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  1. Hi This is something that happened during a game I had and was wondering what the official answer should be. Player a moves 2 army figures to attack player b's single army figure. Player b waits until player a's figures are on his square before using the culture card that kills one figure within 4 squares. This caused a big arguement as to whether movement was over as the figures had stopped moving and the card should have been played in the square they just left or whether combat starts. We decided combat starts this then lead to the question does player a get 3 units or 5. We decided on 3 as player a only had the one figure now and he ended up losing the combat. Altogether he lost 2 army figures, 2 units and 3 trade just to the one culture card which seemed a bit harsh. Just wondered if anyone could help with a answer as to what should have happened. Thanks
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