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  1. Infact the problem came out with cards like Follow Through and Focus. Focus Play before rolling the dice when making an attack. Gain 2 free surges when making that attack. Follow Through Play after making a sucessful melee attack on a monster (a melee attack that doesn't miss). Gain +2 damage for that attack. Both can be intended as "YOU gain +2 damage/2 free surges" or "the attack gains +2 damage/2 free surges". But, even grammatically, the latter would need the "s" in the verb if the subject intended is "the attack" (and combining this with the arguing about the no exchange rules I'd say that any card is intended to be played and applied to the playing player's hero and not other ones unless specificed on the card). Thank you for the quick answer (and sorry for my clumsy english, I'm italian ).
  2. This evening we came up arguing about the possible targets of feat cards. First of all, let me point out some base assumptions before proceeding: - Every PLAYER can play only 1 feat card in a single turn, so theoretically every player can play up to 5 feat cards in a single game round (in a game with 4 Heroes obviously): 1 during his Hero turn, 3 others during the other Heroes' turns and 1 during the Overlord turn. - A bunch of feat cards specifically state that the trigger and/or the effect are based on OTHER Heroes (for example, Protect Thyself states that the trigger is when the OL declares an attack against any Hero, and that the player's Hero who's playing the card and all Heroes in a 3 spaces range gain +2 armor) Now, what happens if a player plays another Feat card, for example Focus, which just states "Play before rolling the dice when making an attack. Gain 2 free surges when making that attack.", or ***** in the Armor - "Play before rolling the dice when making a ranged attack. You gain the Pierce 4 ability for that attack." and wants to play it on ANOTHER player's Hero? I argued with my players that ANY Feat card can ONLY be played on the player's Hero who's playing the card, except the ones that specifically call out for a trigger or effect that involves other heroes, because, if not, then the rule that prohibits the exchange of Feat cards would be pointless (no need to exchange Feat Cards if I can play all of them on any hero at will). Am I right?
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