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  1. Well then, given that I still own the books of old, it doesn't seem like I need these. Unless somebody can tell me a compelling reason why I would.
  2. Deathseed

    I Just Bought Armada

    Every game has its rabid doomsayers. Ignore them. Their crystal balls aren't nearly as illuminating as they desperately want to believe.
  3. Deathseed

    Haha mass squads isn't a problem or overly-winning?

    I've no animus towards Blail, but by the tone of the thread, does this mean Blail is Armada's Alex Jones?
  4. Deathseed

    Faq is up

    WAAC tax has been paid by some.
  5. Deathseed

    Faq is up

    It always amuses me to watch the tournament WAAC people's heads explode when changes like this come to a game.
  6. Deathseed


    Played a demo game with my LGS. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the game's flow so far. It's pretty fast paced.
  7. Deathseed

    Can I use GW Zandri Dust Spray as a primer?

    Make sure to wash (yes with water) your models first though. Most molding techniques leave some sort of releasing agent residue that can screw with your base-coats if you don't rinse it off first. So give your troops a shower.
  8. There was always Shadowrun, but that was FASA. /it's still one of our standard fallback games when we've got nothing else brewing That said, honestly, though I don't dislike FFG's current SW system, I honestly think that the next time I do anything SW, it's gonna be back into the D6 system. I just like its mechanisms better. Has a more organic flow IMHO (less pausing to interpret dice, more running with the action - for my group at least). /toss in some narrative/wild die/FATE'esque aspects etc., and we've got a ballgame. //but right now, this is my fascination (eyebrow up)
  9. Deathseed

    Pondering Buying Into This

    That was very thorough. Thank you. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I'll keep this all well in mind if I decide to hop in. I'm a big fan of the mythos, so odds are sooner or later I will (curse you FFG). Though, with Star Wars Legion on the horizon...
  10. Been a big fan of the FFG Arkham line for a while now. I've got Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, and probably more Eldritch Horror than is (strictly speaking) sane, but I've put off jumping into this one (FFG already has so many paths into my wallet). But every time I see it on my LGS' shelves, oh how I lust. So tell me. If I buy in with the intent of mostly just playing by myself or with my buddy, can I get away with just getting one core plus the two big box expansions to start? Not sure I want to pick up any packs until I know how much staying power the game will have for me. What's the "standard" buy-in?
  11. Deathseed

    How to (easily) save the game

    That's my roommate's approach to things. He learns what the WAAC builds are for any game, and them avoids using them like the plague. He loathes "cheese" armies. I deal with it by simply ignoring the existence of meta and playing whatever seems neat at the time. I mostly like to tinker and experiment, so I can't even begin to care if something I try is meta or not.
  12. Deathseed

    Happy Friday I still love this game

    This game is always sexy.
  13. Deathseed

    Tarkin Token Town

    Show's how closely I read that card. I'm so casual, I'm in my underwear.
  14. Deathseed

    Tarkin Token Town

    Lol, I love how you put that, and noted. I may have to staple that to my head to remember it though.