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  1. BenStark

    Star wars reading

    The comics are good. The X-Wing series by Stackpole is perhaps one the best. The Thrawn triology is generally well regarded. Since you're reading I, Jedi (which I'm just now starting by the way), I would recommend you read the X-Wing series by Stackpole first. It's a good stepping point into the universe, it will deal with characters your familiar with, and excellent scenes of X-Wing dogfights. If you're a Scum and Villainy type, the Mandalorian Armor is a good book to read. Lots of "big" names in there. I personally enjoyed Lords of the Sith and Dark Lord: The Rise of the Darth Vader. Kenobi was good too.
  2. http://wdwnt.com/blog/2016/08/photos-first-look-action-figures-rogue-one-star-wars-story/ A look at the new Star Wars toys for Rogue One. Including is the TIE Striker and the U-Wing. I'm...underwhelmed, frankly. If they do make it on to the tabletop, I know FFG will do their best to make them marketable and appealing. But that TIE Striker...yikes...
  3. Tarkin...hands down...always Tarkin...
  4. Blocking another ship does two things First, it creates a mutual "no shots" scenario between the two ships, which may be preferable over a joust. And second, by denying actions, it effectively reduces the statline or mobility or both of the blocked ship for the duration of that round of combat. This can allow you to create a favorable joust or prevent an arc dodge. For example, a torpedo Jumpmaster normally wants to joust (at least until it has used up its torpedoes), but if you block it, it doesn't have the focus to fire a torp, so now its statline has been effectively reduced to the point where jousting is unfavorable for the Jumpmaster against most ships. Blocking seems like an under-discussed topic here. I'm surprised with the plethora of "filler" ships available, blocking hasn't become more of a tactic. One of the best games I played in the second tournament I played it, I used a Z-95 to block my opponent's best ship and then was able to use the rest of my ships to pour fire into it. A few games later, and I resorted to this tactic several more times. The Headhunter was hearty enough to last a few turns as a successful blocker, occasionally getting in a shot here and there to help other ships. On the other hand, I know that with most squads, each ship is something of an investment. It's on the squad for a reason, and it doesn't need to be wasted on stopping another ships movement.
  5. Working on my Imps game and planning on purchasing Vets and a Punisher. Eyeing the Decimator. Looks big and intimidating, and the few tournaments I've been to around here, I've flown against it at least twice in every one. Is it worth buying?
  6. BenStark

    No Rebel Love?

    So...I'm working hard on improving my game. I'm talking to players online and in the community and taking their advice into consideration. One of the things that struck me though is it seems like there isn't a lot of Rebel love. It seems like the handful of lists that are winning tournaments are Empire or Scum. What is it about the Rebels that they don't see a lot of play? Sure, the Empire has more mobility and Scum has some neat tricks. Why can't the Rebels keep up?
  7. Um...thanks...I guess...and I'll definitely look into the scotch thing... But ANY more actual advice? Not that I don't appreciate booze and cookies...
  8. Or maybe not... I've gotten some great advice from the community here and started to look at my list builds through a new scope. That being said, I'm suddenly obsessed with figuring out Imperial builds and wanting to play Imps. Previously, I played Rebels almost exclusively. But now I've got TIE's on the brain. So, I know that numbers are my friend when playing Imps. Also need to keep an eye on arc-dodging and dice manipulation. Anything else I need to keep in mind going into Imp play?
  9. Honestly, I've been so back and forth about this game. I've decided to stick it out and get back to the basics. But my local meta isn't newbie friendly. Even casual play around here is just practice for the next tournament which happens pretty much every weekend. However, that being said, I still do enjoy the game at it's core. And like so many, my goal is to fly around in the Star Wars universe and have fun. I'm beginning to have a paradigm shift when it comes to tactics and strategy if I want to try my hand at playing competitively. But just for fun? Han, Chewie and Luke are at it again!
  10. Something I'm playing around with. =============== First Order 1.0 =============== 100 points Pilots ------ “Omega Leader” (30) TIE/fo Fighter (21), Weapons Guidance (2), Predator (3), Engine Upgrade (4) “Omega Ace” (25) TIE/fo Fighter (20), Weapons Guidance (2), Push the Limit (3) “Zeta Leader” (28) TIE/fo Fighter (20), Comm Relay (3), Juke (2), Stealth Device (3) “Mauler Mithel” (17) ------ View: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/554136/first-order-10Tweak: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build/554136 XWS: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/xws/554136 Here it is in action on Squad Benchmark: http://xws-bench.github.io/bench/index.html?IwNgXATAHANBCcIbwAwG5QrhZYDssALCgKzLrBR4zCFKjA3ApgDM8MdjqGIjJsDsGAR8sCCULk0AMmFYI1YjQisarKcEk1CwMFGV4sAWh7MOizlhFrgGmttp6D1kjlPo5IHE5hr0xrQweDis9Gim1MZQ4hYREBCMgUYwWKwYqjDRQkiEEaBqgSgcrDgkMgBmAIYANgDOAKYyAC4ATgCuTQDCNVV1dQCWAMYyAPrGAAqBgeNTwMYQs9OsS-OEoyTGALbGAEIASqzGKAvAeBvGAGIA8qOE28YAKgAyEMfJi-c3o287l0cnTA-K63eZ-AGBEAoUbzb4ncHvIEnb5HBGAqGjI5VHZ8KDGEiSDyrfF3YwAZUeFwpSzeK0mC2M602Oxeb0BIVJaIWKGh9zqzVJ31+e2eELO5ze3zBIrZxjwwFG8KuYoxyNuqJliPYmOM2OiYUZ3iJ9LeJB1FUZx2B1LeFQA9sCLZtofMnVbNnUZpsLYDFcZPdCTgALL1PK30o4rTbfL63SWgkF+mPkymbal8gWx4FwxNvG3Ge0XT0Kk4Bv0hhWbR7hqZHJkPXavRF4eBFgXR273Fn7WVnT65hs9rWtt784F6qAoED4vhE6UHMV4c5Ky73E4QHl+icgPEgPDT1A67vzE6Ho7V9YRkn3alpylHZqM82WwMFl8XQubR-Qr-ut++0srWDGZgJLYwKz9AATP9q15AsHXuC15gVeZixhcCZnuasFXpe46Sme56x2A5exbNsLmTFkm3ZRZhUeIdAVKYEL3Q4iGMCbV5hY2EE2pDVV3eDdoXPJ9cJJB8nyOC011JT1aJTYFH3WW13z5GZXQdDT0KU9DpKtNSFXuIZAn7CCjMCKBSQg+lNijRMs3jdCc2TW8FIzQU40TNVrUpW0HQ9ED-SAjDKzDH97IHKUvIi1z039TNItuby818+Ci0CstQPIjsPOBMcRPWG9UwUiT60-YxvwuSrANfCCsvq4xoLgwtUPUkLSWw7KB24sN1h49C+N6nUdLU+T8xGoKULSrT5gmtD7jM9qbKfZknmeE8OLgrkhNkgVhUuZ0FmIVinnYuxFlQgV5gnQg8XgPAjggOh0J6wbiOojjWyxHZ4CgTZ4FYI4zlbZazSKql7zfGS1LgiCVOhoLYcwxq-yQtqy3mCDMbapqLk6+lpzs5MhUTfrvPBu9dtyxzkoUvz0rAzL2qrP9ic8qLnM7BTKfchzopJ-NyrQmry1DMccr5-KhopkqKpWtLf3C6rEdFsC6vak5ccQzTJvQxbOo9dtuqfLiTdJ2WWNK2SFh8xSnwM3SdZauXCt1hbkYgiXEqcrnYspXnvZSx1-N1r2SY533irisc+YF1KhbFo22bygUCtJP3hvlwttfQtDsdC8Xjb6ob+vmQbLZd62xtSua2ud53a8M9r3absdLpes24ozmGrORssW9JXHWpddr8-Q3GCfl97SNbQ3gW7FUzQ1ejF51CcUGQlBdAWHclmnM1KfpPBjHwuUp9Oja7GhOjDkREAl4eABpe5KHXTcjmpI-xLfZ0ljxU+8REVOqReS3ZexMVHKnB4lxewbh1FLPUeBCBAxEG8GIf9v5unCmWTYnsVa4NDMZWezM3wAjxifKqFDfx2QtEDeBMwjgQUYaGasp94AUPpOwoB9FL6sGvg8Hh7wzwCI+udHU1YzScO-o+B+WD0rhTwYo0ME8ADqFEubhwTJzdOUd-bxWpvzdUUMrRB3pipX+rp8R-jQt6REfomZ4NguogxEckyRwhlTWOSUByCxDsLFWWU55h08lLFiMtBo6Sku+E4elwrlUqorD8diRYNXVurLWaVELTCmnnZuYYC5J08j1HqUVy6SUrlEhGclbZvB0vDfSusZrTUrpYqpHt2mhWTo5fq4S9Ex0DnTBWocIqaJ9jojxAdRmmKGTY-RwSU7iPttzWWOlvQIWabkvBhcSbFLNqUyGFda7Vztq7XJ9cdaN17k3Rabd9Gm2Ll3XRz42lIwVPUuC-c8m41schXOVox4ApRuFUZlNHLTITp09mtxQU+Pjn4xOzjIEeLWV1OOiLEwwrRfTAKkLszQsGVimZCKcpIspiioJsLkVzNloNORSKjhSzkQFBRYs-xKNCng2hMEqFyzso+GhJ8GG62YQqEV5CVgiQfjI58v9mUXHZfK5R4YVEyBkEAA#
  11. I was looking for a new game, something fast and easy. But I'm a fluff kind of guy. If it doesn't have a good backstory, likeable characters, etc., then I get bored. X-Wing is fun, light, quick playing and it has characters I like.
  12. That has got to be one of the best pieces of advice I've gotten. I've been treating this game in very much the wrong way then.
  13. Yeah...I'm already placing (another) order for more X-Wing stuff, including two Starvipers (for the auto-thrusters) and a K-Wing (maybe 2, haven't decided). Now just have to convince the wife that I need to drop another $100 for more X-Wing.
  14. You're using a pretty good list archetype here, albeit kind of an old one, but it could be made a bit better.Some thoughts: a) Han wants an EPT. Push the Limit is a good choice, but there's also been people who use Predator. b) Being the majority of your firepower, Han needs to hit with his attacks. Gunner or Luke(crew) help a lot in the second crew slot. c) Being the majority of your points, Han needs to live. Chewbacca helps, he's worth +2 HP. However, C-3PO crew is worth considering instead; at 3 points vs 4, if he's used twice during the game he's better value than Chewie. Alt-art C-3PO was a tournament prize not long ago; you can probably pick one up on ebay for cheap. Or a player who has many might just give you one. d) A-Wings aren't the best support ships in the squad without some help in the form of EPTs or Proton Rockets. PtL Tycho is good; why not stick A-Wing Test Pilot on him and add in Veteran Instincts? Going from 8 to 10 is way more valuable than going from 3 to 5 on your Green Squadron. e) Consider dropping the Green Squadron Pilot. If you drop him, you can put Proton Rockets on Tycho instead of Chardaan Refit, have points for an EPT on Han, and put a mod on (you don't have Autothrusters, so Stealth Device or Hull Upgrade on Tycho is probably the next best bet, or Guidance Chips). PS10 and Proton Rockets is probably more valuable than the Green Squadron Pilot anyways. You like jousting, so unloading a fully-modified 5 dice Proton Rocket shot ought to be right up your alley. f) If you prefer quantity over quality in your squadmates, you could drop Tycho and put in a T-65 X-Wing with R2 Astromech + Integrated Astromech, a B-Wing (Blue Squadron Pilot) plus an A-Wing (Prototype Pilot + Chardaan Refit) or Z-95, or some combination of the above. Avoid 2 dice attacks as much as possible, because they're not worth a lot. More value comes out of a PS 1 Prototype A-Wing, because he moves first (and therefore can block) than a PS 3 Green Squadron + VI. g) If you can handle just Millennium Falcon + 1, but want a + 1 that will hit harder than Tycho, consider Corran Horn + Fire-Control System + Veteran Instincts + R2-D2. You have to lose the Engine Upgrade and downgrade Luke to Gunner on Han for that, though, but he'll do damage and he's resilient. There's a fair amount of upgrades coming out that happen to be pretty anti-E-Wing in the new waves, though, so I wouldn't get too attached. a) No reason not to put Chardaan Refit on an A-Wing if you're not using the Missile slot.b) Autoblaster Ten Numb is almost certainly not worth it. If you're set on using Ten, Mangler Cannon is 1 point cheaper and virtually guarantees 1 unblockable hit at all ranges, instead of all hit/crit results guaranteed at Range 1. Borrow it from somebody because it's not in your collection, it's a better way to use him, guarantee it. That said, you pay a lot of points for a ship that can die quickly. He's almost never going to be alive in the last round. c) If you've got Flechettes on Ten, no reason not to also put Guidance Chips on him, because they'll at least let you trigger his ability and put an unblockable hit in there. That said, I don't think it's a good choice. Flechettes are the best secondary weapon-based stress mechanic out there, but they're still not really good. Put those on the side until there's 2 points left over that you've got nothing better for. d) R5-K6 is great when he triggers, but there's only a 1-in-3 chance of that happening. That's a risky proposition. You'd be much better off with R3-A2, given the Ion Turret. e) Borrow or proxy Twin Laser Turret on Dutch until you like it so much more that you buy a K-Wing. It's the best turret in the game, bar none. f) The Tala and the Green are 2 dice attackers which really don't have much value. I'd pick something else-- maybe VI PtL PRockets Tycho from the above list-- and just run a single ship instead of those two. a) Vader's a good ship but Marksmanship is not worth 3 points. Predator is better. You can Focus/Evade as his actions and still have rerolls without Target Locking. Or have a reroll for your Concussion Missiles. Engine Upgrade is, imo, mandatory on him.b) The Inquisitor will want Push the Limit instead of Outmaneuver. Outmaneuver is harder to trigger, and at times you'd be tempted to barrel roll or boost to trigger it, but then your shot is unmodified Use Push the Limit instead; more accurate red dice is worth more than reducing the number of green dice. c) "Night Beast" is better than "Winged Gundark" at the same price point. Crits seem great but they're really just ok. Like yeah, I'd rather have a crit than a hit, but list building specifically to trigger them is often not worth it. Marksmanship and Winged Gundark have better, equally-costed alternatives. a) Soontir must have Modifications. Use the Royal Guard Title on him and sacrifice some points elsewhere and give him two of either Stealth Device, Hull Upgrade, or Targeting Computer, until you get your hands on Autothrusters.b) Determination is inferior to Veteran Instincts on Carnor. It's less than 50% chance to discard a critical damage, which TIE Interceptors ARE susceptible to, but...less than 50% chance. Better to be PS 10 and avoid being shot at, because as you say, TIEs are fragile. c) The Inquisitor with Push the Limit and TIE/v1 would probably be better than Fel's Wrath and the Avenger Squadron Pilot naked. Being PS 8 makes him and Carnor (with PtL instead of VI) move at the same time, so you can do shenanigans. d) Consider Omega Leader with Juke and Comm Relay (Stealth Device optional) as a possible replacement for any of these, too. Note that I'm advocating a lot of Stealth Device here, but you should also be aware that it's only a good upgrade in one specific role: when it's being used to bump 3 AGI to 4, and when you will have a Focus and preferable also an Evade token at your disposal. Putting a Stealth Device on Han Solo is a bad move, for instance. Alright, cool. I appreciate the advice!
  15. Jousting is (at the moment) one of the harder styles of play to make work effectively. That's not to say that it can't be done; some of my most fun games (win or lose) have involved me trying to force the opponent to joust when they don't want to. And jousting can work (but like I said, it's not the easiest). What faction do you prefer? Any particular ships that you gravitate towards? What do you already own? If you can give us somewhere to start, I'm sure we can set you on the right path, in terms of the squad you're using and how you're flying it. This is what I've got. Both core sets, imperial aces, rebels aces, the ghost, millenium falcon, slave 1, rebel transport, lambda class shuttle, 2 a wings, 2 y wings, 2 tie interceptors, 1 e wing, 1 x wing, 1 t-70 x wing, 1 tie f/o, 1 tie advanced, 2 tie advanced prototype, 1 tie bomber, 1 tie defender, 1 tie phantom, 1 z-95 headhunter I have tended towards Rebels, given that their ships are generally tougher and I like a lot of Rebellion characters. I have had some success with the Falcon, Y-Wings and A-Wings. I love X-Wings and B-Wings, but haven't had much success with them. I haven't really even attempted playing Imperials a lot because I know that they rely a lot on arc-dodging and dice manipulation. Here are some example lists I've made - 100 points Pilots ------ Han Solo (55) YT-1300 (46), Chewbacca (4), Millennium Falcon (Evade Version) (1), Engine Upgrade (4) Tycho Celchu (27) A-Wing (26), Chardaan Refit (-2), Push the Limit (3) Green Squadron Pilot (18) A-Wing (19), Chardaan Refit (-2), Veteran Instincts (1). I had one or two wins with this list and I managed to not get completely thrashed in the first few turns by being able to maneuver my way out of tight spots. 100 points Pilots ------ Ten Numb (38) B-Wing (31), Autoblaster (5), Flechette Torpedoes (2) “Dutch” Vander (30) Y-Wing (23), R5-K6 (2), Ion Cannon Turret (5) Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Green Squadron Pilot (19). This list had some hard fought battles, and the Dutch Vander/R5-K6 combo actually served pretty well. ================= Lords Of The Sith ================= 100 points Pilots ------ Darth Vader (40) TIE Advanced (29), Concussion Missiles (4), Marksmanship (3), Engine Upgrade (4) The Inquisitor (29) TIE Advanced Prototype (25), Outmaneuver (3), TIE/v1 (1) “Dark Curse” (16) “Winged Gundark” (15) - This list my wife played a few times and ate me alive. And I used it once in a casual game and did pretty well. But I'm a Vader fanboy. ===================== Interceptor Squad 1.5 ===================== 100 points Pilots ------ Soontir Fel (30) TIE Interceptor (27), Push the Limit (3) Carnor Jax (27) TIE Interceptor (26), Determination (1) “Fel's Wrath” (23) Avenger Squadron Pilot (20) - This list is untested. I've used Interceptors a few times and I like the ship, but on the whole I avoid Empire because TIE's just seem so fragile.
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