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  1. Tonyfr

    MoM figurine vs Monsters waves

    I am painting my MoM monsters and adding to the set since there are more than one of many monsters in the cup when playing AH.
  2. Tonyfr

    Missing Tokens, old edition?

    I do not know. You could buy the Yula figure it would have the tokens.
  3. Tonyfr

    Tannhauser univers fluff

    Fantasy Flight Games has three novels. I really like the story behind the game and the game itself. The novels help provide backdrop. Gaffophone - Thanks for posting the websites.
  4. Tonyfr

    drunk and all i can think of is tannhauser

    Hope the hangover was not to bad. LOL. Also, drink some water and play a game or two!
  5. Tonyfr

    Sad Day: Tannhauser on Clearance.

    I keep hearing FFG is going to discontinue Tannhauser. They just released a book re: Tannhauser. I am confused. However, I did get all my missing figures and maps when they were on sale. Anyone know the scoop?
  6. I concur with Julia. Even if I am only playing the base game I pull the cards from MU to enhance play.
  7. Tonyfr

    Enigma copies have arrived!

    Thanks for the info. I completely missed this in the forms. Need to get a copy. I look forward to it.
  8. Tonyfr

    Front-Toward-Enemy.us: News and Updates

    Cool token. Clever.
  9. Tonyfr

    Worth getting?

    If you decide to get back into the game. I recommend you get the new rulebook. It is much improved. The sales definitely has good deals. I purchased all the minis I was missing. I too have heard that they are planning to discontinue publishing the game. That is disappointing.
  10. Tonyfr

    Playing with minis

    I like the dice rolling idea. Seems simple enough and I do not need to do any extra work. I would like addition set of monster tokens myself just because some of them are getting beat up from use.
  11. Tonyfr

    Tommy Muldoon: Hero Question

    I agree with the others. It seems to be very useful to select some if Tom wants based on his current states and weapons.
  12. Playing the mini monsters is fun but seems to slow the game down. First we pick the monster from the cup and then find the mini to put the card in. I have been thinking about assigning numbers to them and just having the players pull a number and keeping the mini's in number order to select quickly. Does anyone else come up with a system? Thanks in advance, Tony
  13. Getting an ally is nice. Failure is harsh but seems balanced.
  14. Tonyfr

    Promo Card variety

    That would be nice. I really like MoM.
  15. Tonyfr

    3 evenings: My painted set!

    Great job! Gave me insipration to do the same.