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  1. Thanks for your clarification! One less confusing thing to think about
  2. Hi, i've tried to search the forum with no result and I'm sorry if this have been asked before. How can I be sure what telents that I shuld exhaust and which not? Some have the wording but some not and the example in the book, silver tounge i think it was, don't have that wording and still it's exhausted. What have i missed? /ExInferis
  3. New group that played the demo today: Human Initiate of Sigmar Human Celestial Wizards Apprentice Dwarven Troll Slayer
  4. I've decided that in addition to taking wounds for manoeuvers a monsters can also use the aggression points (A/C/E) on 1:1 basis for manoeuvers.
  5. Necrozius said: A DM who allows a player to purchase an Action like Troll Feller Strike for a Commoner without any explanation or rationale is a BAD DM. I think you generalize all gaming groups by making a statement like that. If a group of players and a GM have fun anyway, how could you call him/her a bad GM. Not every constallation is the same and uses the same recepie for an successful night. Even if I on a personal level prefer story over action I've been playing in groups where storytelling been secondhand to pure action and theatrical sceens. In groups like this it's all about a few hours of fun and nobody cares if an dwarf would have an ancient elven relic as weapon as long it looks cool and have an epic name. In my opinion you're never wrong if everyone in the group is enjoying your session.
  6. Lautrer said: Ok. This is a way to overcome armor, but if just want (ignoring Soak or defense) hit the head or another vital zone? I think that adding a challenge dice or two can represent the added difficulty to hit a vital zone. If a hit is successful then depending on what bodypart is hit and what the initial effect the RP was describing, Other than calculate damage, with or without an defense or soak adjustment, I would add suitable in game effect such Staggered, Blind or Silenced (house rule). RP - I'm using my position from behind to slash the guard over the face/throat with my dagger in an attempt to stop him from screaming for help. GM - Hitting the face is +2 challeng dice since your trying to hit an small vital zone. If you fail you are opening yourself for an attack and loose your active defenses for this round. Boons could include soak diminishers or in this example add recharge tokens to the condition card where it represent a prolonged effect when the guard is silensed for a few rounds while his mouth is full of blood or his throat took a heavy hit. I'm usually making up these effects as we play depending what type of encounter and what the RP is trying to do according to his/her description. English isn't my mother tounge so I apologise if I'm not making any sense with my ramblings. I really like the idea of having a specific action card for the occation.
  7. I would probably add one or more challenge dice for an targeted attack and then lower the target defence and/or soak value to reflect hitting a person without a helmet. If the target was an weaponarm, a success could result in a dropped weapon. I would wing it depending on the RP's description and his/her expected result. This is probably the only time I would go with added challenge dice instead of misfortune dice during a melee combat check.
  8. Our group play it so that the blessing fills up the next turn and not directly after youve made a curry favor check. We have agreed that casting magic is more dangerous than invoking a blessing because of the requirement that you have to have enough power before casting the spell. This can be risky since you can fail and be in a position with more than twice you WP more often than priest does. The drawback for a priest invoking blessings in a more secure fashion would be the sometimes added delays. We think this is a fair tradeoff and will probably run as this until we have some official ruling/faq that points in another direction.
  9. I usually creates my own card boxes. It's not that difficult and you'll end up with boxes that fits your need perfectly. I have created boxes big enough to fit my sleeved cards and have separate boxes for different actions and so on. Now its quicker to setup a game and cards not used are easy to find if needed. Here is a link to a site where you can use to create custom boxes. tuckbox.gameupdates.com
  10. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before but I can't find any answers. If a dice check comes up with equal amount of Sucesses as Challenges then your action is a failure but what if you roll a Sigmar's Comet as well? Is it possible to use Sigmar's Comet as a Success to turn a "raw" result of a failure to a successful one or is it only possible to use the Sigmar's Comet after the "raw" dice roll ended in a success and thus using the Comet to fuel effects? We are allowing it to alter the "raw" dice roll into an success. After all it's Sigmar's Comet we're talking about but I wanted to be sure we play by the rules. Alea iacta est /ExInferis
  11. Im my opinion we're reverting to unit combat in a similar way as in (put in the M-word here). I actually like the mass combat idea but if we're going to specify what damage point was assigned by whom and on what target then I think some of that idea goes lost and the flow of the game slows down. I cold prove wrong since I havent been able to try it out with another player yet but our battles so far has been rather complex so I suspect the added hitpoint tracking would make it slower and by slower I don't mean less good but I really like the fast paced combats when playing they way we do. The more I think about it the more I agree with your assumption and the added choices for both sides could lead to interesting combat scenarios. Since we have to dish out damage to all defenders up to their current hitpoints I suppose that this would imply that we can devide the damage from one of our units on several targets as we see fit. I can't find a card released so far where this will make any difference but it could prove important in the future. Tricky question but I guess we'll soon find out by the powers that be.
  12. ChaosChild said: In answer to question 1, the problem is the somewhat imprecise wording on Sadistic Mutation. "After the attached unit deals damage in combat, deal 1 damage to one target unit or capital." When exactly is damage "dealt", is it after it has been assigned or after it has been applied? Personally I'd say that damage hasn't been dealt until it has been successfully applied, in which case the Dwarf Ranger would still be alive to react to the Defender being killed. Sice we're counting up all damage before assigning them this could lead to discussions on who did damage on who. If i have three attackers doing one damage each and each one has the option to trigger an different action on dealt damage and the opposing player has three units that has one hitpoint each and he have the possibility to sacrifice one of them in the end of assigning damage phase. Who would then decide which effect that triggers. To make it even more complex we can do the same math with stronger units that deals more damage, lets say three damage and defending units have three hitpoints. Since were forced to devide the damage between all targets before assigning it to the capital we can assume the damage from each unit could be devided in any way. Could I not say that one damage from each of my attackers goes to each of the defenders? This could lead to hit point counting battles. We are playing that a damage dealth is damage that has been assigned. If it later are redirected, prevented of just fizzles is another matter. I don't know if it's correct or not and i'm looking forward to an faq on this.
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