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  1. Not to get all Rule Zero here - the list is kinda harsh and you oughtn’t be obligated to make your own - but there’s a two-page spread with examples for custom traits. They aren’t exactly complex, just ‘a narrative thorn in your side and a few ideas for where it might apply to rolls,’ which is easily done if you answer the question without looking at the list at all. Aside, since it was mentioned upthread: I thought in the beta that the critical hit system’s generosity with Scars was a little too Warhammer for my liking, but the fiction bits in the disadvantage list went a long way toward mollifying me!
  2. This thread is making me really grateful for Exalted’s ‘Orichalcum Rule:’ If a given rules interaction produces results that are narratively incoherent or nonsensical, discard the rule and go for a GM ruling on the spot. Saves so much effort.
  3. Really, as errata goes, this is perfectly normal! There are some games out there where the first set of errata totally changed the way they played. Pursuant to the main topic, though, the level of detail in the book is also fairly normal. Games like Exalted, which devote half the text to a gazetteer, are kind of in the minority. It could probably use a few of the old sidebar ready-focus-strike hooks, mind - and we should start a thread on that!
  4. That'd be Rules-As-Written. Often contrasted with RAI, or Rules-As-Intended.
  5. I’m at work, so I can’t give you the answer you’d like right now, but I’ll say this: in being confused, you’re in good company with the entire rest of Rokugan!
  6. I believe this is the case! I can see now how it can be a bit ambiguous there - me, I’m already accustomed to games like, say, Atomic Robo, where a Master Of Disguise can say that they’re going undercover and leave the scene, and thenceforth can declare that an NPC was them all along. Edit: Pursuant to the topic, I also just remembered that there is a similar ability in the game Broken Worlds, where a ninja-type can name a place or an NPC and declare that they are looking down on it/them from a shadowed perch. Not only is the player not obligated to explain to the GM how their character got up there, they are forbidden from explaining it, for that would constitute a betrayal of the Shadow Arts.
  7. ‘Oh nooooooooo. He has the MacGuffin. Please don’t leave with the MacGuffin, Villain-san. I would be ever so sad.’ The ability to retroactively cast illusions is amazing - just look at Mask of Wind or False Realm of the Fox Spirits!
  8. Well. That the Divine Order lays out the right and true great chain of being between divine-blooded samurai and people-shaped animals is certainly a thing people believe. Just look at all of those wise quotations of Shinsei! And disregard the monks tempting you with claims of deeper wisdom found in Shinsei. They’re just rabble-rousers. And disregard the extremely uncomfortable questions the Togashi keep bringing up. They’re just trying to throw you off your game. (I wish I knew where it would be, but I could swear I remember reading a bit in the Fourth Edition books about how shugengerey requires divine heritage and so heimin and eta cannot be shugenja; in all cases where it appeared a peasant could hear the Kami, the nearest shugenja family had a look into it and quickly found documentation showing them to be a lost scion of the Clan.)
  9. If it’s like the beta, then there’s no per-day limit. They can be tricky to pull out in a hurry, though, and certain circumstances can leave you cut off for a time - emotional backlash, for instance, or annoying the kami with Kuni Hellos.
  10. Right - but there was also no mention if having to write home and ask permission to defend honour, right?
  11. Fair, about not having enough setting information. To clarify my point, though, in previous editions of the RPG, everyone who survived on the losing end of a conflict was to open up and spill their guts (while a friend makes sure they don’t completely lose their head!). In the Beta, that looked to be gone, which is good, because it was kind of dumb. Given that, should we assume that the rules for duelling (i.e. don’t) will stay the same?
  12. Regarding the duels - I don’t have easy access to my beta book right now, but is that whole rigamarole with needing to call home for a duel even still present? I mainly ask because I had noticed, to my delight, that the Kick *** Or Don’t Come Home rule for mass combat was gone. And really, if a samurai game doesn’t have plentiful duels, something is wrong.
  13. Well - I'm not certain that is entirely the case. I recall from the Beta there were a few points of Strife being Awesome Fuel - Lions used it, and Shugenja, I believe, got to base their damage on it.
  14. Take it from a Dungeons and Dragons player - the kinds of people who feel the need to barge into conversations to explain why their preferred version of a thing is Correct and the one being discussed is Wrong and Bad? They really aren't good for the community. I'm very glad the local L5R scene is on board with the new edition, because lemme tell you, the aforementioned is extra unfun in person.
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