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  1. Graver said: Jack of Tears said: Considering how very deadly the system is already, why would you need to make it more so? Egads - I like my setting gritty, but I want my pcs to be capable of walking from one fight to the next. Mostly 'cause it's not. People keep mentioning how deadly and fast it's combat is when, for me and my group, it doesn't seem that way at all. I guess we're used to much faster and brutal combat sequences. Do you keep backup characters made so you dont have to spend time rerolling every session? lol
  2. You roll. You just dont tell them your inquisitor's stats. Then you can make up whatever you want. So he has stats over 100, and always rolls max damage (special inquisitor perk). He can dodge/parry multiple times in a round. He is so far beyond their abilities that to even think about attacking him should require a willpower test.
  3. The blacksmith turns into a platinum dragon and eats you. Its DM magic! Really though, It sounds like your players would rather play Halo where they can T-bag the people they kill. If they screw up the mission, let them screw it up. Then have them lined up and shot when the real inquisitor gets there (An inquisitor is so far above the acolytes in power and he would have elite stormtroopers with him, if they fight just roll and tell each one that they are shot in the head)
  4. Everything you wanted to know about the emperor is here: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Emperor The Golden Throne Originally built to provide access to the Eldar Webway, the Golden Throne took the form of a bulky machine-like chair suspended over gigantic mechanised doors made of gold metal. The doors were said to be large enough for a Warhound Scout Titan to walk through unbowed. The chair was linked to the portal by huge bundles of cables, wires and conduits. The whole machine was made of the same golden metal. The throne was built at one end of a vast hall big enough to house up to six fully equipped Space Marine Companies. This was the Emperor's main laboratory, which was itself at the centre of his underground complex, known as the Imperial Dungeon. Even after the throne's construction, the lab remained littered with other huge machines and storage crates. Hundreds of red-robed technicians and labourers worked in the lab.5 The Emperor built the throne as a means of entering the Webway. Having this fixed point of entry was meant to free humanity from its reliance on warp-ships and astrotelepathy, since humans could simply enter the Webway and emerge wherever they chose in the galaxy. He sent armies of workers through the portal and had them construct a new short section of Webway linking to the rest of the abandoned Eldar network. Since the original Webway was built of a psychically resistant material which the humans could not replicate, the Emperor used his powers, via the Golden Throne, to protect the human-built section from the Warp.5 The Golden Throne is connected to a massive warp beacon known as the Astronomican which generates a system of signals making faster than light Warp travel in the Imperium possible2. In the last year of M41, tech-priests discovered failures in the mechanisms of the Golden Throne that are far beyond their ability to repair1. Consequences of the Horus Heresy The Emperor on the Golden Throne At the outset of the Heresy, when Magnus the Red used his sorcerous powers to warn the Emperor of Horus's treachery, he inadvertently created huge holes in the Emperor's psychic shield. Daemons poured into the human-built portion of the Webway and slaughtered thousands of Adeptus Mechanicus workers there. The Custodian Guard and Sisters of Silence were left fighting a desperate battle to prevent the daemons from reaching the portal through into the Imperial Dungeon. Eventually the Imperial forces had to abandon the Webway and retreat back into the Imperial Palace. The portal was closed but only the psychic power of the Emperor was enough to keep it that way so he was forced to remain on the Golden Throne or find a suitable replacement. When the Emperor was forced to battle Horus on board the Sons of Horus flagship, the Vengeful Spirit, his place on the throne was taken briefly by Malcador the Sigillite. Malcador perished performing this endeavour, and the mortally wounded Emperor was reinstated upon the Throne after his battle with Horus. At his instruction, it was then enhanced and converted into the life-sustaining form it currently bears.5
  5. I wasnt talking about the Inquisition, but about the Adepta Sororitas. Adepta Sororitas is the militant arm of the Ecclesiarchy and the ONLY reason that militant arm is allowed to exist is because all Sororitas are women. If you started to introduce male sororitas it would be a breach of an explicitly stated Imperial Law, which makes the concept of male Battle sisters a bit hard to explain with the canon material. Its not hard, as long as you dont call them a sister of battle. They are essentially nuns with guns, so you could always make a "Paladin" class, who just uses the Sororitas class, with a different name.
  6. Locque said: After some consideration, I'm giving this sod a refractor field, and will manipulate events so that he's going to be a big hero next session, and give him an extra fate point. Wont that cause problems with players who have been playing properly? The participant's ribbon is a refractor field and a fate point. Gold silver and bronze get a medal. If the player doesnt have the sense to stay alive, he dies. He will be your group's redshirt, everyone has one.
  7. How do you jam a super soaker with a lighter on the end anyway?
  8. Yeah who wants guns to be deadly. Shot in the head? Walk it off
  9. Oan Mkoll said: 1. What counts as an 'incoming projectile'? Presumably 'outgoing projectiles' aren't stopped? What about an Earthshaker Cannon shell...its a solid projectile...does this stop it? What about a descending Ork Rok? thats a solid projectile isn't it? A solid projectile is one fired from a SP weapon. It won't stop Bolt Shells or Hand grenades. At least that's how I see it. 2. Discount hits equal to WPb? In total? From each target within the field? does the psyker decide which projectiles to stop? Does a shotgun blast count the pellets as individual projectiles? It's a reaction, so the field goes up on the opponent's turn. I would think that the first solid projectiles that hit in a WPB radius would be stopped. 3. 'When the power ends they fall harmlessly to the ground'. what about grenades or missiles? Do they explode or are they somehow deactivated? What about an atomic bomb? Or an Exterminatus virus missile? Do they 'fall harmlessly to the ground'? Grenades and missiles aren't solid projectiles as fired from a weapon with the class SP. Again, that's how I've been playing it with my psyker. I can't stop hand grenades (thrown weapons) or rockets (don't have the book with me, but I assume they aren't fired from an SP weapon). I can't protect anyone unless I'm targetted first (as it's a reaction, and I can't use a reaction until I'm attacked). I can stop 5 bullets (my psyker's wp bonus) within 5 meters (range of power) of myself (since I don't have any talents or powers that let me move as a reaction). Now, if someone threw a hand grenade at me, and I was able to dodge out of the area of effect, the center would change on the 5 meter radius, since I would move out of the AoE. I would need to have step aside to do this, though, since the Catch Projectiles uses my reaction, and Step Aside with give me an additional dodge. You are fast enough to catch a bullet, but not a grenade or a rock thrown at you? It said solid projectile, not energy. So anything thats physically solid, not fire or lasers. Poor choice of words on their part.
  10. Zarkhovian_Rhythm said: Check the space wolf series by BL, I think the first one details Ragnar's induction into the Space Wolves. Yeah, thats the series we tend to use to introduce people to 40k and space marines.
  11. I think you can stop any projectiles that are fired at people within the 5m radius, so you can help someone standing beside you. It can also help stop a missle or grenade lobbed at you, so it doesnt explode beside you mid air.
  12. This is what we call Darwinism. They want him out of the gene pool. Get him to play a psyker with catch projectiles. Its the only way for him to survive. He obviously has an action hero complex and if multiple character deaths havent smartened him up, im not sure what will.
  13. LEGION3000 said: This wasn't beneficial but it was funny as hell! The characters were on an agri-world trying to recapture a harvester that fell to some pirates. One of the psychics cast heal and rolls a 9. They get the one that kills vegetation for like d10 miles. Now this is almost always a useless phenomenon on a hive or ship or mostly anywhere, but in the middle of a grain field on an agri-world it caused like a half million thrones in damages as several acres of farm land died instantly. Thats one of those "It wasnt me" <.< scenarios
  14. Alasseo said: Was his hand in his pack? Call Item specifically says it teleports the attuned item into your hand... Yeah it was
  15. Yeah the phenomina can work in your favor sometimes. In the last game we had, we had dropped some cultists and we wanted to interrogate them. After killing all but the last one, my psyker walked up and jammed his gun (he was hiding under a table). I rolled the phenomina, and also took on the aspect of a demon for one round (fear rating 1). The GM rolls 100 on his fear test. He answered all my questions. There is another also *SPOILER* For Purge the Unclean - Shades on Twilight *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* We had fought our way to the demon and inquisitor in the black ship. We were told the Liber Daemonica was there. My psyker is completely paranoid of being possessed by a demon, so he wants it...bad. After the Serrated Quiery guy steals it and we kill him, my character tells everyone to back off, its obviously demonic. He convinces everyone that it could be used as a tool for great evil, and my character is the only one who can pick it up (after 2 campaigns of my character kicking serious ass, they believe him). Right after I pick it up, I go to heal myself, and roll a 9. I roll on the table and get a peril, and everyone in the vacinity is shifted into the warp for a brief second. I tell them that only I can contain the demonic essence in the book, as they just saw, so to not go near it. As we prepared for the final fight, my character in full view of everyone put a bunch of fake (but fairly convincing - he has alot of forbidden knowledges) runes on a cloth and wraps up the book. He then makes the book his call item. He wanders the halls, gathering up paper and any other books he can find - captains quarters etc. In secret, he puts the papers in the cloth, then wraps it back up. He then attaches grenades to it. He tells the rest of the party that he attached the grenades in case they are killed, at least the liber wont fall into evil hands. During the fight, everyone falls back (out of sight of my character) . He holds up the wrapped up book and tells the Dark Eldar to stop. He pretends to make a deal for their life, which the Dark eldar leader refuses, and my character throws the book into a burning puddle of fuel we had set up as a trap, pulling the pins on the grenades. As it is mid air, before it explodes, he calls the book back with the call item, into his pack so even the eldar cant see. The wrap explodes with burning paper flying everywhere (qutie a few eldar dove for it, killing them). The party sees the aftermath, convinced (in and out of character) that my character destroyed the book (all of this was planned out by me with notes to the GM) So the party report back to the Inquisitor that my character destroyed the book because we were backed into a corner. My character didnt have to roll a decieve check, because the party did the reporting and they didnt know about my plan. I am still going around studying the book, with no one in the party having the slightest hint of what I did (the scum player is still pissed that I destroyed something that would give them a reward). And if any of them read this, I will punch them in the mouth *SPOILER* For Purge the Unclean - Shades on Twilight *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*
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