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  1. Spaceport: I’m not sure if this variant is actually interesting and I have never tried to improve it because I’m not really sure if it’s worth it. Anyway, here are some clarifications. 1. Nobody defends; if the spaceport has no occupant the offense must have an attack total higher than 10 to land on the spaceport. That means launching ships + using an attack card + eventual reinforcements and/or flare effects. 2. Always in effect. 3. No, you can only attack the spaceport when you draw a wild destiny card or your own color. 4. No, the spaceport should be refilled with 2 technology cards and 8 cards from the encounter deck (You’re absolutely right the rules are completely unclear about this).
  2. Sorry for the long time to reply. These variants were supposed to work together with technology. I didn’t actually tested or explored them enough. Your comments are very pertinent (as usual) and can really help to simplify this idea. It’s probably a good idea to separate this variant from the technology variant, this eliminates rule 9. Rules 4,6,7,8 are not really necessary. Given that Leviathan is now an official alien, the renaming to Promethenas seems quite adequate. --------------------------------------------------- Rules for the Prometheans Variant: 1- Each player starts with one Promethean per home colony. 2- Each Promethean is treated in all ways as one of your ships except that it adds an extra +4 to your side’s total when participating in an encounter. 3- The offense may not place more than one Promethean in the gate and allies cannot ally with more than one Promethean. 4- If any effect allows you to retrieve ships from the warp, Prometheans can only be retrieved after all normal ships from that player have been retrieved. --------------------------------------------------- Other comments: Now that I was reminded of this variant, I’m thinking that this concept could be expanded to other types of ships, for example: -Science Vessel: Each Science Vessel is entitled to double compensation. Your idea for the uniquely marked ships is very interesting, a whole new field of possibilities and effects can be tested with those markers. My only concerns are; if they are too thick, can the ships still be stacked without problems? If they are too thin, allowing perfect stacking, are they overly fragile?
  3. 1. Yes, the offensive player and all offensive allies can bring up to 4 ships from any of their colonies. 2. The only limit is the number of players that can be allies. All players can ally against one particular player. 3. Correct. The defensive player must defend with the existing ships on the targeted planet, even if he has zero ships on the targeted planet. 4. All players that ally with the defense can send up to 4 ships from any of their other colonies. 5. In an encounter only the main players (offensive and defensive) play encounter cards (attack, negotiate, morph). Reinforcements can be played by any player involved in the encounter (main players and allies). This is indicated in the bottom of the reinforcement cards. In the bottom of the artifacts it’s also listed when and who can use that card. For example, the Emotion Control, can be used after cards are revealed by any player (even those not involved in the encounter); The Mobius Tubes can only by used by the offensive player at the regroup of one of his encounters. The flares are very diverse cards; each of the effects (wild and super) contains the same information mentioned above. **These are the general rules, however, some of the powers/effects break them. Macron, for example, can only send one ship as offensive player or ally.
  4. I like this idea a lot. Here’s a contribution. -Cosmic Debris- Aliens Allowed: Cudgel Grudge Hate Kamikaze Machine Masochist (optional) Shadow Vacuum Void Optional/Special Rule: Any player that whishes to use a Reinforcement card must send one of his ships in any colony to the warp. Overview: This scenario will require more careful ship management. There are high probabilities of power and foreign colonies loss. Masochist will be a constant concern.
  5. I rewrote and altered many powers from this thread. I abandoned many of these ideas because they were too similar to previously created aliens and/or not good enough. I did an effort to rewrite them according to the FFG’s style. If you’re interested in reading these powers, use the following link: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/516486/my-homebrews-improved-versions
  6. Thank you for your correction Toomai. I wasn’t addressing the second part of your question correctly. In your example, if Loser (offense) declared an upset and played and attack card, while the defense played a negotiate card. The defense wins, consequently the defense doesn’t lose ships and therefore there is no right to compensation.
  7. You must apply the normal rules of a deal. The Loser’s power doesn’t affect deals.
  8. If the defender doesn’t have any attack cards he can play a negotiate card (the same for the offense). If Loser used his power, declaring an upset, the loser wins and the winner loses. In your example, if the defender played a negotiate card and the offense an attack card, the defense wins. Yes, the Loser can collect compensation.
  9. STARFORGE – Captures Ships From The Warp Note: Place a custom and reasonably sized Starforge token near the warp. Alternatively use your alien sheet. You have the power of Refabrication. In any Regroup Phase remove one ship (from a player of your choice) from the warp and add it to your Starforge token. Alternatively if you already have ships in your Starforge you may retrieve all or some of these ships back to the warp and receive 1 card or ship for each one. Mobius Tubes doesn’t release ships from the Starforge. You may not reduce a player to less than 5 ships. History: An automated shipyard of epic proportions, designed to create the most powerful army of all time. The Starforge drains energy and matter from the warp providing an endless supply of spaceships and military hardware. Wild: Use this flare in any Regroup Phase to retrieve one ship from the warp. Super: As main player ships on your Starforge add to your total. ENVOY – Decides Rewards You have the power of Mediation. Whenever you are involved in an encounter as main player or ally, after alliances are formed, you may call mediation. You may declare that allies will receive reverse rewards or normal rewards (if playing with reverse cone) during this encounter. In addition, whenever a successful deal situation occurs you may draw a new hand or release all your ships from the warp. Wild: Whenever a player receives compensation take 2 cards from the deck. You may then decide to keep or discard one or both of these cards. Super: Whenever a successful deal between other players occurs, you may immediately establish a foreign colony in any of these players’ systems. Discard after use. HYPERION – Destroy Ships By Outnumbering You have the power of Lightning Strike. As main offensive player, in the beginning of Planning Phase, before cards are chosen, if the ships on your side outnumber the ships on the opposite side, all opposing ships are sent to the warp. If you are the main defensive player only one ship from the other main player remains (i.e. is not sent to the warp). Wild: In an encounter, before Planning Phase, if your side has more ships you may force one opposing ally of your choice to withdraw from the encounter. Super: You may use your power as an ally. Alternative Super: You may launch up to 6 ships in the hyperspace gate. Alternative Super 2: When you have more ships on your side, use this flare to win the encounter. No encounter cards are played. Discard after use. VAGRANT – Gains Extra Encounters You have the power of Hyperspace Gates. When a destiny card is drawn you may place one of your ships in front of the system determined by destiny. These ships are considered in orbit. If a wild is drawn you may place the ship in a system of your choice. Whenever you participate as main player or ally in an encounter in a system where you have ships in orbit, in the end of Resolution Phase, use this power to immediately launch an attack to this system using all your ships in orbit (even if they exceed 4). These extra encounters start in Planning Phase. After your extra encounters play resumes as usual. Wild: In the beginning of any player’s turn use this flare to attack another player’s colony in your home system or to reestablish a home colony. Afterwards play resumes as usual. Super: When using your ships in orbit to have an extra encounter it's not mandatory to use all of them. You must use at least one. AEOLIAN – Repositions The Hyperspace Gate You have the power of Tempest. In any encounter, during Launch Phase, after the hyperspace gate is positioned, use this power to discard an attack 06 or less. You may then move the hyperspace gate the corresponding value to planets leftwards or rightwards. This power may force the encounter to take place in a different system. Wild: As an ally, after Alliances are formed, you may move the hyperspace gate and therefore the encounter, to an adjacent planet in the same system. Super: You may discard negotiate cards using them to move the hyperspace one space when you use your power. Alternative Super: You may discard cads up to 10 to move the hyperspace gate. SAPPER – Blows Up Encounters You have the power of Demolition. In the beginning of any turn place one encounter card from your hand facedown on your alien sheet. Whenever a player uses a card equal to the one on your alien sheet you may call demolition; all offensive and defensive ships involved in the encounter are sent to the warp and the encounter ends immediately. After using your power discard the card on your alien sheet. You may trade the card on your alien sheet in the beginning of any turn with another from your hand. The encounter card on your alien sheet is not considered part of your hand. Wild: Whenever a player uses an encounter card you may discard a matching card and make that player lose 1 ship to the warp (his/her choice). Super: When calling demolition you also send to the warp all bystander ships in the planet where the encounter is taking place. Revisions: Wild Obliterator: As a main player, in Planning Phase, use this flare to send to the warp one ship from the other main player, that shares a colony with you or is in your home system.
  10. Information about moons: http://redamedia.com/warp/moonplay.php3 http://redamedia.com/warp/eonmoons.php3 http://redamedia.com/warp/maymoons.php3
  11. ALCHEMIST – Stores Artifact Cards (Alternative Victory) You have the power of Relics. In the beginning of any Regroup Phase you can place one artifact card from your hand on your alien sheet. Whenever you’re a main player you can activate the effect of one of the artifacts in your alien sheet. Activated artifacts can also be card zapped. When you collect 6 different artifacts you win the game. History: The secret code and strange practices of the Alchemist are unrevealed mysteries. After mastering the manipulation of ancient artifacts the Alchemists embraced the quest of collecting these relics. Their purpose is unclear but some speculate that they wish to recreate themselves as the Precursors. Wild: In the Regroup Phase you can discard one artifact and take three cards from the draw deck. Super: You can activate one artifact on your alien sheet as an ally Comments: If the Alchemist stores a cosmic zap he can work in a similar way to CEO’s Martian, if he stores an Emotion Control he can operate like Empath. If he stores a different artifact, for example the Mobius Tubes, he can free all ships in the beginning of an encounter. Since he can store multiple artifacts he has the flexibility to choose what is more convenient to him whenever he’s a main player. The alternative victory was added as an extra plus, but I think the power also works well without it. GUARDIAN – Defends The Divinity (Alternative Victory) Game Setup: Place 6 cosmic tokens in your alien sheet. Place only 5 in the four planet variant. You have the power of the keepers. In the beginning of the game declare one player as the Divinity (use a token if you prefer). When the Divinity is the main defensive player you can always ally with him (with up to 8 ships), even if uninvited. When you ally with him you can give him one card from your hand (he must accept). You cannot attack the Divinity (attack a foreign colony in the Divinity’s system or redraw from the destiny deck). Whenever the Divinity wins an encounter, and you were present as an ally, remove one cosmic token from your alien sheet. When you remove the last token you win the game. In addition if another player wins the game and the Divinity has colonies in all home planets you share the win. You can also win using the regular rules. History: The Guardians were slaves during millenniums, trained and bred to be loyal cannon fodder in warfare. The brainwash was so brutal that they began to believe that their masters where their gods. Now, orphans of their masters, the Guardians avidly seek news gods to command them. Wild: When you are a defensive ally and your side wins, use this flare to receive 2 extra ships/cards rewards. Super: You can play attack cards 08 as reinforcements in an encounter where the Divinity is a main player. Comments: An alien power with three victory paths: the regular one, discarding the tokens, protecting the Divinity’s home system. APOTHECARY – Discards For Perks (Alternative Victory) You have the power of enhancement. In the beginning of every regroup phase you may discard one encounter card from your hand and return one ship from the warp. Alternatively if you discard one flare, reinforcement or artifact you may add one cosmic token (enhancement token) to your alien sheet. Each of these tokens counts as +1 for combat purposes. If you manage to obtain 12 enhancement tokens you win the game (10 in the 4 planet variant). You can also win via the normal rules History: The Apothecaries evolved in a system rich in rare materials that allowed them to developed groundbreaking experiences of enhancement and healing. Eager to evolve and test new formulas they now venture to distant galaxies. Wild: In any Regroup phase you may discard a negotiate card and return 1 ship from the warp. Super: When you discard a flare or an artifact add 2 tokens to your alien sheet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deathstar Revision: DEATHSTAR – Destroys Colonies You have the power to destroy worlds. When you receive this power place one Deathstar token in front of your home system. In the beginning of any players’ turn, move this token to a new system in clockwise order. Whenever a player (main or ally) lands a colony in your home system or drives you off a foreign one, if your Deathstar token is currently orbiting any of these players home system, use this power to send to the warp all ships in one of that system’s planet. In addition when you operate as main player or ally in the system where your Deathstar stands you get a +5 bonus to your side. History: Once considered insignificant this race of brilliant engineers dazzled the cosmos with their spaceship technology. Their Deathstars now roam through the galaxies consuming all life forms that dare to stand in their way. Wild: When another player lands a colony in your home system as main player or by using a flare, use this card to send one of ships to the warp (your choice). Super: If more than one player establishes a colony in your system, you may target two different planets where they have ships in the system where your Deathstar token is. Alternate Super: When using your Deathstar, remove the targeted planet from the game and all ships on it. No player can be reduced to less than three home planets and/or less than 5 ships.
  12. PROKAR – Duplicates Ships You have the power of binary fission. When you’re the offensive main player before cards are chosen use this power to remove from the warp a number of ships less than or equal to the number of your ships on the hyperspace gate. These ships are placed directly on the gate. When you are attacked use this power, after planning phase, to remove from the warp a number of ships less than or equal to the number of your ships in the attacked planet. With these ships create a second stack on the target planet. The offensive player chooses which stack to attack. If you win the encounter merge the ships in one stack, if you lose the non-attacked stack stands. Wild: Use this flare in the beginning of any regroup phase to remove half your ships from the warp (rounding down). Discard after use. Super: Use this flare in the beginning of your turn to permanently divide one ship stack in a foreign colony into two foreign colonies. This action counts as a successful encounter. Discard after use. CARTHAGE – Hires Powers As Main Player Game Setup: Place the unused flare deck near your home system. These flares will be used as power indicators only. You have the power of mercenary armies. Keep 3 unused flares faceup near your alien sheet; these are your mercenaries. Discard flares with alternative victory conditions and game setup. In the beginning of any player’s turn, before destiny phase, use this power to choose one of the 3 available flares as your power during that player’s turn only (place the chosen flare in your alien sheet). After using one power discard the corresponding flare to your private flare discard pile. Draw a new flare card and refill the available mercenaries to 3 again. If the unused flare deck runs out, reshuffle your discard pile. History: The Carthages accumulated an admirable fortune in intergalactic trading. Lacking a professional army they started recruiting mercenaries to defend their trade routes. Over time their power grew and so did their ambition. Wild: Play this flare combined with another to use the super instead of the wild. Super: Use this flare to use your mercenaries super instead of the regular power. OMEGA – Collects Tokens To Destroy Ships You have the power of omega missiles. Whenever you participate in an encounter as a main player or ally add one token to your alien sheet. After any alliance phase discard 4 tokens to send to the warp all ships of one allied player. Alternatively, in the beginning of any turn you can discard 8 tokens from your alien sheet and send to the warp all ships in any planet of any system. History: The maniac Omegas specialized in developing ballistic weapons and interplanetary missiles. After blowing away all life forms of their home galaxy the cosmos is their next frontier. Wild: Use this flare after reveal to allow you to play one attack card of any value as a reinforcement card. Discard after use. Super: Use this flare to discard 2 less tokens when using one of the effects of your power. OBLITERATOR – Affects Adjacent Planets You have the power of mass destruction. When you win as main offensive player send to the warp one ship of any player from all planets adjacent to where the encounter took place. These lost ships are chosen by you. As defensive player all your ships in adjacent planets count to your side’s total even though they are not at risk. History: The Obliterators engage war with such furious and destructive tactics that the trail of destruction puts at stake all nearby planets. When the Obliterators are around no one is safe. Wild: After losing an encounter as main player use this flare to force the victorious main player to lose half the ships he had in the encounter, rounding up. Super: When you win as main offensive player or ally use this flare to send to the warp one ship of any player from each planet of the system where the encounter occurred. Ships are chosen by you. AJAX – Sells Foreign Colonies to Win (Alternative Victory) Game Setup: Use only half the normal ships. You have the power of conquest. Each of your ships is worth 10. You can only send one ship as ally or main player. If you win as offensive main player you can always have another encounter. Whenever another player draws a wild destiny card, a mandatory auction for one of your foreign colonies starts. The colony goes to the highest bidder (your decision), if there are no bids it goes to the player that drew the wild. Your ships are removed from the colony and replaced by 1-4 ships from the buyer. After selling one foreign colony add one cosmic token to your alien sheet. When you have 4 tokens in your alien sheet you win the game. You can also win by the regular rules. History: The Ajaxes are a race of legendary and outstanding warriors, however millennia of cosmic warfare and conflict dramatically reduced their population. To expand their empire the Ajaxes now operate on a delicate balance between maintaining foreign colonies and selling them for large profits Wild: Use this flare at the end of your turn to be entitled to a second or third encounter depending of the situation. Super: Use this flare in the beginning of any regroup phase to bring one unused ship to the game. If all your ships are already in game use this flare as a +10 reinforcement card. Either way discard after use. Comments: Ajax is extremely powerful however the lack of ships and resources make him very vulnerable to effects like the plague and powers like Shadow. This will force him to follow a strategy: going for a quick victory or delaying the game until enough wild destiny cards come out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack if possible I would like change my Acsta’s power game setup to the following: Game Setup: After powers are selected, choose 5 unused powers (without game setup or alternative victory conditions) from the flare deck. Place one flare face down underneath each one of your home planets. Also, Privateer is an alternative victory alien. Thanks.
  13. I was thinking of FF’s Kamikaze since Deluge sacrifices ships to obtain an advantage, in his case a +1 reinforcement per ship. Cedric Chin’s Kamikaze sacrifices his ships to take down his opponent’s ships. Another question: When Deluge decides to use his power does he have to decide how many ships he will add to the total and then he is done? Or can he use his power multiple times (limited by his available ships of course) in response, for example, to reinforcements played by the other side?
  14. I like Deluge and Developer. Deluge seems like an interesting Amoeba-Reserve-Kamikaze mix. I don’t like Tree as much as the other two but it reminds me the Night Elves buildings from Warcraft. Can Developer use his power as main player, ally and even when not involved in an encounter?
  15. Roachmill said: I do like these two techs but i do not like the tokens. I mean come on The Prometheus is just weird looking and unpractical to move around. Why didnt they do a nice plastic ship. Just a big saucer, like a mothership, that could still stack smaller ships on top. I dont mind the Lunar cannnon token that much. I dont think it looks very good but still it serves its function. So please FFG, please, make a nice plastic prometheus for the expansion, and maybe if you like a nice plastic artillery piece for the lunar cannon. I’m with you. The Lunar Cannon doesn’t bother me but the Prometheus should be a plastic ship. A big golden ship...
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