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  1. Has Destiny died off in your area?

    I can't say one way or the other, but I do agree with some of the comments here in regards to the amount of content released. It feels like there is just serious overkill on the releases and the collector in me is kind of looking at it going ... ok... I need to spend like 1,000 dollars to get everything I need/want.... do I really like the game THAT much.. simple answer is no. Its a fun game, I have a lot of stuff for it already but I also have a brick ton still missing and it feels like Im still trying to collect the last two sets and the next one is already on the way...and I just feel like.. screw it... its too expensive to keep up.
  2. Thinking about playing this

    I think there is something to be said about your card pool as well. Many people buy 2 or even 3 core sets for example to get 2-3 copies of some of those core power cards found in that set. Then there are certain packs that offer some key cards that can make a big difference in terms of options for deck building. Generally though the word "hard" is probably the most common adjective used to describe the game. I agree with Wandalf the Gizzard here when it comes to the "easy" comments, seems more like boasting than something you can hang your hat on. Certainly skill level will play a part in how you describe it, but easy is not a word I would ever associate with Lord of the Rings.
  3. Luck vs Strategy

    There is a convention that FFG has established with a lot of their games where even though their games have luck factors as is typical for miniature games, there is a lot of dice control and stability brought in through the manipulation dice through upgrades. Legion is more in line with what is more standard for more established games like Warhammer 40k for example where luck plays a much bigger role. This may change of course, depending on what sort of content (upgrades) they produce in the future. But for now its considerably swingier than there other games (Armada, Runewars and X-Wing), but still considerably less than more established games in the market... again like 40k for example.
  4. Thinking about playing this

    Welcome. Lord of the Rings is very different from Destiny and Netrunner, being a cooperative game your always facing a sort of AI built into the encounter deck that makes up each unique quest in the game (of which there are a metric ton at this point). I think opinions vary but most people will call it anything ranging from "crazy hard" to "impossible". If your looking for a card building challenge, Lord of the Rings is as tough as they come. Its a very good solo game, I personally play 95% of the time solo and prefer it that way. Strictly speaking when I have a partner we tend to want to play games vs. each other. There are two official ways to do it.. some just do it straight solo, which is brutally hard and some do double fisted (aka playing solo but with two hands simulating a 2 player game). Both work and are fun, there are also several single player variants .. essentially rulesets designed to make the game a bit easier. Unless you get hard into the game and get really good you will find that you will lose 90% of your games. For some that is a bit too much so unofficial variants to simplify the game have been created. There is also an official easy mode that makes it a bit easier as well.. but generally you will find that 90% of the quests have a pretty high level of difficulty. In fact of the 3 quests in the core set you will probably spend months trying to be 2 out of 3 of them, on the first is reasonably easy, the other two are tough, one of them is arguably one of the toughest quests in the game. In any case in terms of solo games there aren't that many good collectible card games. From FFG you have this one and Arkham Horror, both are very good, Arkham Horror is considerably easier.
  5. Faq is up

    Dude you are out of your mind. They quite literarly save the games future with this fix.
  6. Faq is up

    Nah.. my guess they looked at the meta, realized there was too little variety in list design and adapted the rules to put an end problem lists.
  7. Things you don't want to see in this game.

    I'm not convinced to be honest. FFG has done Runewars, Armada & X-Wing so far as collectible miniatures games and in all those cases they have added units that break the premise of the game and core rules of the game with certain units that basically say "these rules don't not apply to me" & "I don't care about the premise". Not to mention the many LCG's and now the CCG in which they have done the same thing. Its worth pointing out that this is a very common design practice as well in miniatures games in general. Its really a rare case in which this sort of "super unit" doesn't eventually hit the table. What is weird to me is exactly what drives design decisions like that. I mean take for example the use of Flotilla activation spam in Armada. Its been such a destructive component to the game and it took the community of all of 30 seconds to make it the overwhelming meta for the game completely decimating its core premise as a capital ship space combat game circumventing the need for capital ships or even the use of range with concepts like Relay. X-Wing too is completely unrecognizable as dog fighting game, archs for example are practically unused in modern metas, its been turned into a game of list building for dice manipulation, tactical position is also almost entirely irrelevant in the game at this point with modern lists. These decisions seem completely reckless and destructive, yet they were added to the games anyway. Given FFG's reputation I would say its very likely that they will do this with Legion as well. They have already started doing it with Runewars as well. I think the concern is pretty justified.
  8. Things you don't want to see in this game.

    I don't know if it counts as "things I don't want", but I really hope that they don't over develop the game. One thing that happens to all of these miniature games is that they establish "core mechanics" and than design units that completely circumvent the point of those mechanics being the game. Some examples from past games. X-Wing: A game about getting enemies into you firing arch and avoiding your opponents arch (Hidden & Tactical Movement). All of it is today totally circumvented by 360 shooting ships and equipment. The game is about dice manipulation. Armada: Capital ship combat focused a massive "big ship" tactics. Totally circumvented by small "throw away" ships that do nothing but pad activation to allow manipulation of the squad game while totally avoiding capital ship combat. This happens in other games as well. Star Wars Destiny: Having a mechanic like shields, then creating "unshockable" attacks that ignore shields. To me personally you create a mechanic and than force players to deal with it through tactics, its lame to create a card or upgrade that says "oh that whole mechanic.. don't worry about it, this card eliminates it from the game". I really hope they avoid this with Legion.
  9. Thanks for all the great answers, certainly given me a lot to think about it. Thanks guys!
  10. I'm working on a blog article and I had a couple of sort of general questions for the community, if some would be so kind as indulge me. Question 1 For me personally one comment I always have about CCG's in general is that unlike most games which are balanced mechanically with all components in mind (because you get all of them in a box) collectable games, in particularly random booster collectables where you can't control your content means that when you play (your collection/builds vs. someone else) there is a natural and inherent potential for imbalance. Another words... your collection defines what is possible in your decks and the same for your opponent, hence there could and probably will be a considerable difference between the two that can lead to balance issues in your matches. As a reviewer I find it difficult to talk about game balance when it comes to games like Destiny because for one, I don't have the entire collection and probably never will and two, even if I did, my opponents might not which begs the question, are our matches balanced and is the game balanced if we don't have equal opportunity to build decks. I'm curious what the communities take on that topic is. Question 2 Destiny in particular is unique as a collectable because in addition to cards your collecting dice to an extent, so while you might get a hero for example like IG-88 which is a legendary, if you want to run the two dice version of that hero you would need to get lucky a second time or potentially buy it from a 3rd party source. I'm a bit split on the concept of judging a games quality based on the business model of the game. Another words, this is a collectable game, we know that going into it that like any collection it will most likely always be incomplete to a point. Should the fact that you are buying a game that you know will always be incomplete unless you make a fairly heavy investment affect the score of a games review? I'm in particular curious if you guys think that reviews should give negative score to things that are advertised as being part of the game. For example say Twilight Imperium is a 6 hour game... it says that on the box.. as a reviewer do you think saying "the game is too long" is an appropriate negative to a games score, given that the game intends to be that long (just as alternative example to Destiny). thanks in advance for any replies!
  11. Ok I assume this conversation has been brought up before but I'm curious what people who bought the Dice Binders as a storage solution think about the setup. I found it a bit strange that you have room for 40 dice, but only 44 cards. I mean, ok a typical deck build has 10-14 dice in it, and exactly 30 cards. So basically you can have 1 deck of cards in it, but multiple decks of dice? Seems like a poorly thought out solution, I mean you have 40 dice, which is roughly 3-4 decks worth of dice, there should be room for 120 cards (aka 4 decks of cards). I was about to buy one but now I'm thinking the solution is kind of crappy.
  12. Well this card is really a first draft of what would be a scalable set of difficulty adjustment cards. The concept of the variant is to create a way to decrease the difficulty of quests you find unbeatable. There will be some cards that make minor adjustments like "you gain 2 extra cards into your starting hand" or adjustments to your lose condition like "you lose at 60 threat instead of 50". I have experimented with a lot of variants and what I found is that in some cases one or two of these cards is enough of an advantage to overcome some quests, I found in other cases even with 4 heroes quests I can beat a quest once out of 20 plays. Skill level is definitely a factor here and thats why the system will be scalable, adjusting to your skill.
  13. Did I jump to far ahead?

    Well I suppose it depends on the quest/expansion. I find boxes like Heirs of Numenor to be extremely difficult solo and getting through Saga with a single set of heroes is also extremely challenging, in particular if you don't do deck changes between certain quests. Other stuff like Mirkwood cycle, I can beat fairly consistently. I would say on average though ...20% is about right for me.
  14. Things I want to see (if I get into this game):

    You know, I was pretty much in the same boat with you. In fact when me and my friend decided to split a couple of Legion Core sets, I insisted on being Empire just because of that walker. I felt like... how in the world are you going to give AT anything to the Rebellion.. It would have made more sense to give them the speeder bikes, **** at least we saw rebels riding those in the movies! That said, I have to admit that I'm a bit burned out on the standard "old school Star Wars" stuff. I mean I played X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, Star Wars LCG, Star Wars: Destiny and now Legion. Its kind of Star Wars overkill and they just keep rehashing the Luke vs. Vader or Rebels vs. Imperials material. Even the art is being used on cards and stuff so sometimes I can't tell where X-Wing cards start and Destiny Cards end. I found in particular with games like Star Wars Destiny that I'm far more excited to see new stuff on the cards.. original Star Wars art that shows a side of Star Wars I haven't seen. To me doing something like a Wookie or Droid Army... **** I would buy that over Imperials or Rebels today without blinking just to do something different.
  15. Did I jump to far ahead?

    The thing about Lord of the Rings and really all of the Living Card games is that you can’t approach collecting with a ”I’m doing this in order” approach unless you are caught up to the current set. If you try to do that you will be extremely irritated as there is always an expansion or two ”currently” not available anywhere and you will spend all of your time waiting on re-prints.. when the thing you have been waiting for becomes available, the next thing that has been available last time you checked is now out of print and your back to waiting again. My advice on collecting now is as followed. 1. Whenever you have some cash to blow, pick up the Deluxe or Saga Expansions that are available first. The reason for this is simple, if you have the deluxe box, you can buy into the cycle and you won’t get quests asking for cards you don’t have. Don’t worry about order here, just get what is available. 2. When you buy into mini (quest expansions) buy whole sets if you can. Usually when they print a cycle, they print the whole thing at the same time so when its available, grab the whole thing. 3. At some point you will get to a point where you just can’t rely on order at all, at which point just buy what is available. There are two things you can count on in the future. 1. At some point this game will be expired. Might be this year, might be in 3 year, eventually it will. So if you are just now getting into it and you intend to collect.... I suggest not wasting any time. 2. At some point we might see a second edition.. brace yourself for that day, your guards may one day be rendered obselete. 3. Buy on discount. If you aren’t too picky, even buy used sets, but generally at this point you can get most things at a discount. As for the difficulty vs. Card pool. While larger cardpools help, generally speaking the game is not terribly well balanced for solo play. Its doable, but its clearly a game designed with two players in mind hence playing most quests solo is inhumanly difficult. There are various solo play variants, I’m personally working on unofficially publishing my own but finding ways to adapt the rules a bit in your favor will make the game a little bit easier (if you want that of course). In general though if you are winning 10%-20% of your solo games (1-2 in 10) your doing well. One thing I can tell you is that playing straight by the rules requires very focused decks designed to beat specific quests. Once your card pool gets bigger you can create decks that can carry a wider range of quests but with a small pool after playing the quest a few times, getting the jist of how it works... get into that card pool and expose its weaknesses with a well thought out deck. As for the entire Saga Expansion, doing it solo striaght up, is BRUTAL,especially trying to do it with a single deck. But most LoTr players will tell you that, every quest is beatable with the right approach and there are a few ”ultimate decks” that can crush even the toughest quests solo. Suffice to say learning the nuances of the game and getting better at it helps, however no matter how you look at it LoTr is a tough game.