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  1. grinnock

    Blood Bowl!

    It's somewhere between rugby and American football. There aren't a lot of weapons outside of some special characters, mostly punching daggers, brass knuckles, etc.
  2. grinnock

    Blood Bowl!

    Games Workshop has the rules in their speciality game section here: www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp That should get you started at least.
  3. Well liked by whom? I for one, like the Imperium, only tolerate them.
  4. A space book would be awesome. I've always loved the designs of ships in 40k universe, and getting those with stats would be awesome. The more I think about it the more likely it seems this will all be dealt with in RT itself. Planet generators have been done so many time before, but darn it it if a WH40kRP version doesn't get me excited.
  5. Gencon is the biggest North American RPG convention. And now I point you here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gencon
  6. If it were to be shown at Gencon this year it would be August 13-16, baring nuclear apocalypse.
  7. Does Tyler have a Gamestop? I've seen there there before. Otherwise you'll probably only find them at a speciality joint like a comic book store.
  8. I'm starting my first campaign soon for DH, and I was curious how much any other GMs have planned for an evening's RP? Obviously this depends a lot on the style of the players, but I was curious how much you fleshed out for a single session. This is assuming you're not using a published adventure. Thanks!
  9. In regards to SM ages, if I remember correctly a lot of Chaos Space Marines, at least the ones that are still 'human' are members of the original traitor legions. Time doesn't flow linearly in the Eye of Terror where they hang out between Black Crusades, and so you still have a lot of SM that remember the the Heresy.
  10. But the duck will ultimately prove to be a xenos duckanthroape and masscre the crowd.
  11. And at 10 thrones a week, what better use could a feral world porter have?
  12. Seeing those images reminds me of another asian abandoned city! I offer unto you "Gunkanjima" an abandoned Japanese island originally used for coal mining, but now abandoned. Do an image search for it. It's weirdly anachronistic, mixing cast cement and stone with a woodwork. Very moody.
  13. I wouldn't say the only game. Paranoia has been doing the same thing since the 80s, only it takes a more satirical look at a similar situation.
  14. Lord knows we wouldn't want to grow the fanbase.
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