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  1. edit: sorry, I've misunderstood the problem in my first post edit again: well, I've re-thinked the problem and: so, that first discarded Master after attaching it to enemy, would... no longer be an ally ? And would it allow to attach another then? Or am I just nit-picking?
  2. Well, the BIG NEWS surely is the long-awaited... NEW FAQ 1.9 Printer friendly Poor Boromir... and Hama and Caldara too...
  3. I asked Caleb about such effect, so, now it is official: 1. a. Mirror of Galadriel (Exhaust Mirror of Galadriel to search the top 10 cards of your deck for a card and add it to your hand. Shuffle the rest back into your deck. Then, discard a random card from your hand.) - what if there are less than 10 cards in my deck? Can I use Mirror then? If I can, do I discard a random card from my hand then? > > You can still search your deck if there are less than 10 cards. The rule there is to do as much as you can. You still have to discard a card from your hand since the ‘then’ portion of the effect is based on having added a card to your hand. > > > b. Daeron's Runes (Action: Draw 2 cards. Then, discard 1 card from your hand.) - what if there is only 1 card left in my deck? Can I use D'sR? And should I discard then? > > Again, do as much as you can - draw the last card of your deck. Then discard 1 card from your hand.
  4. Alas, there still aren't many threat reduction cards in the pool outside Spirit sphere. Secret Vigil is one of the best, in my opinion, but in this particular quest is, simply put, useless. There is also one interesting, pretty new card: Well Warned. It costs 0, it works with immunes and enemies like Nazgul that cannot have attachments, and can be played by the player who has Spirit when any player engages enemy to reduce this player's threat. But it still needs Spirit to resource match and of course this Noble-Scout duo...
  5. I assume you attached Secret Vigils to Nazgul as they are the only enemies in FttF scenario. But I'm afraid they are not valid targets for Vigils, because they have "Cannot have non-Morgul attachments." (and the Witch-king is immune).
  6. Some time ago there have been a discussion and official answer here.
  7. I picked up mine kit only yesterday from FLGS here in Poland. Nice playmat it is :-)
  8. But, to both of you have 2 enemies engaged, both players can first optionally engage one 35's enemy and then these two left would engage during engagement checks.
  9. Here is Caleb's answer for a question I've asked once (with my emphasis on Frodo's part): I'd say that, as damage is discarded, so are resources then. I'd also say that when he comes back to the in-play state, he comes ready, no matter what was his state before.
  10. Well, speaking of Hobbit saga quests: in my first play of the first quest I played solo two-handed and I realized that something's wrong at the end of the first round, when I took saga Bilbo to the play area of my second hand: I had Bilbo from HfG as one of that hand's heroes... My main mistake during plays is forgetting about some game effect that is active and I do it quite often
  11. Well, Ancient Mathom already has official answer regarding its timing: see this post, question 3. And its effect is not immediate then. We also have this: (taken from page 4 of alogos' Unofficial FAQ, with source given in French - http://sdajce.forumactif.org/t1623p15-question-un-ancien-mathom-a-amon-lhaw-timing-de-resolution-reponse-officielle).
  12. Official answer from Caleb I've once received (regarding permanent boons): Q: When I sacrifice a hero on the Great Bridge and that hero has permanent boon attached, what happens with this boon card when I bring that hero back to play by Fortune or Fate? Is it again attached to him? In rules there is written: “If a hero leaves play, attachments with the permanent keyword attached to that hero are removed from the game", so maybe this boon is lost for good, as it is not just discarded but removed? A: In that situation, the permanent attachment is removed from the game, but not from the campaign pool. It will be reattached at the beginning of the next scenario.
  13. Also, the threat level is specifically addressed in latest 1.8 FAQ (the very last item on page 15):
  14. I've just received answer from Caleb and it seems that the struggle with one of these most terrifying enemies can be eased a little, at least when we talk about immune shadow cards dealt to it:
  15. So, as I can see this, there would be a problem Permanent boons, as they can only be attached to a hero at the start of the game and PI ally (and Legolas ally also) cannot fulfill this requirement... You could attach Permanent boon during a game when Caldara is in discard and PI on the table, but that boon would not be re-attached to him at the start of the next game. But, I think it would be legal to attach Permanent boon to PI ally when Caldara is in discard, switch to PI hero in the next game and re-attach that boon at the start of that game You could even switch lately to another version of PI hero from upcoming The City of Corsairs adv pack and still keep that Permanent boon then :)
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