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  1. Rugal, I was referring to the interlude quest Rise of Margath. I have finished the earlier quest we were discussing. Thanks Dan Howell
  2. Rugal, I am getting ready to play Rise of Margath. Are there any reinforcements in the quest? Dan Howell
  3. I have some time to play this evening so your reply is very timely. Thanks for the campaign. Dan Howell
  4. Rugal, I am doing a solo play through of your campaign. I am on the second quest titled Cults Origin. I am at encounter 2. I have two questions: 1 - How does the OL gain Hero tokens? 2 - What are the OL reinforcements? I do not see these in the quest guide. Thanks Dan Howell
  5. I just completed a solo run through of this mini-campaign. I enjoyed the quests. As always, thanks for taking the time to put it together. Dan Howell
  6. rdh174

    The Shadow Rune Project

    Very well, I will give Cardinal's Plight a shot.
  7. rdh174

    The Shadow Rune Project

    OK, I will try creating a quest and putting it into Valkyrie. Do you have a specific one from Act I that you would like for me to try? Otherwise, I will pick one and see what happens. Dan Howell
  8. rdh174

    The Shadow Rune Project

    If someone can teach me how, I am willing to help with creating some quests. Thanks Dan Howell
  9. One of the files is for Printer Studio in case you want to print them that way. Use the other file if you are printing them yourself. Dan Howell
  10. I wanted to provide some feedback on the Spell Blade and then the Tactician. I was using Lyssa as the spell blade and her abilities plus class abilities combined to create a powerful hero. This was definitely the most powerful custom class out of the four I used. The only skill I consider weak in the entire class is probably Deft Strike. I used the following skills: Mana Font - I used this skill continuously, especially the ability to add a surge if one was not rolled. Only Lyssa's lower knowledge slowed this skill down. Channeling - Lyssa attacked a lot so I did not use this skill much but it was handy when I did Magic conversion - This skill + Lyssa's ability + dire flail = Act II weapon early in Act I. This was a powerful combination in deed. Specialization - The extra +2 wounds and bleeding was critical at times Radiant Enchantment - Helped the other heroes target stealthy monsters easier. The extra surge also proved crucial at times when using the doom hammer to get the +4 wounds Electric Charge - This skill may be slightly over powered. Allowing more targets and pierce is a formidable skill. Perhaps the pierce should be capped at 1 or 2? I also used the Tactician. I found the tactician to be a good class and overall, with the exception of one skill, it did not seem over powered. Flanking - I rarely used this skill. It seemed like a weak starting skill. Lead the Way - I used this skill some. It just was not always a good exchange. Maliki = speed of 5. So counting the fatigue cost, I was giving up 7 MP to gain 6 MP's on average. Although the skill says spaces not MP so that can be advantageous. Regardless, helped to position other heroes for things at times. Down but not out - Good skill Assault - I did not use since it would cost an action and 2 fatigue to gain 2 attacks. Really only 1 action gain. This skill could make a difference if the right heroes needed to attack. Armor Expertise - Good skill, very useful Adaptability - This was the tactician skill I used the most. Basically the hero gains an attack action for every three OL cards played. Also healing with every OL card is a good benefit as well. This skill is definitely a good value for only 1 XP. It may be slightly OP? Once again, thanks for all of your work. Dan Howell
  11. I wanted to provide some feedback on this class as well. I did make some changes to some of the skills as played through the campaign. Reinforce - I could not think of another starting skill that gave a hero an extra brown die and health, so I just dropped the first paragraph of the card. The second part of the skill was not bad in itself and was used quite a bit during the campaign. Well Supplied - This skill quickly became over powered because every "other" item was granting +2 health. The Heroes purchased every one they could find. So before things snowballed I changed the skill to allow the blacksmith to randomly draw two "other" items. Then only these two items granted the +2 health. So in the end, the skill provided +4 health total to the party and two different abilities. Based on the items drawn this seemed roughly on par with other 3 XP skills. The other skills I used were: Forge Weapon - The fatigue cost was high. I did not use it that much Temper - I probably did not use enough, again the high fatigue cost prevented me from using that much Smithing Mastery - A must have for the blacksmith. Makes the starting skill much better. I did not use the other skills but I found myself wishing that I had purchased Modified Hilt and Brief Respite more than once.
  12. I just finished a campaign with this class. I thought I would provide some feedback. I was excited about this class because I like the pirate theme. Overall, I found the class to be a good and it did not seem overpowered. I used the following skills: Duelist - For some reason it did not activate much this campaign Well-Armed - I purchased this to work in conjunction with Gun Blade Gun Blade - This was the skill I used the most. I was lucky to find one handed weapons I could use initially. Once the pirate had well-armed it was much easier to use. Rope Swing - This helped multiple times to get the pirate beyond an obstacle. Although I never used it to move another hero.Very useful skill. Swashbuckler - Seen some use. Loot Trade - I used it at least once an encounter. Definitely helped to improve the party's gold count and find more chests. I only used the during shopping step once due to a poor draw. Dirty Grog - I purchased this card but I never used it because I was not completely clear on how you intended for it to work. Does the rest action still count as an action? If it does, I am not sure how much this card helps. Thanks again for working on this class. Dan Howell