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  1. Yeah I actually think its a big miscalculation on their part to do this. Anyone who plays and loves TI3 WILL buy TI4, this is as automatic as Star Wars fans going to see the new Star Wars movie. It was completely unnecessary for them to create this pointless size issue, all it does is frustrate the fans with zero gains. My hope was that TI3 and TI4 could be blended so that we can continue to do what as a community we have always done, adapt, adjust, create variants etc.. To intentionally sabotage that is a stupid and unnecessary decision, they are screwing with fan loyalty and there is absolutely nothing to be gained from it.
  2. hmmm well that's a very minor size difference, but that is very unfortunate, I'm really surprised that FFG would do that. The only reason to resize the tiles by some such an insignificant amount is to very deliberately make the two tiles incompatible, which is a giant **** you to the community. I'm very disappointed.
  3. Yes thats true but length of play does not equal epic feel or vice versus. You can certaintly capture atmosphere and theme on a grand scale and not nescessarily be a 6+ hour game. I think the question is wether this version of Civilization will give justice to the premise and theme on which its based, aka Sid Meiers Civilization or Advanced Civilization the board game as some examples. Truth is up until this point, there have been some descenet efforts but I'm yet to play a Civ game that really captured that mood properly. The last version felt very benign, with much of the game being fiddly irrelevance, while Eagles Games Civilization had the right feel, but was poorly constructed mechanically, in fact, quite to the contrary to this discussion it was too long for all the wrong reasons. So I wouldn't rule this one out just because its a 2 hour playtime, in particular given that when a game says its 2 hours it usually means much more. I'm yet to see anyone actually give an honest/fair time frame for a game on a box, the rule of thumb is, whatever its says add at least an hour.
  4. Just verified, they are the exact same size.
  5. I did not know that, are you sure about that?
  6. Yeah I would imagine a complete review of the components in TI4 is necessary to asses how TI3 can be brought into the mix, but I think as a general rule when it comes to modification/adaption of house rules for anything in a complex game like TI, you need to take it one step at a time. The first step is of course playing a few games of TI4 to understand the impact of the different (new) elements of the game. I know some people already have their copies, but I think right now the majority of us are impatiently waiting for our pre-orders. I think a more well thought out assessment will come out of the community once we have all had a chance to try the game. Suffice to say, from what we have seen via the rules and our general understanding of TI, its seems that most of the core rules from TI3 apply to TI4. In a sense, TI4 feels more like a new community variant of TI3, which is to say, the core of TI3 is used to created adapted new rules and modifications to components. As such I don't expect their too be too much problem finding ways to mix the two editions, but yeah there is probably some testing and thinking required to make this work and its a bit early at this point for the community to say anything conclusive at this point. I do suspect however that FFG had given some thought to how the community might approach this problem, Christian T. P. is clearly very in tune with the community in regards to understanding the mentality so I think some conversation at some point took place in regards to how the community would embrace TI4 and what role TI3 would play in the future of the franchise. Had he wanted to make a clean break and make the two systems incompatible, there are some minor adjustments he could have made like slightly resizing the components to ensure it would be impossible, but that is not the case here. Its just going to take everyone some time to absorb the material, I mean consider some of the fundemental/core adaptations the community embraced in TI3, I mean PSI's ruleset for example was key resource for most veteran TI3 gamers and that game out several years after the release of the core game.
  7. It seems for me at least many of the variants left out are those that require special outside of game component rule description. In the new version of the game, aside from the core mechanic, most information you need is right there in front of you, so if want to know what an action, political or promissory note card does, you read the card. The rules of how those components are governed are in the rules, but what they do is on the card. It seems to me the things that met that requirement, where left in, those that didn't were pulled. Hence Distant Suns and Leaders for example that required more extended explanation and out of component look ups were pulled. Now of course they could have created better designed components to include those things but I think they were also going for a more streamlined experience, so anything that would add considerable weight to the play time or the rules weight was pushed. In general I think the things they left in make sense, most of it are considered "staple" or "core" for the game. Flag ships & racial techs for example are things, had they pulled would probably have caused quite an uproar, or if they released the new edition with anything but all of the races, I mean they had to all be there else there would have been endless discussion about the omissions. The stuff left out was kind of .. meh... Leaders for example, while the concept was cool, just required far too much "remembering how stuff worked" and it became a thing for veteran tables only, I think in the last 10 years I have played with leaders maybe 3 or 4 times, of what is probably over 100 games under my belt. Its not that I don't like them, but they created weight to the game. I think of all the things I'm going to miss the Twilight Council introduced in Shards of the Throne is the one I personally felt was a great improvement and gave the political aspect of the game a lot of extra umpf, but again, I understand its omission, it really increased the length of a TI3 game. Mercenaries too was very cool and I often pushed to have it in our games to make the trade card more interesting, but again, it added some weight to the game and slowed things down a bit. All and all I'm quite happy with their choices and certainly some of the things they have improved are really fantastic, in fact so good that they quickly became adaptations added to TI3 games already. The new trade system for example is miles ahead of TI3 and its easy to implement into TI3 since the combined contracts equal the "Commodity value" of the races. I also like the fact that they eliminated rules like Transfer Actions which were always a pain to explain and where kind of an advantage leveraged usually by more experienced players, I always felt guilty that I understood and used them well while new players were struggling to grasp how they worked let alone how to leverage them as an advantage. I think its elimination was a good call. My hope for TI4 is that they continue the tradition of expanding the game via new races, this has always been the best part of expansions and while we already have 17 which is a lot (after 10 years of playing TI3, there are still races I am yet to play), I think we can always have more. I also hope that with TI4 FFG realizes that as a community, we embrace TI as a hobby game, less a simple board game. One thing this community has always done is adapt, expand and evolve the game. I had really hoped that with TI4, they would create a system for modularity so that development can be done within the confines of a structure, like a point system or something like that, something akeen to what you had in Masters of Orion 2 where you could create a custom race using base advantages via spending points. After all, if this community is anything its creative and I have for a long time considered creating a modular mechanic like this so that using a deck of cards you could construct custom races or even randomly generated races, I even considered writing an application for a race creation kit so that you could create a race and then have the components automatically generated. Unfortunately as a programmer, I leave a lot to be desired.
  8. I think component wise you are going to be missing only a couple of things that can be tracked on a sheet of paper or proxied like Tech deck. There are no issues with using planets/systems from 3rd edition in 4th edition, to my knowledge the changes have been strictly cosmetic. I think if you have 3e, turning 4e into a 7 or 8 player game should not be a problem.
  9. I can't say for the rest of Europe but in Sweden deliveries are expected on the 16.
  10. I think part of the reason TI3 space combat is simple using a simple dice system is very specifically to give it randomness. TI3 is not a war game, combat is filled with uncertainty, but it was designed to be simple and relatively fast which in a game overflowing with rules is a good thing. Not that I think your concept is bad, but TI3 needs more rules like the world needs another nuclear bomb.
  11. My group has never been a fan of making the galaxy creation thing a "competative" part of the game. The general thinking is that the game is 6+ hours long typically, no one wants to start the game at a major disadvantage and its hard enough already with certain races to win, so getting screwed on systems in general can result a pretty unfair and largely unfun experiance. The goal is to keep everyone engaged and have a tight game. Our house rule has always been that we create the galaxy first, then we randomly place starting home systems afterwards. Since no one knows what position they will be starting at, everyone is highly motivated to create a balanced galaxy. We have always wound up with very close, very competative games, with a typically very balanced galaxy as a result. So nothing is lost, everything is gained. I think the main issue with the standard rules version is that you begin the game with this big luck factor and while I understand their is some strategy to tile placement, in general the rules are very stifling and someone enevitably gets screwed starting the game knowing they aren't likely to win. Having low level production just makes the racial tiers that much wider. Some races can still do well even with lower then average production/influence, other races just become that much less likely to win.
  12. Cheating by accident happens, and that is something we deal with now and again, in general, it's a reasonable thing to happen in a complex game like TI3 but at our table we would always favor the information over reality, another words if he said he had 9 planets when asked about public information at the end of the game we would have ruled it 9 planets even if he had 10 just to ensure the person that made the mistake is punished not everyone else. So even in the case of an accident what that guy did would invalidate his 11th planet.
  13. I know there are no rules about deceit since it's part of the game but in as a whole there are some requirements on all players, one of them is outside of hidden cards, everything is public knowledge and hence lying about it is technically against the rules. If I ask, how many trade goods do you have, there is no option to lie, it's public knowledge, you have to tell the truth doing otherwise is cheating. You could say, go ahead and count them, aka, but again you couldn't hide a trade good so that people count wrong and you whip it out in a gotcha moment. At our table what you described is straight up cheating. You can't lie about things that are public knowledge, that is a rule as public knowledge means you are obligated to reaveal what you have.
  14. Its a board game not a mini game, I know it sounds great on the surface but to be frank, I can think of a thousand more productive ways to spend money on TI3 to atually make it a better game than then the mini's. Pretty much you name it and I rather have it then unique/racial mini's. Its like, the absolute last thing on the list. Perhaps one day they will create a deluxe box set that isn't bound by normal price standards and then they can go nuts with the mini's.
  15. There is some hope going forward. There is the new Generic RPG which could potentially recieve a TI3 source book. There is the whole FFG interactive thing, perhaps a Ti3 PC game. There is always the dream that at some point, someone will create an online TI3 client, I don't think there is a TI3 player out there who wouldn't throw himself in traffic for that one. My hope is that 4e is more approachable and helps to grow our community. From the previews so far TI4 is looking like a pretty good edition of the game, I'm sure it will have its issues, but I haven't seen anything so far that jumped out at me as a major flaw or problem like we had in TI3 with the Imperial card or Yssaril Tribes for example.