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  1. Same, SUPER excited for her. Can't wait for this expansion. The WANT is real. And all those glorious new villains! GIMME = very yes.
  2. Nope. Game works as designed.
  3. Always had a thing for Doc Strange, and these scenes only amplified that fascination. Stephen really showed that he can hang with some serious opposition. Tony make have sacrificed himself to win, but Stephen was the real victor who set the only winning timeline in motion. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do in Champions. (EDIT: And I LOVE what they've done with the Invocation deck idea.)
  4. Don't have her, and she's out of stock everywhere reputable. 😞 Been chomping at the bit for her for a while now. I'll be glad when I can get my hands on add her to my roster.
  5. Protection for Kamala (used her prebuilt deck since I'd never played her before) and hand-picked justice deck for Pete.
  6. Well, we just finished up this game, our first against the Green Goblin, and I have to say he's pretty darn fun. Mutagen Formula/Goblin Gimmicks/Standard set vs. Spider-Man and Miss Marvel. We kept him from advancing his first scheme (do to a LOT of thwart work by Kamala -- Sneak By and Shrink is GREAT, and it eats side schemes for breakfast -- and some by Pete), and with some decent hits by her and some absolute avalanches of damage by Pete --back to back Swinging Web Kicks are devastating -- we managed to take him down. His is a fun set, and we were almost always beset by goblin minions of various forms, even having Kamala get hounded by a virtual army for several turns mid-late game. We like to think a mob of them chased her into a dead-end alley only for everyone's friendly neighborhood arachnid to swing in for the rescue. Gobo definitely keeps you preoccupied. Big Hands and Embiggen were a godsend for smacking goblin minions when she did get the chance to go on the offensive. We've played a fair bit of Pete, so no new comment there other than "Aunt May's Chicken Soup" as we call it is always AMAZING, as are Swinging Web Kick and Webbed Up (which, with Kamala's capacity to avoid and return damage anyway, made her really hard to drop damage on ---though she did get dropped to 4 hp after a moment of intense Goblin pounding and gobbo-goon army attacks). I will say, it was my first time with Miss Marvel, and she was a blast. Lots of moving parts to her when you get her support structure in place. Tactically bouncing between layers of support/upgrade alter-ego action cards and the associated hero action cards is the real trick to her, but man it's fun. A lot of decking tweaking/cycling tricks to keep those Sneak By and Big Hands and their buff cards in motion. Final blow belongs to Pete, though Kamala could have done it with some clapback (Nova came in late game for some of that backtalk after a very tenacious Red Dagger was finally taken down), we decided the Spider deserved the coup de grace. So yeah, Team Teenager FTW! 🏆 Goblin certainly gave us a workout.
  7. It took me a long time, growing old, and growing up to divorce my ego from winning a dice game with toy soldiers. Competitive egotism is just a feature of being a young man, in my experience. Takes a while to grow out of it.
  8. What makes Legion better? Butter and a dash of salt.
  9. I'm in no way ignorant of that. I am cognizant of the idea that not all heroes in this game are designed to excel in that role, or that they may face unique challenges in that regard. As I am cognizant that judging them purely by that standard is in incomplete analysis. Your assumption that Thor sucks, based on one narrow subset of how the game plays, is irrational and flawed. Furthermore, there may be circumstances in which Thor excels as a singular hero. I've certainly not seen enough analysis from you to discount the notion. Also, many people are not you, and I'm addressing your assumptions. That excludes the notion that a character's may excel as a team character, and not as a solo character, by design, which again constitutes an incomplete analysis. Argumentum ad populum does not constitute a rational argument. Multiple people can be wrong.
  10. You and me both. Wanda is awesome (and I was really pleased with Elizabeth Olsen playing her, she was an unexpected gem; also, ludicrously beautiful).
  11. My call is Kang, Ant-man, Wasp, Quicksilver, and Wanda (Scarlet Witch). Also, reading Spider-Woman's card, seems she can get +2 across the board if she plays two aspects in a turn, no?
  12. Conversely, if I'm not playing with friends, it's my favorite way to fly.
  13. I consider judging any hero in this game (ESPECIALLY any Avenger) by their solo hero play alone to be a mistake. Perhaps an argument could be made that any hero should be viable in that game mode (and they are), but one should naturally expect them to provide their own unique challenges and difficulties to such gameplay. Thor does. He's challenging solo, but a beast in teamplay. If every character is good at everything, why bother? They might as well all be the same character.
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