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  1. If you decide to get back into the game.  I recommend you get the new rulebook.   It is much improved.  The sales definitely has good deals.  I purchased all the minis I was missing.

    I too have heard that they are planning to discontinue publishing the game.  That is disappointing.

  2. Playing the mini monsters is fun but seems to slow the game down.  First we pick the monster from the cup and then find the mini to put the card in.   I have been thinking about assigning numbers to them and just having the players pull a number and keeping the mini's in number order to select quickly.   Does anyone else come up with a system?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Aeaea said:

    I found some plastic bead organizer boxes at Michaels for $2 each -- 3 of them will hold all 48 investigators. There are 16 single-sized sections and 1 (unneeded) double-sized section in each box.

    I was thinking of lining the bottom with foam, and placing a foam cushion on top to hold each figure snugly so it won't rattle around since some of them have tiny pieces (like cigars) that could easily break off. Then place a paper sheet on top with the names (and perhaps pictures) of all the characters positioned in a grid overlaying where the figure is hiding so I can find it quickly.

    That sounds good.  I want to find a mechanism to identify the figures for players.

  4. I have used my Cthulhu from Wizkids Horrorclix for an Ancient One.   It is huge.  I can see Ancient One figure being very limit releases and cost about $80 for one.

    I have  begun painting my MoM figures to give more variety to colors plus I always seem to have more than two cultists on the board at any given time.  :)

  5. This may have been posted prior to this but I could not find a thread.   

    Does the new supply cards help with running the game and training newbies?   Seems like they would but would like some opinions. 



  6. Traverser said:

     I would want something like seeing the Asylum, or the college. The college might even be the coolest because of all the areas within it. Id like to see a new enterance, new adventur cards and new monsters. Myths cards would be a plus, but I don't think they need to because from what I have played none of them are museum specific (I could be totally wrong). Whatever they do, I really want them to do this.

    What are some locations or other Lovecraft tales you think they should do?

    It would be great to have MU as a set of locations.  Given the "size" of MU it would probably need multiple sets.  I would like the library as a site with special cards given the book collection.  :)

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