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  1. Does anyone actually use this card? We have started playing the final FOTB scenario and simply scrubbed it from the germans set up. In a scenario which is so troop heavy the effect it has on play is just too biased. I think a very specific scenario could utilize this card effectively. It would have to involve a limited number of well armed (possibly elite) troops holding off against a numerically superior force. It could work well in a Stalingrad 'fortress' type setting, but to give a huge force elite formations is just too much. When we have used it we've changed it completely to give the squad the option of +1 attack dice Or re-roll one miss at the discretion of the commander. Ditching elite formations from this last battle works just fine. We have played the first 5 rounds and its still anyones game.
  2. Just thought I'd pass this on. Replayed the above and had the best FOTB engagement yet. Germans won, just. Was very, very close with action all the way. Fix as follows: (i) Russians move onto the board instead of deploying at start. (ii) Germans can deploy on neutral 2cp space. (iii) Germans have Tank Buster Deck (iv) Russian round 4 reinforcements come in as (i) at start of round 5 (v) Germans get 1 Panther reinforcement status phase 4 The tank buster deck really makes for a lot of action. Lurking in balkas with sticky bombs and anti tank weapons slows the Russian advance and weakens their flank considerably. No longer a red steam roller.
  3. [ BTW, do the Russians HAVE TO move (all of ) their units onto the board on turn 1 or can they withhold some or all of them until later turns?? Why? There is no point in creeping around with such a numerical advantage. has anyone tried playing with the germans using the tank buster deck from Normandy?
  4. Two actions each per turn is a nice touch. More games should utilize this. It keeps attacks fluid for longer and is particularly good in scenarios when enemy contact is immediate.
  5. I agree. Combined fire is irrelevant here. I didn't use it at all and likewise won by round 6. The germans are destined for misery on this one. I opted not to destroy the first AT gun but instead shot at the crew with my SU. they routed leaving the gun in tact creating the laughable situation of acting as bait to draw other squads out of trenches in a fruitless attempt to man the gun. When a halftrack full of engineers drove past the AT gun I couldn't bring myself to capture it and turn it on the germans; ludicrously unfair.
  6. IT seem to me that a suqad in op fire has made a commitment to wait and see that turn. It must have be important to to play op fire. maybe if you plan an assault plan not op fire. decisions must be final. Sabos from Hungary
  7. BJaffe01 said: going from my memory and some old notes, when i was working on counterattack at Orel at guns where allowed to set up in trenches and use them for cover which seems to have changed. i will reiterate that when we played this one it usally went the distance. but i'm finding you guys seem to play either more agressively or very differently that we do. BJaffe01 BJaffe01 said: going from my memory and some old notes, when i was working on counterattack at Orel at guns where allowed to set up in trenches and use them for cover which seems to have changed. i will reiterate that when we played this one it usally went the distance. but i'm finding you guys seem to play either more agressively or very differently that we do. BJaffe01 Hang on a minute 'play more aggressively'? Isn't this is supposed to be the Red Army? Those poor buggers got shot by the commisars if they didn't 'play more aggressively'. I would be very interested to read a detailed battle report from BJ to see exactly how he does play his games. It seems most people on this forum play an aggressive war as opposed to the non- aggressive (What?!) type. There is simply no tactical option with this scenario. How can you make it last 8 rounds (whoever plays the German is almost comatose through boredom at 4)? Exactly what are your credentials? This whole expansion needs recalling like a car with rubbish brakes. FFG should get that Kory Kozinsk.. blah whatever his name to revamp EVERYTHING. This fellar designed one of the best scenarios in the designer series: innovative, inventive and well balanced. Clearly this guy's is more concerned with game dynamics and player satisfaction, not with what colour socks the Russians wore.
  8. If anyone is yet to play this scenario then be prepared........ for abject disappointment and frustration. And I was the winner!?! Anyone perusing this mission could probably tell at a glance that the Germans don't really stand much of a chance, but given the fact that this expansion took so long to arrive, one could be forgiven for assuming that it had probably undergone rigorous play testing and would deliver on all counts once the battle was underway. Not so. Really, not so. The mission brief states that historically the Germans took a proper kicking. Good job too. After all those Germans were Very naughty and righteously deserved it. But THIS IS MEANT TO BE A GAME. If I want history I'll watch a documentary. TOI offers the best experience when gameplay allows for knife edge decision making, crucial prioritizing of actions and extemporaneous do or die situations. For me this evokes a narrative thread which is the connective tissue of a great game. This scenario however allows for the Russians to do literally anything and still walk it. It really is fun for no one. I even tried going easy on my opponent - The redoubtable Woo Woo - but there is no way this even approaches a 'gaming' experience. Its great that scenario designers are keen for feedback, but surely this is something that should happen way before they go to print ( It's not like FFG didn't have the time!), and certainly WAY before I spend 65 chuffing quid on the thing. I know FFG spout something about 'supplying the tools' for a fan based community of gamers, but I don't want to write the rules, I just want to play the game and for 65 chuffing quid (did I mention that already?) I expect some one else to do the hard work. Anyway, if anyone does insist on playing this debacle I would suggest :- (i) Give the Germans the Tank Buster deck instead of the supremely useless Ground Support Deck (ii) Make the Russians pay for using the Op cards from the very beginning and let the Germans use theirs for free. (iii) Give the Germans at least 1 tree where Division 1 deploy to give the AT gun a miniscule chance of returning fire at least once. (iv) German reinforcements on round 4: 1 Panther, 1 squad with officer and AT specialization. And finally, If you are going to waste a few hours playing this by the book (we quit on round 6. A T34 was already sat on the bridge. The Soviet reinforcements were completely superfluous ) and you are playing the Russians, you better supply the beers to give the German player something other to do than pull plastic soldiers from ill fitting plastic bases. 65 Chuffing quid! Jesus.
  9. Played Stavelot Express recently (from the base game) as the Germans and was struck by the near impossibility of victory as the US player. It would seem fairer if the US could also accrue points for destroying/heavily damaging German tanks. Is there a mistake on the unit list? For some reason I completely forgot to deploy the 4 panzer IV's and only used the 6 Tigers. I was still able to run rings round the yanks (Germans 22 US 13). Should the 4 panzers actually be 4 shermans?
  10. I know that ordinarily a pinned squad would lose Op fire and become fatigued, but these guys are desperate. Op cards seem to over ride general rules, but how much in this case? How desperate are they?
  11. The desperate defender op card lets a squad attack even if pinned or disrupted. Does this mean that a squad in Op fire that gets pinned (or disrupted) can still retain its Op fire status and shoot back?
  12. We've played this one several times and simply let the german player choose where the depot would be. This battle is virtually impossible for the germans as it is, so choosing the site is some small concession. Also, what should be the procedure if the depot gets destroyed? The Op card states that supply depots are volatile places if hit so something more than just a regular destroyed building scenario would seem appropriate. Possibly something involving a wide blast radius? Anyway, as far as positioning the depot goes, you can do a lot worse than slap it in the barracks courtyard. If you are lucky you can muster a unit from the barracks and refit them pretty sharpish. Either way the germans are doomed for this one (see End Game post). Has anyone actually managed to pull this one off as the Germans?
  13. My copy of TOI was in the same state as yours. I thought someone had got to it first and bagged up all the pieces. Also the turrets on the panzer IV's were really badly stuck on with white glue all over the detail. I'd much rather the figures came still attached to their sprues and the tanks 'unassembled', as I can obviously spend more time and do a better job than some poor chinese feller with a million of these things to do before he gets his rice cake.
  14. Played Normandy twice as each side and have found the Siegfried line certain death for the Germans normally at round 9-10 of 12. Its a right party for the Americans, But the german side need just a bit more help. Its fun to play with an overwhelming force right at the end of a campaign, but only for one player. The US seem to get too many sherman's. 4 instead of 6 makes enough difference to take it to 12 rounds and give the germans a chance. Even 4 tanks in this scenario will make a mess. 20 dice on the first building of the street in 29B, move/fire onto house remains at CP1 building x4, then fire again at the same building for another 20 dice. Then onto the barracks. Then you've still got loads of kamakazie ie non 29th infantry to go nuts with. Thats hard enough for the germans to survive without the other 2 tanks and Halftracks busting through the other side. The German R space is too easy to block by round 6, they should get their reinforcements by status 5. Deploying a german MG in one of the first 3 buildings of 29B during set up would cause a good delaying action/time imperative. Its still a nice righteous win for the Allies even if it is easy.
  15. Rat Patrol allows for some doubling up on machine guns. This scenario also allows for unit spec to be assigned to MG's. Give them a recon token and they are immune to long range attacks. I sat mine on the hill on map 16A giving them increased range. they were able to plug away with long range shots at troops in the buildings softening them up for an assault. still only hit on a six, but with six dice themselves they did pretty good.
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