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  1. I didn't see it as an ability they are good at...I saw it as an ability they could do quickly. Waywatcher rapid firing arrows. Ironbreaker standing behind his shield. Warrior Priest Muttering Prayers. and Bright Wizard channeling it's flaming skull apparition around. These aren't exceptionally effective abilities...hard hits and careful exploration take time. this is abstractly represented by how often the card is able to be used...how much effort it takes to be in position to use it effectively. The refresh actions are quick actions that can be done as often as needed. that is just the thinking in my head as I play this game.
  2. Yea. It says draw line of sight. the attack still comes from the figure in that case. If it was meant to affect range too they would have just worded it as "Attack from any space within 3 spaces" Figures only affect LOS Calculation so no worries about that when resolving the dice. cool thing is she can be in good cover and still killing things...around a corner or behind friendly figures.
  3. remember that Mak is out of LOS if he is more than 4 spaces away.
  4. whats overpowered about kobolds? a couple whirlwinds takes them out pretty fast. good against heroes specced for high damage rathar than mass damage though..
  5. I was looking through the new cards this pact results in cards being shuffled into the mythos deck. easy enough but we spent all that time at the beginning setting the mythos cards into the 3 acts. it seems like sometimes this could be good and sometimes this can be bad depending on how it redistributes the cards. has anyone had this come up i their games?
  6. I thought the snitch and reporter made perfect sense. first game I ever played that required you to do leg work to get the initiative....or keep it, also like the car movers.....wouldn't mind some extra story decks or characters...Maybe add in some hacking mechanic to replace the conspiracy......or influence it,.
  7. I made a mistake on 6). The Hovertanks or Transported Infantry wouldn't be able to join the Helis until the maneuver phase of the next turn. This is for a complete Collapse of American Defenses on a front,. this allows the fastest take over of lightly defended territory as the frontline moves two spaces a turn rather than one.
  8. No ANswer yet? I'll Try. Only played once 1) Correct 2) Combined arms Doesn't score a hit against cities and mountains. think of those as defensive terrain. The combined arms represent extra chances to take casualties and defenders in cities and mountains are protected from that. 3)Only 1 round of battle. Makes the game more strategic in my mind. you can't fight to the death with one lucky INF guy 4)Yes. It would be unfair for the invader to be able to fire out and receive no counterattack. 5) The last step of the US player turn is to check to see if anyone has won. that's the only time a victor can be declared. 6) I played this game once by myself. I used it thus. I declare an adjacent territory and one territory behind it. Helicopters scout to the furthest territory and Hovertanks or Infantry on transports invade the adjacent territory. During the invasion step the hovertanks or transported infantry move to join the helicopter......then you take over two territories in a column in one turn. It's great for exploiting a breakthrough in the american lines. DOn't do it unless the adjacent territory is weakly defended compared to your attacking force. Bombers could assist if there is a stronger force and you want to strike through. 7) Maneuver is your pre combat speed. what you do depends on your final location...adjacent to declared in friendly territory? Attack! In declared territory? Scout. 8)what if you win the battle? How did other battles nearby go? Do you need to strengthen a position in case of counterattack? Depends on the situation but a this is a flexible unit that can attack one place and be somewhere else for defense...or possible escape out of reach so that they cant be picked off by bombers during Enemy turn. 9) "Fly Over" Means you cannot stop there you can cross an enemy territory to land somewhere else. You ncan never end your invasion movement in an enemy occupied territory. Invaders must end in a space that has one of thier control markers and Americans must end in a space without one. hope that helps. let me know if you have any other questions. I'm just a guy whose been playing Board games for 25 years but I've only played this one once.
  9. I would argue that you can only perform a primary or secondary strategy once per round. even if you are instructed to. not sure if thats implicit in the rules though.
  10. dont confuse quest with campaign. I read that rule as just preventing you from summoning someone in a quest they are scheduled to appear...Ariad having two forms required special wording.....Just prevents the eviler clone wierdness
  11. I don't have the rules in front of me and have never played this scenario yet but I believe there is a rule concerning Epic Monsters that says they may only be killed by damage being caused to them. I interpreted this as any effect that causes damage. however the Flute would kill everything else...then you could start hurting Shub-Niggurath.
  12. Ony first campaign the characters speced high damage and speed so I would drop kobolds every chance.......he whined that creature mobs where too op. So when my character campaign came I speced multi attacks and such but then he built an OL deck that would cycle itself and allow him to squash me with giants......it seems like of you have almost unlimited options then certain creatures get too much play. I can see wanting variety but sometimes I prefer to try to make the best of a sub par group. You'd be surprised what you didn't know could be useful in the right situation. The numbers dont tell the whole story.
  13. If you buy both boxes you get more options. More secret rooms...more classes. More monsters and characters and ol cards. Nothing in either set is redundant. And with the wat that rumor cards work having both sets makes it possible that you can see niether both or only one optional side quest in a campaign. If you have the luietenant packs then the threat cards make putting a rumour down a good idea....ita a free threat. Depending on your deck that can be useful. I like everything about second edition and I own every first and second edition product. I hope they keep up the good work and can't wait for more classes and luitenant /decks.
  14. well...I'm mixed about this. on the one hand I may have to buy plastic I already own...on the other hand If they folow through the whole way It will free up plastic to run a first edition sea of blood campaign. Any chance of putting up the updated heroe and monster cards as a print on demand release for those of us who dont want redundant plastic? Bloodwoods ability is the same .....she just gets a surge now and two extra fatigue...an extra health on the minions may or may not ..I personally liked that the same favorites in the 1st edition took a backseat this time..I always enjoy the offbeat monsters.
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