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  1. As a long time Call of Cthulhu RPG player, I would say Arkham Horror, however, I have been really enjoying Mansions of Madness as an RPG on the board. I enjoy them both. Elder SIgns and CoC LCG both have a good feel to them as well. I have been finding it difficult to find ES and CoC player. None the less, good change as needed. Still madness ensues.
  2. Very cool Professor. I will have to look at using Daisy more in the future especially since she is the key figure in the "Dance of the Damned". Should be fun.
  3. I always like to say that AH is a game where you have an investigator that eventually learns something that he/she should not know about (arcane knowledge) and subsequently, madness or even death ensues.
  4. I finished reading this book a couple weeks ago. It was amazing how many AH investigators were in it. That made it pretty fun. I liked that it was not written in HPL style but in the author's own. I will pick up the next book. I am reading the Dance of the Damned now.
  5. I am looking forward to reading this one as well. I really like the setting of the game. It should be fun read.
  6. Thanks for the reference. It will come in handy but I can see where it could be used as cheat sheet and spoiler.
  7. Forgot to mention Hellboy movies definitely have HPL type monsters. Good fun. Also, the recent movie, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, is sort of HPL but more like Machen's stuff which HPL was influenced by.
  8. I really liked Dreams of the Witch-House. I thought it got HPL environment very well. I also like the other ones mentioned, Haunted Palace with Vincent Price and Die Monster Die. There has been compiliations done by the HPL film festival, Lurkers in the Lobby, that is worth watching.
  9. I think FFG is developing figures for all the monsters it already has. The art is used between games (AH, MoM, Elder Signs and CoC LGC) I am hoping the figures can be used across all the games to some extent. I have been using the investigators in AH and Elder Signs so far. THey really help ES since the investigor tokens are sort of small and I loose track of them periodically.
  10. I got the same form email. I suspect they may be getting swamped by requested. Also, the list of stuff is a tad long. I understand the form email. I just hope I get the new stuff soon. Tony
  11. Very nice job. Gives me some motivation to paint mine. Which I could order an extra set of monsters just in case I screw up.
  12. I would give it a try. How would items work?
  13. Thanks I will do that. My daughter is experience gamer but I am not sure about her boyfriend. Tony
  14. My daughter and her boyfriend are coming over to learn and play a game of Tannhauser. I figure they will be one side and I the opposing force. Does anyone have an opinion regarding if one side easier to learn or one side funner to play? Also, any preference on which side of the map in the core game? Tony
  15. Personally, not a GURPS fan. I could go with World of Darkness. Alas, my french skills are nill. I could see it run in basic role playing rules as well. It would be fun for a 4 hour scenario.
  16. Tonyfr

    Yula reprint

    I would buy Yula if she was available again.
  17. Thanks, I really need to get a copy of the revised rules. I was reading some stuff on Miah's blog re: rules and they are different from the rules in the book I got in my game.
  18. Thanks. I was thinking the rest of the game was too long. You mean game turns right?
  19. Thanks. I was thinking the rest of the game was too long. You mean game turns right?
  20. How long does the effects of the Smoke Grenade last? I can not seem to find the answer in the rule book.
  21. I was playing last night and this question came up. It is a shame that their is a stories. Perhaps fans of the game will write some short stories on post them on a website somewhere like the do for Call of Cthulhu role playing game. You may want to check out Delta Green fiction especially DENIED TO THE ENEMY. It is about Nazis and the Delta Green in a Cthulhu Mythos world based on the works of HP Lovecraft.
  22. Thank you for information. I will share with my daughter who is just learning to play Tannhauser.
  23. I would be interested as well. WWI mini's useful for game? What rule set are you using?
  24. I like to use Stanley tool organizer with adjustable compartments. I picked it up on sale at Lowe's for $20. I can put everything in it.
  25. I have found the 3+ rules somewhat combersome for play. But they will work when you only have a few players and using a tourney format will not work.
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