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  1. Crab aren't the only ones who find themselves in the empire of the true Son of Heaven. Fu Leng welcomes you with open arms. Bow to your sensei.
  2. Deathseed

    KeyForge: Gateway to CCGs?

    Not for me. I'm never touching another actual CCG for as long as I live. I'm old and ain't got time fo' dat.
  3. Deathseed

    Picking your first deck.

    Khaleesi approved.
  4. What token is that exactly? I've been trying to figure that out. Is it one of the "blank" mythos tokens?
  5. Deathseed

    Picking your first deck.

    That's also how I purchased some of my decks.
  6. Deathseed

    Shadow self

  7. Deathseed

    Checklists and Tampering

    At least if you're on good personal terms with your LGS staff, you can probably avoid that. Neither of my two favorite LGS proprietors would dream of ripping off their customers like that. We all know each other and game together.
  8. Deathseed

    What Were the Words!?

    That is not historically inaccurate. I've long thought that the first sign that Adolf had taken utter leave of his senses the moment he started admiring an obvious ignoramus like Mussolini. Of course, he was most likely completely bonkers long before that. But it's, to me, one of those clear, "What were you thinking?!" footnotes in history.
  9. Deathseed

    There's a 4-Horsemen Deck on **** for $140!

    Wait, who gets the Aember from a monster that Blood Money put Aember on. The player of the card or their opponent?
  10. Deathseed

    My strongest deck

    Yeah he's been a beast, also I played him against a Four Horsemen deck and successfully purged death. You heard that right. Titanflare PURGED Death.
  11. Deathseed

    Checklists and Tampering

    Like the man said, "You pays your money, you takes your chances."
  12. Deathseed

    My strongest deck

    On first blush, looks like a solid all-rounder. Your game results show promise.
  13. Deathseed

    My strongest deck

    My three strongest, thus far (by way of actual game results) have been: Titanflare, the Stained Rock Elder (probably my most fearsome so far; it did meet its match yesterday resulting in a 1 turn, 1 ember loss, we had the same score minus one ember - an absolutely neck and neck game.) V. Keane, Brawler of the Chiseled Lodge Sulphurous "Beatle" Georgia I have yet to find out how this plays, but it has potential. Mjoll, Crater Despot
  14. Deathseed

    Shedding Chains

    CHAIN, CHAINS Some card abilities cause a player to gain one or more chains. If a player gains chains, that player increases their chain tracker by the number of chains gained. If a player has at least one chain when refilling their hand and would draw cards based on the number of remaining cards in their hand, they draw fewer cards according to the chart below. Then, they shed one chain by reducing the number on their chain tracker by one.
  15. Deathseed

    Multiple Mothers

    So far as I know, that is correct. You just sum up the Mothers and then deduct you chain penalty.