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  1. Reactions are not mandatory by theirselves. Steadfast samurai shows a Forced Reaction which seems kind of mandatory
  2. It's probably a circle under an hexagon. 2 hexagons wouldn't fully cover the hole while rotating. Being a circle means it can easily be 1-5 numbers
  3. Voluntarily removed to comply with spoilers policy. Sorry guys!
  4. I think the bidding system clearly states it's only a 2-player game... However... (thinking at this moment)... It could work for multiplayer if the highest bidder just paid Honor to the lowest bidder, and those in the middle pay nothing... (thinks more)... but I don't know how highest and lowest bid ties would resolve... Show us the complete rulebook!!
  5. FFG has already maturely included a lesbian runner in the Android:Netrunner universe. Sunny Lebeau is married and has 2 children. She has never been objectified, and there hasn't been a problem that I remember. Lately it has been discussed that another runner is a trans male, and the community is ok with that.
  6. I think LCG L5R could be perfectly launched with 2 base sets. Let me explain: Android: Netrunner Core Set comes with 7 factions and some neutral cards. In order to give many different playstyles with just the Core Set, some cards come three times, some two and a few come just once. So if you want to have 3 Desperado or 3 SanSan, you need three Core Sets, which gave you lots of unused cards, since as a general rule you can only have 3 times the same card in your deck. Assuming max 3 copies of each card in a deck, L5R could be launched in 2 Core Sets (let's call them "Sun" and "Moon" just for fun with 4 clans in each set, with 3 times each clan card and two times each neutral card (economy, tutors, whatever...). While Sun and Moon have different clan cards, they share the same neutral cards. This way, if you want to be able to play with the eight clans, you just buy Sun and Moon (maybe not at the same time) and only one of each neutral card would be to spare. It could be done with three differente Core Sets ("Sun", "Moon" and "Happy Vinegar Vampire") with just one neutral card of each kind in each set, but that looks much more difficult to sell, and buying just one Core would be pretty much unplayable. But I think launching the game in 2 Core Sets could be an option.
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