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  1. TheKaiser33 said: Right, that's what was confusing. But Engineers typically have the ability to end their movement in a hex with a minefield and not take damage. Didn't seem to make sense that an Engineer squad would get nothing special in regards to the instant mines. Especially when you compare the rules for minefields with the rules for Engineers. I agree. Damage Engineer squad in a minefield is boring. I'm looking for the russian "instant minefields" in web but I don't found anything. If anybody have a picture, post please.
  2. Rulebook, pg 4: "Fury of the Bear includes many new components, most of which are governed by both new and old rules. All components provided in this expansion follow the standard TOI rules unless otherwise stated." Rulebook, pg. 6: "A UNIT entering a hex with an instant mines token must immediately decide whether it is going to continue its movement or is going to stop." UNIT = SQUAD or VEHICLE.
  3. Nice point of view my dear Grand Stone.
  4. Angus Lee said: Graf said: Good question. I think it should be allowed to throw grenades while wielding a boomshield. In most concerns, grenades seem to be considered as a special category of weapon and as an exception case in this boardgame – and after all, you don't need both hands to throw a grenade. I think I would allow it to use bolo grenades while carrying a boomshield. But that's a question the game designer should be asked. I hope the upcoming FAQ will address this question. No need to wait for next FAQ, as it is in the current one: Q: Can a player use “Bolo Grenades” while wielding the “Boomshield”? A: No. I need ONE HAND to use a pistol. I need ONE HAND to use a bolo granade. (?!)
  5. I use the transport token on the board instead of using units (camouflage symbol face up and number face down). Off-board I identify my units using de correspondent transport token (retangular).
  6. Yemzpoopoo said: The token states that this squad should recieve a +3 to its anti tank range... Ops! The rules state "Armor-Piercing Weaponry: In all attacks against a vehicle (even when supporting an attack) a squad with anti-tank specialization has a base range value of 3 and +3 firepower".
  7. You declare a ADVANCE action. Looks like a inofensive action. Ok, go ahead! You declare a FIRE & MOVEMENT action. Hmm... Looks like a dangerous action... Let me see your possible target hex... You declare a ASSAULT action. Ops...STOP! I will attack!
  8. In Op Fire situation, I don't like this rule that say "you must declare your action before...". I don't declare my action before act. Fog of war is great!
  10. ...'each OTHER figure in the target's area'. OTHER = COGs and other LOCUSTS.
  11. Rulebook, pg 28: "Normal Attacks Against Squads When a squad sustains hits from a normal attack, the owner of the squad must take casualties, that is, destroy an equal number of figures from the squad. A destroyed figure is removed from the squad and placed back in the box. When the last figure is removed from a squad, the squad base is likewise removed from the game and placed back in the box. Note that even though the mortar crew and the machine gun crew have two base pegs, they are considered only one figure."
  12. The "Medal of Honor" Operation card is a misprint?
  13. KlausFritsch said: KlausFritsch said: For experienced veterans, I prefer the campaign specializations form Normandy. I agree with the concept in Flames of War, that veterans are mostly better at surviving and do not necessarily project more firepower with the same weapons as rookies. A veteran squad with better weapons would get a Bronze Star (or better) Expert specialization from me. Amazing Point of View my dear friend!
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