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  1. In the Hive Subrique section of the Book of Justice, there is mention that the Rogue Trader orbiting the planet could be related to the Krell family. I've been searching, but to no avail... Are they mentioned or referenced in any of FFG's publications? Has anyone heard of a Krell before? Will the real mr. Krell please stand up?
  2. Homeworld traits in the final sheet are marked as "acquisitions" in DH mode, unless I just did something wrong (on a mac, for reference)
  3. Indeed you might make that choice, he certainly is distorted quite a bit... but certain less scrupulous Rogue Traders might keep one under lock and key... especially if they'd been trading with xenos, or dabbling in heresies for a while themselves... or if they were a mutant themselves (albeit well a concealed one) .
  4. I recently saw a link somewhere to a page, this one javascript:void(0);/*1267589936894*/. I decided to follow its advice, and created the following character, which I thought I'd share here as a test run of the idea. Here are the results: Quinn Quinilli, arch militant WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel 43 40 60 62 (12) 50 13 19 18 18 Wounds: 21 Mutations: Ravaged by the Warp, Aberration, Hellspawn, Feel no Pain, Necrophage, Regressive. I decided to go with a somewhat silly background, and craft him in the image of the protagonist from one of my favorite movies; Braveheart. So I urge you to read the article at the very least, it's quite interesting. And post your mutant characters if you decide to create them
  5. Yes I was going to attach that to the bottom as a sort of "and on top of all this.... But the forum does not allow editing. Yeah I'm not keen on the idea, but I mentioned a couple random ideas I had at the end of the session, and everyone thought it was cool... It's probably not the best idea. As far as fate.... During the session, 3/5 had critical damage, and one had to burn fate to live, so I hope that they will use their fate wisely.... If not... I won't pull punches... they need to learn to fight more tactically, although they're getting better. But that's besides the point, I realize now that I should have said that the psyker appears somewhere else in the hulk, or something, due to the warp field. Or something. But what's done is done. I'd like to avoid simply saying "and you all find eachother again. Now here's another mission," in effect... The Psyker is harboring a daemonhost, and I've already given him some daemonic help, in the form of regaining wounds and gaining corruption, so its possible that he might find his way to them, or something, but I don't really know how I'd justify that without doing the same "and now you're all back together" thing, but in reverse. I like the idea of using the Threnos zone as the start of their adventure, as they try to get out... danger lurks and all that. The PC's are: a scum (going down the combat path) a guardsman a psyker (down the combat path) an assassin (who may want to die and replace himself with a combat tech-priest) a tech priest (going down the knowledge path I believe, wants to be a tech heretic, slowly).
  6. First some background: My players recently investigated a spacehulk, fighting their way through some ghilliam, and ork ambushes. I sort of intended them to be deterred and retreat to their waiting thunderhawk, escaping the hulk as it began to crash into the planet's atmosphere, but they continued with their mission, and reached a still active warp core, to cripple and destroy the hulk. At this point, they saw through a huge rent in the hulk, the thunderhawks leaving, and the techpriest boosted their comm bead signals to get in contact with their thunderhawk, which informed them that the hulk was going to enter the atmosphere shortly. They tried to find a solution, and came up with activating the geller field of the mars class cruiser which housed the power core. The techpriest burned fate to do this, and then activated the warp drive, successfully. They are currently drifting in the warp, trying to coax the machine spirit out of the warp. Meanwhile, one of the players, a psyker, who has a demon living inside his mind, used Time Fade, and slipped out of the ship (in a void suit) and was rescued when the local forces investigated its disappearence. So he is separated from the party. My question now is what should I do, and how? I was thinking of the following: Option one is to travel in time to during the horus heresy or some other such event, basically just travel to an iconic event or time. I think that would be cool while it lasted but end on a "now what" sort of note. Next I was thinking of something with the Threnos zone, with it being corrupted or taken over by some rogue inquisitor or something, who perhaps presses them into service, or convinces him that he is on their side. Other ideas that I dont like as much are just being transported to a random area and lost for a while, perhaps the lathes, dealing with the gravitational fluxes, or, on a slightly better (I think) note, have a survival themed adventure on a feral or feudal world. Ideas? What do you think of the things I've put forth?
  7. It's just a game....calm down. If I sell a laspistol for a couple of thrones I'm pretty sure the warp won't suck me in, or the world won't end. So yeah. I'm pretty sure those comments were meant as tongue-in-cheek ways of making a point, not serious allegations. T'was a mere joke.
  8. One of my players has recently raised the question of using Molten man in conjunction with Endure flames to keep his equipment intact. I think it is not (while the two are not mutually exclusive) really within the spirit of turning yourself into a raging inferno of firey death to have your equipment suddenly only warm up a bit, while everything around you takes energy damage, and anything slightly delicate or flammable either melts or bursts into flames. I'd like to find a rules justification (as well as background), because I prefer that to simply invoking GM authority for the sake of balance. He has stated that it's not particularly unbalancing, but it still sits as something that should not be allowed to me -as Molten man is a fairly potent power. So if there is a ruling I have missed, please point me towards it. If not, then what are your opinions on the matter?
  9. First, I'm not just new to DH, this is my first GM (or player) experience. I've so far run two sessions, got everyone settled in, and they all seemed to like it so far, getting in to the sessions, so on. However, the thing I have noticed: They try to loot every little autogun and shotgun. They try to upgrade their weapons to best quality mono this, blah blah blah. What's worse, I can't use power weapons and such against them, because they will just take them. I don't want an arms race. They are 3rd rank (our sessions usually last a full day of playing, about 11:30 to....around 8:30 or 9:00), and already possess a best quality mono sword, a mono knife, a mono bastard sword, and a long las. Granted I gave out the mono knife, but that's just flavor. I dont want the heretics to charge the PCs weilding swords and maces...only to smack the guardsman over and over for no damage. They will, upon returning to anywhere there is a market, attempt to sell everything, looted micro beads, shotguns, anything they encounter. Any other general tips are also appreciated, I am still very new.
  10. I just have to say that the 'Imperium is evil" thing is (in my eyes) incorrect. Perhaps to us, living in the world we live in now. But then, we don't have a thousanth of the threats created in a far future fictional universe. So things have changed.
  11. Well, it's obviously less...large... than a hive city. By that I mean less tall and dark. I think the insides of a hive should be nearly completely without natural light, except in maybe the strange cases such as Volg. So, while this is as close to a hive as we have.....it's not even a hab block.
  12. Nazis.....well, the Imperium may be repressive and all, and have some similarities on the surface, but, then again, it bears similarities to nearly everything on the surface. Many religious themes, of course, if it compares to the Third Reich, then it compares to nearly every dictatorship, ever....so.... I'm going to have to say that you are completely off mark, OP. Your game is what you make it.
  13. I'm..... not sure thats true.... What would be an example of this? In other words, how would you prove this.
  14. Now that, Outek, is Bad Ass. With capitals.
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