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  1. Losing a few points of sanity never (technically) killed anyone, right?
  2. I'm happy to report my order arrived here in Minneapolis yesterday (Tuesday the 13th). The book is gorgeous and I can't wait to dive in!
  3. I picked up a copy at Arkham Nights and am loving the game! My group plays a wide variety of games (including Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, LotR LCG, Pathfinder) and I think AHtcg will be getting a lot of play. It fits in nicely between Elder Sign (too light) and Eldritch Horror. To me, the campaign feels a bit like the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game. As Happycatmachine wrote above, the gameplay and leveling aspects are what I was hoping Pathfinder would be. Having the chaos bag (instead of dice or shadow cards) just feels right...very Arkham Horror-esque. The story really shines and I feel like this is hitting the sweet spot between card game and RPG. What did people think? Highly recommended. Fun in groups? solo? Love the ability to play solo. While there are limited scenarios available at the moment, the variety of characters keeps the game fresh. I'm trying multiplayer for the first time tonight. Improvements from LOTR? Evolution, not revolution here. Having two encounter decks (Act and Agenda) is very nice. I like the chaos bag much more than shadow cards. Too hard? too easy? I've only played the standard game so far. Of the 4 games played, I've won 3 and lost 1 (driven insane). The ability to change the difficulty via the chaos bag will help players find their sweet spot. Nice work FFG and kudos to Nate French and Matthew Newman!
  4. I, too, would like to thank Fantasy Flight Games for a fantastic event. The Arkham Horror card game discussion on Friday night was one of the highlights for me. It was great hearing from the game designers directly on how they came about making the Arkham Horror card game (which is amazing by the way). This was my first Arkham Nights event and hope to be able to attend next year! Kudos and congrats...and thank you FFG! Cheers, Grant
  5. Great stuff! Thanks for putting these together. It's great getting your perspectives on the new game, especially given your history with LotR. Keep up the good work!
  6. Unhappy as well. Great game. Will continue to play. Thanks FFG for providing as much support as you did over the years. Happy to have the final deluxe set. Looking forward to the next Lovecraft product.
  7. If they put the rules up, it really wouldn't be "forsaken lore" now, would it? Please see Professor Armitage. He has what you're looking for.
  8. Wasn't there suppose to be a Revised Edition coming out soon? Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks for the link mnBroncos. I wasn't familiar with this and always enjoy coming across more Cthulhu forums! Cheers!
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