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  1. Copy/Paste in this forum software gets some wacky results =) --------------------- Tournament @ Games Plus, Mount Prospect IL 7/21/13 101 West Prospect Ave, Mount Prospect, IL. (847) 577-9656 11:30 Sign-In with NOON start. $10.00 Buy in fee with Prize Support. If we can't get a game night kit, prizes will be store credit. Tournament will run with FFG standard tournament rules, with Rounds of Swiss to be determined by the event's turn-out. https://www.facebook.com/events/158163304364171/
  2. Tournament @ Games Plus, Mount Prospect IL 7/21/13 101 West Prospect Ave, Mount Prospect, IL.(847) 577-9656 11:30 Sign-In with NOON start.$10.00 Buy in fee with Prize Support. If we can't get a game night kit, prizes will be store credit.Tournament will run with FFG standard tournament rules, with Rounds of Swiss to be determined by the event's turn-out.https://www.facebook.com/events/158163304364171/
  3. I haven't been to Pastimes before but I wouldn't mind showing up for an event. I work in Evanston so this is pretty close for me to get to even during the week. Keep us posted when more details are available.
  4. Just created a Facebook group for this here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/400718846685650/ Feel free to join if you're interested. We have a good core group of players showing up every week and are always looking for more. I'm more than happy to do a demo for anyone new to the game as well. Hope to see some of you there.
  5. Every Monday night starting at 6:30pm there is X-Wing Open Gaming at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL Check the link above for store info. Hope to you see you there!
  6. Sounds good. I'm familiar with GamesPlus, I play X-Wing there on Monday nights. I'll wait and see what develops. I'm hoping that the Chicago area gets a regional for X-Wing, Netrunner & Star Wars.
  7. I'm in Chicago -- northwest side of the city. I know a few people playing. Didn't know if any area stores were putting together any meet ups.
  8. Greetings, Are there any meetups or groups going on in the Chicago area?
  9. SonicPara said: Krassis Trelix with a Heavy Laser Cannon at 43 points seems to be the way to go. Take her and then use the other 57 points to bring a whole lot of basic TIEs with one scary one to draw aggro. The Firespray-31 with this setup rolls 4 dice at all ranges. Range 2-3? Use the Heavy Laser Cannon. Range 1? Open up with primary weapons for 4 dice. Trelix with the Heavy Laser Cannon single-handedly allows the Empire to fight at long range and forces the opponent to try to close the gap (directly into your TIEs which fight best at Range 1) to shut down the Firespray-31. Seriously, try it out. It is (relatively) cheap and super effective. I've been thinking along the same lines. I'm thinking of this: Krassis + Heavy Laser Cannon Howlrunner Academy Pilot x3 97/100 Points. I could also give Howlrunner a Stealth Mod to make the list 100. Not sure if my luck can make the extra agility work though. Either way I plan on testing both out.
  10. I placed 2nd at the Kessel Run even at Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL. We had 16 players with a slightly stronger leaning toward Rebel forces. I had a great time and everyone I played was friendly, courteous and some great competition. I ended up 3-0 (1 modified win, 2 Full win) with this list: Wedge + Swarm Tactics Garven Rookie Pilot Rookie Pilot I played other Rebel players for all 3 of my games. I flew in a block formation with the Rookie's in front and Garven and Wedge in the back. I used Swarm on Garven, shot first and passed the focus to Wedge to give him Target Lock + Focus for all of his shots. My memory might not be the best as far as the oppositions lists goes but I'll give it a try anyway. First game was against a similar list but had Wedge + Swarm with some Red Squadron Pilots (not remembering all that well). This is the game that went to time. I made some really bad maneuvers straight away and ending up hitting a asteroid or two. The dice were on my side though and I was able to recover in time to get some choice shots. I ended up destroying 30 more points than my opponent and walked away with the modified win. My second game was against another Rebel list, this time with Garven, Dutch, Biggs and a Rookie. I was able to get into position early for some focus fire at Range 3 on Biggs and take him out first round. My opponent returned fire and took out a Rookie. Next turn Wedge got his shields taken out and a critical hit got through - Direct Hit of course. So he had 1 Hull left. Miraculously he survived the next shot from Dutch's Ion Cannon and was able to finish my opponent's Garven. My dice continued to be hot and I scored some really solid hits from Range 3 to finish the match. Match Three was a great game. Another Rebel List: Garven, Dutch, Rookie x2. My opponent did some great manuevering and we were trading shots all game. It came down to my Garven and his Dutch with about 5 minutes to go. I scored a critical hit that took his Agility to 0 and next turn was able to get behind him to finish him off before time. This was probably the most nerveracking game of the night. There were some tense rounds of manuevering and it really went down to the wire. I made it to the Final Table against our undefeated (3 Full Wins) Imperial Player. So he fielded Slave-1 and I took Falcon. I proceeded to get stomped . All in all, I had a great time and the tournament ran really smooth.
  11. TnT said: Q: how did Garven pass the free focus to Wedge? Wedge has his combat round befor Garven, so Garven would not be able to use his focus (and thus pass it to Wedge) until after Wedge had shot… I would guess that Wedge used Swarm Tactics on Garvin, Garvin goes first and passes focus, then Wedge one shots something =)
  12. WarLokk

    Gaming mats

    Do you use the fabric as is or did you attach it something else to make more of a "mat."
  13. Facebook isn't blocked at my work. I get the loading screen for the Manage section on Chrome & IE9. At work and at Home.
  14. I did run into an issue with Chrome and pulling up a saved squad via the Manage button TypeError arguments: Array[2] get message: function () { [native code] } get stack: function () { [native code] } set message: function () { [native code] } set stack: function () { [native code] } type: "non_object_property_load" __proto__: Error
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