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  1. A space book would be awesome. I've always loved the designs of ships in 40k universe, and getting those with stats would be awesome. The more I think about it the more likely it seems this will all be dealt with in RT itself. Planet generators have been done so many time before, but darn it it if a WH40kRP version doesn't get me excited.

  2. I'm starting my first campaign soon for DH, and I was curious how much any other GMs have planned for an evening's RP? Obviously this depends a lot on the style of the players, but I was curious how much you fleshed out for a single session. This is assuming you're not using a published adventure. Thanks!

  3. In regards to SM ages, if I remember correctly a lot of Chaos Space Marines, at least the ones that are still 'human' are members of the original traitor legions. Time doesn't flow linearly in the Eye of Terror where they hang out between Black Crusades, and so you still have a lot of SM that remember the the Heresy.

  4. Huros said:

    Vrashk said:


    I mean come on, what is the first thing that pops into mind when you say WH40k?  



    Man Sauce and Grim Dark... Lashings of it.


    Quite possibly the funniest thing I've read in minutes. At least.

  5. Old fluff aside, what part of the Tyranid hive mind is really corruptible? The Four chaos gods are aspects of the human psyche at its worst, the Tyranids don't really fall prey to any of those. They only hunger. The 'shadow in the warp' the Tyranids generate is like a god itself. I'm sure the tyranids can be warped by chaos stuff, but the interesting bits of chaos, the daemonhood and all that, are probably something that doesn't affect them. I assume Genestealer Cults were (are?) corruptible because of the warp-corruptibility of a human hybrid.

    If the Tyranids were to wipe out the majority of life in the galaxy would there even be Chaos Gods left to fight? The gods are sustained in part by the minds sentient creatures. At what point do they starve?

  6. Yes, but boxing does not involve a helpess subject. Even then, there are boxing matches that last one punch. And since when are cops trying to knock suspects unconscious? The police are supposed to, in theory, do no lasting harm when apprehending someone, only matching resisting force with their own. At least in a country with civil rights. Acolytes in DH should have no such qualms bashing someone over the head and carrying them to a secure location then torturing answers out of them.

  7. Why roll if he's helpless? Unless you're feeling truly wicked as a GM and want the players to risk killing the merc just say "He's unconscious" and move on. If a character wants to do this in combat slap them with a penalty for not fighting all out and have their melee weapon deal fatigue levels instead of normal damage. Obviously especially deadly weapons can't deal fatigue levels (force weapons, etc)

  8. There has only been one edition of the Daemonhunters and Witchhunters codices, so you won't have to worry about not getting the wrong version. Those are what you should be looking for. They aren't the densest of books, but they should have a little interesting fluff.

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