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  1. Yeah I’m definitely not having everyone play two players and at the moment, I don’t have any players, whether role or roll.
  2. I want to run a game involving 2 Knights with a Padawan each. I’d like to find a way to have the characters balanced, but with still a clear way to show the Knights being Jedi linger. My initial idea was giving the Knights bonus XP in Force Power talents and the Padawans bonus XP in Characteristics, as Skills and Specialization talents don’t seem right. That way the Padawans might be naturally better, but the Knights are better trained. I’m worried that this will cause problems since you are limited in spending XP on Charactersitics during char-gen. I’d be open to other suggestions that aren’t either “just give the Knights more XP” or “treat them the same and make it a story thing”.
  3. Another source of Sci-Fi maps would be Paizo. With the release of StarFinder, they've put out a bunch of double sided maps with spacey themes. https://www.coolstuffinc.com/page/4003
  4. I hope we get more than just locations and adventures. Maybe we'll see era books eventually. Not likely, I know, but I can hope!
  5. So what do people think we might see after we get the rest of the career books out of the way? More adventures no doubt. Perhaps some region/location books like we've seen with Suns of Fortune and Lords of Nal Hutta? Jedi Order / Sith specific books? What else?
  6. Any chance of getting extra pages with room for more Talents and Force Powers?
  7. I feel like my F&D games have gotten a little stale, so I'm always looking for new ideas and original stories. Tell me about your Force & Destiny campaigns. Ones you've run, ones you've played in, ones you've just heard/read about.
  8. CoolStuffInc has a copy for $45 http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/212424
  9. I know it's minor, but I'm interested to see the info on the "jedi training droid" at the bottom and the non-lethal weapon options.
  10. I can't speak for "we", but I know I would like Ewok stats.
  11. So this weekend I just ran my group through the modular encounter "The Corellian Shuffle" out of Suns of Fortune, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to factor how many rounds the whole thing took. The astrogation portion and how long each micro jump takes was particularly confusing. I had a player track what was rolled for each jump, so I'm hoping someone can help me turn that into rounds and then I can add it to the length of what each stop took too. 3x success 1 advantage 1x success 1 advantage 3x success 3 threat 1x failure 3 advantage 2x failure 7 advantage For the last two I determined the first failure just meant it took them to the wrong place and they had to jump again, they failed a second time, but I had to give them something for all those advantages, so they ended up at extreme range to the ambush, and then proceeded into the fight. After the fight, the Legacy Horizon came over (having seen the fight, but not wanting to be involved).
  12. What happened to the "Life Undercover" preview article? I'm just getting a 404 message.
  13. Wrong forum, you probably want the EotE one for a bounty hunter.
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