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  1. I'm excited! I'm going to use both main boards for a mega game. I used to play with two boards during the first and second edition years. You could transfer by teleporting by adventure cards. Even or odd would transport you. The timescape spell you could choose to go to the other main board or completing a warlocks quest. It was fun and help de crowd the boards.
  2. I'll post pics later but I'm curious to how everyone else stores their game? I've seen the suitcase and some plastic cases. I use 3 of the big boxes; Dungeon, Highland and City, plus the Frostmarch. One holds all boards and rules. Another holds all cards plus dragon tokens, strength, craft, lives and gold. One has foam for most of my figurines since they will all be painted. Finally the small box holds character cards, endings and fate. Once I complete my 1st & 2nd edition figures ill place them in foam in a big box with the stuff from the small box and have 4 of the big boxes total. What do you all have?
  3. I would like high quality, ceramic non painted miniatures. That are also all on model. Since this is a wish list I would have it done by Reaper or Games Workshop.
  4. We found they unbalanced the game because you added a whole new characters abilities to your own. So essentially your playing 2 characters in one. So if you became the master thief you would add to your character; 1 craft and life, steal any object or gold if you land on another player. The sheriff got +2 to st, the ability to teleport in the city. The high Mage gained +2 craft, always had 2 spells, never can become toad, can move spirits and spells cast on him either had no effect, normal effect or bounced back on other character.finally the kings champion had +1 to st and cr, immune to alignment change. They all had a few other abilities but were to powerful to be add ons. They should have been characters in their own. But toned down, especially the high Mage.
  5. I really hope there are no master or epic type characters like the Sheriff, master thief or high Mage from the 2nd edition. Those were horrible!
  6. wolveryn

    House Rules

    I play with as max strength and craft of 12. That way any end boss isn't easily killed and doesn't make any player too powerful.
  7. I had the same problem in the eighties with first editions as I do with fourth edition. I just use two boxes. One box for boards and instructions and one box for cards and pieces. Why let the dungeon, highlands or dragons boxes go to waste. And bringing two boxes to a friends house isn't too bad.
  8. Also the dice are extra so everyone has their own set to use. I wish they sold them separately.
  9. I agree it is very rough. Eventually may stain and burn a design on it. But it serves it purpose. The next box will probably be much cleaner. I plan on making 2 more. I've been playing talisman since 1st edition so I'm working on adding my timescape to FF version (also the characters that may not make it into 4th edition).
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