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  1. Sweet! At least two more books. It is the first time the Celestial Realm get a full book for themselves, right?
  2. I'm partial to digest size books. Dungeon World, Burning Wheel, Yellow King RPG...man, those books are small, easy to carry, read and beautiful (ok, DW ain't that pretty, but 2 out 3 isn't bad)
  3. The quality of Chaosium's books (Call of Cthulhu, Runequest) is at par with those 2. Heck, some of their releases (Masks of Nyarlatothep, I'm looking at you) put the big two to shame quality wise. Free League also has some spectaculars books.
  4. I mean, at this point I can only buy more dice. 😂 But yeah, keeping the conversation going in social media or other forums is key. Keep it positive, though.
  5. That would be pretty cool indeed. And different without been that different, like the Second City box set.
  6. Not needed but a tradition: A city box set. I wouldn't mind a new version of City of Lies (and hire Greg Stolze to work on it). If not that, some place "new".
  7. I have been playing L5R since 1997. We just bought the book because the cover was freaking cool (we didn't knew there was a card game). The little plot that was in the book hook us. The system was the line. The great compendium of supplement...sinker. But we did notice this too. As the main group became more acquaintance with the setting (or our version of the setting), having new players became more difficult unless that player expend hours and hours in our conversations, not only about the setting but about how we played. All of us had tried to play with other groups (life been what it is) but we never manage to get that "buzz" unless is with that selected group of players (or players that have a very close variation of how we did things).
  8. That seem hopeful. Have Aconyte, with the use of freelancers, continue the line. Still a sad day, 'tho.
  9. Considering that all the rpg lines are closing, not only L5R, I think this has nothing to do with it.
  10. Well, that sucks. Path of Wave was the last book ever announced, right? So basically that's it for L5RRPG? I hope they at least license the RPG to someone else. I think the reboot was great for the RPG as a setting and there are still should be published (for example, a new version of the Way of... books, a good city book and perhaps a campaign).
  11. Since you can no longer report a Kickstarter for copyright violation unless you hold the rights, I think FFG would like to know there is a new GoT card game coming out that can be produced because it has nothing to do with the show, only the books. the-game-of-thrones-card-game
  12. I'm in Puerto Rico and since Monday I have been driving to areas with internet signal just to download this (I have a Kindle fully charged waiting for the file). It is more problem than it should be considering my current situation. But what can I say? I played 1st edition since day 1 and have all the stuff from that edition (sans the Travelloges and Otosan Uchi)
  13. Yeah, but then how you differentiate a Scorpion Bushi from a Lion Bushi. (When Edge of the Empire came out I really love the system but I always had trouble running Star Wars game, so there may be something I'm missing for lack of system mastery)
  14. I don't see why not. Only thing I see is that there are only 4 archetypes and that is not enough for Rokugan. That said, nothing stop them from making a book about Bushi, Shugenja and Courtier Schools with perhaps special rules for Rokugani magic, Maho and Kihos.
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