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  1. It was awesome seeing you again Nick, as always! Our top 4 game was awesome!
  2. The irony in your post is so delicious! Basically you are saying people would have to change their already absurdly powerful Martell decks to add yet another awesome Martell card. Woe is you!
  3. Oh hai guys! First, let me introduce myself: I'm really unoriginal, broken and stupid card idea man! I know, it just rolls off the tongue Anyway, lets make a useful keyword even better! So, when I lose a challenge not only do I get to STAND but I also get to DRAW a card. How great is that! What a great card maker I am!
  4. I should be able to make it. I'm trying to get LoB to come as well. I'll make sure to bring some good Madison lager with me.
  5. I'll be there. Hopefully I will run into some more cast members of Farscape
  6. Indeed, there is an LCG night at Pegasus. Everytime Jason and I have appeared on that night it was pretty empty. Regardless, Jason and I are pretty flexible at play times so just let us know what works best for you. My email: complord (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks, Jesse
  7. I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked before but the search on these forums is terrible and I couldn't find and answers in the FAQ. On to my questions: 1. What happens to attachments on characters that go into shadows? Duplicates? Power? Gold tokens? Basically, what happens to stuff on the card once said card goes into shadows? 2. If a card goes into shadows knelt does it stay knelt in shadows? If it doesn't does it come back out of shadows standing? 3. When exactly can cards come out of shadows? I'm understanding that it is the first possible player action. So, you would count dominance before things can be brought out of shadows. Same for the standing phase, cards stand before shadow cards can come out. Do you count gold first in marshalling before you can bring stuff out of shadows? 4. Finally, why isn't any of this stuff outlined in the FAQ? The shadow rules that comes with the cards from the City series is very lacking in detail. Thanks.
  8. Staton is correct, we are down to a few and haven't played in months. I'm not sure when you would be in Madison but we are going to try to make an event at a local game store in town for FFG LCGs. Here's the link to the store's calendar: http://www.pegasusgames.com/calendar.php. They have it the second Tuesday of every month.
  9. Stag Lord said: What's Facebook? I think he means Facespace. Also, I think if we started bashing TeaBaggers nobody would come to their defense now that Artaban is gone.
  10. Word! How is everything in Off-Topic? Seems kind of quiet...
  11. Yeah, they also set it up for a sequel which makes it ever lamer. Yeah, Kingdom of Heaven, the director's cut anyway, is a pretty good flick and done by the same director. Not sure what is up with Ridley Scott and his craptastic directing as of late.
  12. The first half started strong then it devolved into a very lame predictable swords and chain mail movie. When did an archer get so good at swordplay? Also, what is up with Russel Crowe's accent. I'm not sure if he was Irish or what. The original screenplay of the movie was going to show Sheriff of Nottingham as the protagonist and Robin Hood as the bad guy. I think that would of been more interesting but oh well.
  13. I'm not sure who Whiplash is but what a terrible character concept. One bullet and Mickey Rourke would of been toast. Electrified whips? Really?
  14. It's not belligerent but politics as usual. When Bush Jr. had the majority for 6 years the only way he got things passed is with the majority of Republican support. The Republicans are uninterested in helping people. Democrats aren't much better either but they at least try sometimes. Yes, Joe Wilson, is he a brave idiot or just an idiot? The reason he was able to shout that and get away with it is that Obama has zero backbone. He should push through his campaign promises, **** the consequences. Bush Jr. did it with the majority of America disagreeing with him and using lies. I'm sure Obama can do the same except in his case majority of America agrees with his proposed policies and he doesn't have to lie to do it. Even if this totally lacking public option turns into law nobody is going to see increases in health care quality or lowering of health care costs.
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