Nute Gunray. He's got the best lines in the movies. Featured heavily in the movies too.
  6. I demand Nute Gunray. Nute Gunray!!!!!!!
  7. I can't figure out Iden's costing. Seems obviously under costed.
  8. Such a good idea. Another FFG must buy for me.
  9. Just played Wrecking Crew with a good mate. We found it embarrassingly easy - just time consuming. Wonder if it will get an official fix of some sort?
  10. At this rate, everyone needs a point reduction. Compare Iden to Han/Leia/Jyn/Chewie/Veers/Krenic...its kinda absurd.
  11. How is she only 100 points?! A ton of keywords, excellent wounds and a red save.
  12. Snipers that have to move or dodge is kinda silly.
  13. Its sold out now. But yeah I've talked to people who got em. A few European stores have sold early too. Oh well the rest of us have to wait.
  14. https://www.gameology.com.au/products/marvel-champions-lcg-thor-hero-pack
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