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  1. Hello there.

    I am new to this game and i have a question about A game of thrones plot card.

    Text on card: A player cannot initiate 'military' or 'power' challenge unless he or she has won an 'intrigue' challenge.

    My question is: Which player? Me? Or all other players? Or just players who attack me?

    Lets say that 4 players are playing the game. Player 1 plays that plot card. What that means now? That all other players who want to attack player 1 need to win intrigue challenge first? Or what?

    I am little confused.. :)

  2.  my personal opinion:  

    it's simple...ONLY COIN TOKENS may be invested...so, in basic rules is written: "Coin tokens are used to record coins gained from certain tech cards such as Democracy". (you don't gain coin TOKEN from map or from building...).

    soo..you may invest coin if you like. you put it away and then "you lower your number of coins" (on your dial). so you have to put away coin from tech card..and yes..it's logical that you can gain it again...you cannot track how many coins did you gain/spend.. 

    if you won't be able to again gain invested coins from tech card, it will be very difficult to score great result on investment card...+ going to Economic victory...


    maybe i'm wrong, but it's seems logical to me...we will se in new FAQ version.. :)



  3. Action: Cancel all damage assigned durning the battlefield phase this turn.

    If i play this card - does it cancel damage assigned from both players?

    for example: i assign some damage to my opponents units and my opponent assigns some damage to my units. Then i play this Valaya card and then what? I put away all damage tokens from my and his units? or just my units?





  4. Hello! i am new at this game. I read all rules, faqs, watched tutorials and i still didn't find the answer.

    In capital phase i can play unit, support and quest cards..how many cards can i play per turn? Only one or how many i want? I know, that i can play only one developement card per turn...


    Second question: When i play developement card face down on the table - Do i have to show that card to opponent? Or can i secretly place this card on the table?


    please...help! :)

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