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  1. It has been a very long time but the biggest one I used was implementing the Road to Legend reinforcement marker in the regular quests. It started face up. Once the OL played a spawn card it flipped face down and the OL could not spawn again until flipped back face up. The OL could flip it face up with 15 threat. It was also flipped face up when a new area was revealed. Dan Howell
  2. Rugal, I will be sure to check this out as soon as I can. Dan Howell
  3. rdh174

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    OK, I have updated all of the cards in the posts above. After feedback from Sadgit, I did make a change to Saka and Kuto. Sadgit felt that his hero ability was too powerful so I went back to the original Runebound card and re-thought the ability. Saka's Runebound abilities were primarily focused on sneaking and hiding so I changed his ability as follows: I was looking for a way to simulate his ability to hide so I came up with the idea of forcing monsters to spend MP to "look" for him before they could target him for an attack. If anyone else has any suggestions or thoughts on any of the heroes let me know. Thanks Dan Howell
  4. rdh174

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    Thanks to everyone for the replies and interest. As soon as I can I will incorporate the suggestions and update the cards. Dan Howell
  5. rdh174

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    Yes, the miniatures are from the Mists of Zanaga and Midnight expansions for Runebound Second Edition. Dan Howell
  6. rdh174

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    So here are the Scouts: So in Runebound, Saka and Kuto are portrayed as an inseparable team. I wasn't up to creating a new familiar so I came up with the idea of allowing Saka to perform and action up to three spaces away to represent Kuto helping out. Also, Saka's Runebound quote makes it seem like he works best with others around so his Hero ability is based on that. Mirala's Runebound abilities center around purchasing items in the shop so I made the decision to allow her abilities to help in the Campaign phase instead of during the quest. I've gone back and forth on what the extra value of face-up search cards should be but at the moment, +5 gold has seemed OK. In Runebound she also had a lot of skills so I gave her a balanced trait line to help reflect this. This also helps to supplement her lack of in quest abilities. I last used her during a Shadow of Nerekhall campaign as a Pirate in which she saved Maliki just in time to let him defeat Mirklace in one of the few victories I have managed in that campaign. Jaena seems like a shadowy ranger type to me so I based her abilities around that. She seems to operate alone so I gave her the Stealthy ability when she was operating away from the rest of the Heroes. Her Heroic Feat is similar to Tomble's but it seemed appropriate for someone who could disappear when necessary. It seemed obvious to me that Elaria should be have advantages with ranged attacks. When I was thinking about her Heroic Feat I thought of all the times in fantasy movies and books that the skilled elf/archer struck the mortal blow with bow and arrow. I knew that I wanted her to have that ability. I have used her multiple times and always as a wildlander of course. Even still, it has always amazed me at the high number of times I have activated her feat and still managed to miss or come up short on surges. Well the last one is Annen. Any Hero with "Trailblazer" in his name had better be able to help with movement. Annen's Runebound abilities reinforce this so I tried to come up with abilities that would allow him to help others move. The last time I used him he was a Shadow Walker and it was fun chaining his abilities with shadow shift. Well that is all of the heroes. I know that some of the abilities are probably not that clear. When I first put these together I never really thought about posting them so the wording only had to make sense to me since I knew what I meant. Regardless, if anyone has any comments or wording suggestions I will implement them and update the images. Thanks Dan Howell
  7. rdh174

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    How about this figure from Reaper Miniatures: Here is the link: http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02880
  8. rdh174

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    So here are the mages and one healer. Elga's hero ability is based on her Runebound ability which allows her or an ally to heal after a successful attack. Her Runebound card also gave her a "Resist" bonus so that gave me the idea of Elga being able to cancel an attack that would cause a knockout. I always use her as a Spirtspeaker and she has done fairly well historically. Ciridin's hero ability was taken from his Runebound ability which allowed him to spend fatigue to improve his skill tests. In Runebound he is described as a "Jungle Elf Druid" and it seemed thematic for him to have the ability to temporarily control a monster. It has been a while since I have used Ciridin but I do not remember any major issues. For some reason during random draw at the start of campaigns, Tara has come up a lot. I have used her several times. Her most recent use was in Rugal's Ascension of Margath Campaign where she was a Spell Thief. She could deliver up some conditions when she had the inclination to do so. As above, her hero ability is heavily influenced by her Runebound ability which allows her to spend fatigue to supplement attacks. Her Heroic feat is based on her picture, I could just see her sending a bolt of magical devastation on a pack of monsters dim-witted enough to line up in her sites. It also reminds me of the old bolt template in Descent First Edition. I will post the scouts later. Thanks Dan Howell
  9. rdh174

    Custom Runebound Heroes

    Thanks for the replies. As soon as I am able I will convert them to official format and post the rest. Dan Howell
  10. I have always enjoyed using custom content from the community when playing descent. Over the years I have created some of my own. I thought maybe I would post some the custom heroes that I have created. These heroes are some from Runebound Second Edition that never made it Descent. I work with Word so I have not converted them into a standard template. These versions have always served me fine. Each one of these have been used in at least one campaign and some of them have been used multiple times. I do not remember any major balance issues but I play solitaire so if something is unbalanced I am only hurting myself and I may be missing on some combo that would break things. I know that some of these have been done before by others with much more talent. Regardless, here is may take on these heroes. When I created Kala I wanted her abilities to reflect her character. She seemed to me to be a fast and agile hunter but yet light and fragile so I tried to base her abilities around that. I feel like her heroic feat lets her "stalk" her prey much as a hunter would. Here is Gyruk Kinslayer. I wanted him to be a brute so I gave him a high health value and black defense die. In return his speed is low and his fatigue is abysmal. I have used him on multiple campaigns and he is very different to play since his primary source of fatigue comes from declaring move actions to gain MP. This lets him power up some powerful skills but yet limits him overall. When I have used him he has not seemed unbalanced. In fact this is his "second edition" with slightly improved stats since he actually proved to be weak in a previous incarnation. I always liked Okaluk and Rakash so I thought it would be fun to have a warrior version of that duo. I last used Telvan playing Rugal's Ascension of Margath campaign as a Martial Artist. Here is Maliki the Claw. This version is a direct port from BGG. Here is the link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1318038/maliki-claw Maliki is a fun figure to have on the board and I last used him in a Shadows of Nerekhall campaign as a Tactician. I just based Harthan's heroic feat around his name. He gets a free ranged attack with an equipped melee weapon. It has been a while since I used Harthan but he did well enough in the past. Finally, for the warriors we end with Kael. When I look at him he seems like he is in great physical condition so I gave him the ability to recover fatigue as soon as he declares a rest action. His heroic feat is based on his Runebound description as a "Dorn Defender". Anyway, that is all I have time for right now. I will post the scouts, mages and healers later. I hope someone enjoys these and if you have any questions let me know. Dan Howell
  11. Rugal, I was referring to the interlude quest Rise of Margath. I have finished the earlier quest we were discussing. Thanks Dan Howell
  12. Rugal, I am getting ready to play Rise of Margath. Are there any reinforcements in the quest? Dan Howell
  13. I have some time to play this evening so your reply is very timely. Thanks for the campaign. Dan Howell
  14. Rugal, I am doing a solo play through of your campaign. I am on the second quest titled Cults Origin. I am at encounter 2. I have two questions: 1 - How does the OL gain Hero tokens? 2 - What are the OL reinforcements? I do not see these in the quest guide. Thanks Dan Howell