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  1. The rules state: "When a player places a guard, he takes one guest card (faceup or facedown) from either of the two hallways closest to the guard and places it in any vacant hallway in the palace." Will the guest card stay as it is (faceup stays faceup and facedown stays facedown) or does the facing change?
  2. I designed campaign rules (a bit more dynamic than just 4 connected scenarios) for ToI - no problem doing the same with this one
  3. 9 players is for amateurs... I'm preparing my 18-player game. I'm making mountable metal board for the wall and magnetic armies... Well that is if I got any time If You happen to have a larger crowd who plays AGoT, try 9-player variant. You can use whatever to symbolize the armies. We used some plastic knights... There are 3 dragons in Blue moon city that are perfect with Targaryens. The emotions that go with that game are not easy to explain... With so many players the alliances may fall apart even faster... That is when You play with the right people... But auctions are fantastic anyway
  4. Spike1382 said: As for 2, you would not march into the city and would be allowed to use the march order to move into another terrirtoy (maybe the territory of the player the refused to help). Since you would lack the strength it would be an illigal move and therefore could not consume your march order or take up your turn. If you are using the march order and they agree, the couldn't change their mind after you use the order, they already added their strength and it would be too late. Actually...They can... First the order is issued, troops are moved and checked for battle. After that there's a call for support when all adjacent allies can give or deny You their support...
  5. Just crossed my mind - after clash of kings card there could be auction for controlling houses. Basically it's like buying allies. That would add some human randomness in the game that the 2-player game lacks. By the throne-track all houses are to be auctioned. Players can use all the remaining power of all houses they controlled between two clash of kings. The highest bidder takes control of the house till the next auction... Worth a try?
  6. Rather interesting variant. We should give it a try sometimes - maybe it's as good as it sounds
  7. That would be great... I'd surely buy some extra soldiers... Hopefully much better ones - mine tend to die in battles. Is that norma? More armies!
  8. That would require some other point-counting system. Individual goals would be perfect for this. Else it would be just another "I-can't-win-nobody-can" since everyone would be our for their own strongholds not for any-one's else. I think I'm not the only one who has seen allies turn against each-other when one one of them comes too close for winning. Something like our good Stefan is doing. If the ally is strong I'd see no reason to go against him/her (not that I wouldn't if there's a chance for me to win ). If he/she wins I win with him/her and probably get a warm place near the throne and not to mention whole bunch of land. The new expansion could put more pessure on the diplomatic side where the King is not only the draw-solver and throne-warmer. At least that's what I'd expect...
  9. As this was the topic where I got the idea I figured that it wouldn't be appropriate if I made a new theme so the author of the idea would be recognized. After several months of hard work I managed to create my own Necronomicon to keep my Arkham stuff. And all thanks to psychopez. I'm not going to explain the course of the work here, just bring out some pictures. You can view it on BGG or my blog (which is in Estonian but pictures talk for themselves). This was the result of almost half year's work... Enjoy
  10. I imagine new expansion quite well. Why couldn't it be something like Lord of The Rings: The Battles of The Third Age where two players battle each other. It could be well at the Wall where wildlings try to scale it and not-yet-Lord Snow tries to push them back. Or the battle of Whispering Woods. Or the battle for kings landing. It would be about time for them to think something for 2 players and AGoT diceless system fits me much better than those **** dice that woun't roll right no matter what game I'm playing. The weak point at this would be the lack of diplomacy... But go figure, they just might think of something
  11. What's wrong with the map? Never noticed any... Don't see any need for reprint but why not
  12. You missed the irony We had rather rough game session in Strom of Swords gameboard. The Baratheon player actually managed to take King's Landing on the second turn... But Lannisters stroke back with some reinforcements from Harrenhall. The Red Priest was leading the troops... They managed to take Storm's End but the numbers were on Baratheon's side. As they fought back to take Storm's End they didn't notice Tyrell troops throwing stones at them... So Stannis were pushed back and after a moment the enemy was on Dragonstone.... You meet every kind of situations when playing... Unfortuantely You don't remember them all...
  13. We've played Arkham Horror for two of three years now and almost every time we play there's some new faces so again and again I have to do the explaining thing. So every time I try to be as breif as possible since I'm really bored of it. First I shortly introduce Lovecraft and Mythos. Tell them about the Arkham city and Ancient ones and the aim of the game. It's rather simple. Then I move to the characters - explain the skill pairs, how they work and how dice rolling goes. After it's done they have pretty good idea how to use their own character. Then comes the turn order, encounters and gates... I also mention Mythos cards but rather briefly... When combat occurs I go into details but not before... As we usually use only equipment and some other irrelevant stuff from all the expansions I skip that part entirely. I never tell about fighting with the Ancient one unless It wakes up - then I usually have to Not that hard and people get the idea in couple of turns... Good luck
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