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  1. Hear, hear. It is what is bringing me in, after I ignored a couple decades of space marines. Waste World was a well made system, good setting, and was ruined for me because it felt like there really wasn't much to do except kill, kill, kill...maybe it should have been miniatures, perhaps it would have done better. I am afraid Death Watch is going to be that way too. We'll see.
  2. Genesis in Bella Bottega is the best gamestore on Eastside right now, I'd say. There is a new store in Woodinville called Earnies, two Uncles(Redmond Town Center and Crossroads) and a couple of smaller stores. Pretty good right now for game stores. Genesis has all the WH40K books in stock, and a section of 75% off books, many of which are in pristine condition. I picked up a pristine OGL Ancients for ten bucks last weekend. Most of what is left are 3e splat books, but you might be able to find a gem, depends on what you like. Thanks, I was hoping only the main rulebook was needed (I had looked at Inquisitors Handbook, wasn't sure).
  3. Well, I am with you on one point. I'd rather play Stormbringer or Dragon Warriors than D&D (you notice, both British rpgs, both more atmospheric and violent). But I still don't think that is really a fair comparison, DH just has a different focus that some of us prefer. Probably more than prefer the space marines in a rpg, I'd guess. We'll just have to disagree, doesn't automatically make anybody stupid or even wrong. Maybe part of my problem is too many real fights, so I don't find fighting entertaining in itself any more, not that I ever did really. Try to be patient, Deathwatch will be along. And I am serious about Waste World. Find a copy, I'll think you would like it.
  4. Thanks. Hopefully I'll be playing, but I'll pass that along. 7500 sounded too high to me. The game sounds promising to me. My favorite game, and most GMed one, is Stormbringer. You had to think, use tactics and deal with foes more powerful than yourself most of the time, much as DH sounds to me. It took me a while to learn how to run scenarios without killing PCs left and right in that one too, and the players to work the game. It would be fun to be on the other side of the screen in a game like this. First thing I do when I get the book will be trying to make a young Nayl or Kara, of course. I'm not sure if a young Patience is even doable, with that little to work with. And then my character. I think the game will have the depth to do what I want and then some.
  5. In looking around the web for info on 40K I've found several places where it is suggested starting with around 7500 extra experience takes care of that problem. Wouldn't it be better to start with the similar, fairly weak characters so as to get used to the system? Or maybe with some lesser amount? How much if any would you give if you were just starting a game (GM or play), as I am? What would be a fair compromise? It's obvious I wouldn't be starting with Nayl, on what the Guardsman preview gives.
  6. I don't have any books (yet), but you have your first player if you want. Right now I'm halfway through the Ravenor trilogy and about sold on it. Aside from the rulebook, what would you recommend getting otherwise, for DH? Maybe I'll run Dragon Warriors if you run DH. It's an atmospheric British fantasy rpg, born about the same time as Warhammer. Do you have any interest in that?
  7. Yes, that's how the fiction helps IMO. You can see the 'bones', the game stats and so on but Ravenor and I'd guess Eisenhorn and the other fiction are rich with ideas for giving life and variety. I've rarely seen fiction support a game like this so well. I mean, in Ravenor you have several characters who are either basic guardsman or assassin characters but are very different from each other. The actual mechanics are fairly restrictive or so I have read in reviews (don't have the game yet) but it looks easy to differentiate for the depth, variety and flavor. Hardly cookie cutter characters from what I can see. (I looked at the previews here, and the Guardsman template looks like it could form the basis of several of the characters in Ravenor).
  8. Reading Ravenor, I find several of the characters to be anything but antiheroes. Nayl, Maud Plyton, Belknap, Kara, even Ravenor are anything but 'nazis' either. Why make it more complicated than it is, I don't know. I find it a meaningless, bait-minded dicussion of the kind that I had hoped I wouldn't find here. I am glad it is easy to avoid stuff like this, at least.
  9. Wolfie4

    Obvious next book

    I'd like a book detailing the Calixis sector too. I am getting a kick out ot the world descriptions in Ravenor. Very colorful and divergent. Some scifi has the 'like earth but with this difference' syndrome (like a lot of Stargate), but these feel like alien planets, some of which are tamed (sort of) and some of which are too alien to become really comfortable. The cultural aspect is good too, like with Tancred where legal titles are tattooed on one's skin. Yeah, I'd be on that book like I'm going to be on Creatures Anathema. Fast. You got me, fantasy flight. Now get me, better. Dare you.
  10. Low combat!? Compared to WHAT? Well, I suppose if that's all you want...which must be something that resembles D&D 4e, when you get right down to it. Mine is bigger than yours, etc, etc Now THAT'S boring. Dull. And inane. I don't know much about the game or setting yet, but the set up (from what I know SO FAR) does not look like the space marine aspect would make a very good roleplaying game. It looks like they would not have much choice or ability to move about or even incentive to do things that I think of as rpg type activities (which DH is loaded with). I'll wait to pass judgement on Deathwatch, but I am most interested in Rogue Trader. I can certainly see from reading Ravenor how well it and DH will mesh. Space marines I don't.
  11. There is the fiction, too. I am overloading with game ideas from my present reading of the Ravenor trilogy. Ravenor's team are like a set of rich, detailed character templates for the game. And the world descriptions lend depth as well, for potential background. I am frankly amazed that this setting and its potential have grown out of the miniatures game. It appears to be incredibly diverse and creative, far beyond space marines and cyberpunk (which I had assumed was all it was). Yes, it has incredible depth for characters, stories, background, and so on...a treasure chest for roleplaying, indeed.
  12. Crater, if you are still interested, check out the Eastside RPG Meetup (a google search will get you there). I think working that will bring some local gamers out of the woodwork. I posted on it tonite, with a statement that I am looking for gamers for Dark Heresy or Dragon Warriors. So come and join the party and maybe we can get a game going. My perfect setup right now would be playing DH and running Dragon Warriors (I simply do better with fantasy) but I would give running DH a shot, definitely. You haven't stated a preference. I can't find a PM function here either. Anyone else know for sure?
  13. Well, thanks and all, velvetears, but my comment wasn't meant to be deep or anything like that. Best taken with a grain of salt. In this case please consider hero and protagonist to be synomous more or less. No need to split hairs. I just don't think the idea from the OP is valid. To put it in plain straightforward English.
  14. Him not troll. Him gets geekgasms over big studly SPACE MARINES, is all.
  15. Ah, but the threat is 'real' in this case, so you aren't playing a nazi jack booted thug. You are a hero, hero. The nazis threats were largely imaginary. Daemons and Tyrannids? Not so much, in the game.
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