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  1. Here are some new pics from "Last Biplanes Sq. Pack"
  2. Here are new photos and more exclusivities about : WWII serie 2, WWI serie 4 and BB !!
  3. Here are the photos of the futur minis for Wowar WWII
  4. Not yet... Maybe this mounth according to Andrea... Still need to be patient ! Too hard ...
  5. Here are new previews about Balloon busters and WWII minis Serie 2.
  6. A new boster pack with the famed SPAD VII fighter, French but used by many natios, and the Aviatik Berg D.I, one of the best Austrian fighters f WWI. For both are provided also cards for the wars that raged across Europe and around the Mediterranean from 1919 onward.
  7. Another way to pplay with red and green crosses is this one : For planes making A damages : -If the Jamming is red : both guns are jammed. -if the jamming is green : only one of the two guns is jammed. The pilot must choose between unjamming his jammed gun or firing with the other one which still fires (shoot with B dammage Deck) For planes using B damage Deck : Both jam cards are used like a red one.
  8. I have to add that the 4th mini will be the Ki.61 !
  9. Color schems for WWII serie III are here !!! Just enjoy this new preview.
  10. News in video : Balloons et WWII minis serie 2 !
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