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  1. Good to know. I'm new to the game too and I was wondering just this.
  2. FWIW I play in my local tournaments (Valencia, Spain) with English cards. Nobody ever complained.
  3. What if I have to put a rubble token on a location that already contains a rubble token? The Dunwich Horror makes this possible in this scenario.
  4. For my part, I'm more than happy with just de battlepacks...
  5. Forced: At the beginning of your turn, deal 2 damage to your capital (you choose which section(s)). Can I assign ToV's damage to a burned zone? I think I can since it isn't indirect damage.
  6. Dam said: Stick to your Meccg rules answers, Jose . Lol, you're almost omnipresent, Rauli
  7. My guess is that Soul Stealer play is illegal in that scenario. But it's just a guess, I have nothing to back it up
  8. DoI's ID is assigned as soon as it's declared as attacker. That's before defenders are declared, so counterstrike don't apply yet. And yes, you can assign the ID damage wherever you want, but you can't assign more ID than what is needed to burn a zone or destroy a unit.
  9. ColtsFan76 said: I have no interest in a big box either. I would rather have a small box that brings them all together (you know, like KiY encoutners for Dunwich and Kingsport). A comprehenisve rules book wouldn't be bad either. Second that!
  10. Frank said: I don't think the scoring rules are good period. It actively encourages you to drag out the game in order to allow more monsters into town so you can take their trophies. It sends the wrong message. Whatever scoring method you use, the game will encourage certain behavior. I don't find "playing until you win" to be the kind of behavior that needs to be discouraged, but I do find actively avoiding sealing the Ancient One to be disasteful. I use an alternative scoring system for that reason, nut I can't compare my results with everyone else.
  11. Argonel said: I don't think any score penalty is appropriate, but I think that the number of times played should be reported and hopefully published. It would give a nice hint as to how many games the other teams are playing and an additional comparison to how sucessful everyone is. That's a great idea!
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