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  1. Since you can no longer report a Kickstarter for copyright violation unless you hold the rights, I think FFG would like to know there is a new GoT card game coming out that can be produced because it has nothing to do with the show, only the books. the-game-of-thrones-card-game
  2. I'm in Puerto Rico and since Monday I have been driving to areas with internet signal just to download this (I have a Kindle fully charged waiting for the file). It is more problem than it should be considering my current situation. But what can I say? I played 1st edition since day 1 and have all the stuff from that edition (sans the Travelloges and Otosan Uchi)
  3. Yeah, but then how you differentiate a Scorpion Bushi from a Lion Bushi. (When Edge of the Empire came out I really love the system but I always had trouble running Star Wars game, so there may be something I'm missing for lack of system mastery)
  4. I don't see why not. Only thing I see is that there are only 4 archetypes and that is not enough for Rokugan. That said, nothing stop them from making a book about Bushi, Shugenja and Courtier Schools with perhaps special rules for Rokugani magic, Maho and Kihos.
  5. In the product description on the store it says: It all begins with character creation. Genesys allows you to create a character using four different archetypes that can be applied to many different settings. These archetypes provide the basis for your character, whether they are a skilled laborer or a haughty intellectual, an aristocrat or average human. These archetypes can be found as different jobs in a modern setting, or as a different species on an exotic alien world. Next, your character selects a career to give them a greater focus. This career can be generic, like an entertainer or trader, or be more setting specific, like a knight or mad scientist. From there, your character develops their special skills and talents before diving into the narrative dice system of Genesys.
  6. That would be cool and in character.
  7. One of my favorites character (and go to NPC back in 1st edition) is now dead. It is weird that I got actual tears reading that?
  8. Please. Core Exxet. It needs to happen.
  9. We know how many pages the English version has? Because you actually may end up, most often than not, with a lower page count when translating from Spanish to English.
  10. The dice is a non-issue since this system use only d6s (and I think 2d6 top).
  11. The way I'll do it would be that I become the first zombie they encounter, right there on the table. Let the players deal with me and then continue running the game as normal.
  12. For what I gather in different reviews and an interview with the author it does, after a fashion (mental stress). It also seem to works like the OP mentions. As the characters get used to the situations around them their mental armor get higher and less stuff stress them.
  13. No offense taken. Characters have a concept (a description). They also have 3 Attributes (Physical, Mental and Social). Each of these attributes are divided in 2 characteristics* (check the character sheet I linked earlier in this thread) rated from 0 to 3. Each Characteristic have 2 aspect (one good and one bad) that may give a +1 (good aspect) or -1 (bad aspect). When 2 players are rolling against each other (a contested roll), the characters in the contest compare the value the characteristic they are going to use plus anything else that may apply (concept, aspects, external bonuses, etc.). The character that ends up with a higher number gets to roll 2d6 and pick the highest one. Then everyone rolls and whoever ends with the highest result wins and describe the outcome of the roll (that includes inflicting stress, that is how damage is called on the game). There are also simple rolls that are against a target number set by the GM. In the video he does not mention what the average target number is. He did said that if you fail or don't get enough successes you can roll again but your stress may go up. It makes more sense now? *these are mentioned on the description page: dexterity, vitality, logic, willpower, charisma, and empathy.
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