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  1. I'm not discouraged at all, quite to the contrary, knowing the quests can be beat solo gives me something to shoot for. I have a modest collection at the moment but this month I'm expanding it quite a bit. I do believe that part of my problem is card pool. Its still feels a bit limited, there are mechanical elements that I'm still a bit short on that I know exist in other sets. I recognize that some quests are just very tough solo and that's just fine by me, but I sort of set out to take on the Saga expansions (as of today I have them all) and I'm hoping that the card pool there in helps a bit with getting some victory's under my belt. Right now the the only two quests I have managed to beat solo are Passage Through Mirkwood and The Hunt For Gollum. I have been bashing my head against Conflict at the Carrock for quite sometime, so far I have been absolutely decimated, although this is a very different quest from all the others I have played so far. I have taken a crack at The Black Riders as well, the first section of it I have come very close to beating several times, some very tight games but I'm yet to crack that nut. I do think I understand the makeup of Conflict at the Carrock which is encouraging, at least I'm starting to understand how to at least attempt to beat it now. I think for now I will continue to bash my head solo play. After trying the above approach, while I did a whole lot better it just didn't sit right with me. Call it OCD or whatever but I can't bring myself to claim victory of a quest when adjusting the rules. So I think for me, its back to war! On the bright side in Coop mode my friend and I have done a lot better, having a partner definitely helps in a lot of these quests.
  2. Thanks guys, great to get so much support. It is a very tough game but I kind of get the impression that playing it solo with just 3 characters is not how the game was balanced throughout the various quest/sets. Some I have been able to beat with the normal rules, but quests like Conflict at the Carrock or the Saga expansion quests like the Black Riders just seem completely out of reach. Obviously I'm a noob, so skill is definitely an issue, but for example in the case of Conflict at Carrock, I usually lose the game before I even get to the trolls. I've considered trying to do the two hand management thing, it does seem that most of the quests are a lot more doable (still tough but doable) with two sets of hero's. Right now though I still find it awkward to keep track off and manage one hand, let alone two hands. Just out of curiosity, are there expert players out there that have managed to beat the various quests and expansions (like Saga) with just normal rules solo? Like is it possible to build up decks and get skilled enough to do this or is it simply physically not possible? I ask only because I tried a game where I just straight cheated. I played with the encounter deck flipped up (so I could see what cards where coming) and when I drew cards I went through my deck and drew out what I wanted. Even with that cheat in place I was not able to beat the quest. It was quite disheartening.
  3. I realize there are quite a few of these but many of them are very intrusive in terms of rules alterations. I wanted to come up with something a bit more passive, something that offers some hope to having a good single player experience and the ability to actually succeed without going the two hand round. What I came up with below, was hoping to get some feedback from more experienced players. I have done about 4 games now and so far it seems to be working pretty well, most quests are still tough as hell but I'm finding that I can last a bit longer at least and sort of see the light. DECK CONSTRUCTION Players use up to 4 Hero's Instead of 3 (see Leader special rule) GAME SETUP Draw 8 Cards at the start of the first round, choose 6 cards and shuffle the unchosen cards back into the players deck or take a mulligan, drawing 6 cards as per normal rules. SPECIAL RULES Leader The leader is a special 4th character that is added to the group of heroes. The Leader functions as a normal hero in every way except for the following special rules. After selecting a leader, select another hero with the lowest threat cost in the group. Add that characters threat cost with your leaders cost together and divide it by 2. Add this threat cost to the other 2 hero threat costs to get your total threat cost for your group Leader Threat Cost + Lowest Threat Cost Hero / 2 + Other Hero Threat Cost = Starting Threat When your leader dies, you automatically lose and fail the quest. Special Abilities Some special abilities are only useful in multiplayer games, as such these are the solo variant rules. Ranged Ranged characters do not exhaust when attacking the first time in a combat phase. Sentinel Sentinel characters do not exhaust when defending the first time in a combat phase.
  4. My suggestion to anyone just getting into the game is.. don't do it chronologically. I understand the "ocd" element, I started out the same way but in the end your going to end up screwing yourself. in the end you will always get halted somewhere.. it will take MANY months for it to come back in print and while you wait other stuff currently in print will go out of print and you will just get halted somewhere else. If you try to buy stuff out of print, you will over pay, usually double the price with stupid shipping costs. Best approach is .. figuire out your budget.. spend it all on what is avaiable... and eventually you will complete your set. Yeah it sucks, but at this point if you want to complete your collection and not end up over paying for everything, its the only logical route.
  5. I love lists Let's see now. Order of Enjoyment 1 .Emirates of Hacan 2. Xxcha Kingdom 3. Nekro Virus 4 .Federation of Sol 5 .Naalu 6 .Universities of Jol-Nar 7 .Mentak Coalition 8 .Arborec 9. Ghosts of Creuss 10. Embers of Muat 11. Yin Brotherhood 12. L1z1x 13. Winnu 14. Sardaak Nor 15. Barony of Letnev 16. Yssaril Tribes 17. Clan of Saar Order of Power is a bit tougher, I don't think I could create an accurate list given the wide range of variants possible through 3 expansions. Its very circumstantial. I think I could put them into like 4 Tiers, Tier 1 being the strongest and most likely to win and working down from there with Tier 4 being kind of the least likely to pull out a win politics, diplomacy and treachery not withstanding. In my humble opinion at an experienced table the strongest races are typically the least likely to win largely because experiance players know who their really competition is at the start of the game and act accordingly out of the gate in those games. So I would adjust this list based on skill level of players and variants used, but if I had to make a very general list it might look something like this. Tier 1 Emirates of Hacan Yssaril Tribes Naalu Collective Tier 2 Nekro Virus Universities of Jol-Nar L1z1x Winnu Tier 3 Federation of Sol Mentak Coalition Arborec Ghosts of Creuss Embers of Muat Yin Brotherhood Barony of Letnev Tier 4 Xxcha Kingdome Sardaak Nor Clan of Saar
  6. So far my experience has been quite the opposite. Rebels came out strong in our campaign winning the first 2 out of 3 matches and gaining a considerable advantage over the Imperials. Though now in the 2nd and 3rd round things are turning around on the Rebels and Imperials are making a strong comeback. I don't think the balance is really all that different between the CC and just playing a normal 400 point match, whether that is or isn't balanced I would not care to argue. In general there are advantageous and disadvantageous in any given situation dependent on the circumstances, which types of lists are facing which types of lists and all the usual dynamics of the game. I think the list building approach and the approach to matches is quite a bit different in the CC. We see a lot more cautious moves, certain battles have been a bit slower as players are very careful not to throw themselves into a fight they can't walk out of. In fact I would say in the CC most battles don't even start until round 3 or 4 when players feel safe that if things go wrong they can jump out.
  7. Yeah I'm not sure how I would re-balance them, I don't disagree that they would need some work if you really wanted to get tighten things up, but I think given how many races we have in the game that are pretty well balanced most people just figure one out of 16 or whatever it is, isn't so bad. I might consider rather than tackling their special ability I would re-visit their starting conditions. For one, I would drop them down to 1 carrier and perhaps 3 ground forces instead of 5. I would also swap out XRD's for Enviro Compensators. I think in large part their starting conditions combined with the XRD's and really good special ability is what catapults them. I think the ability is still very strong but with a weaker start they would have considerably less momentum. That said I personally think people's assessment of their strength is quite overstated. In Twilight Imperium its hard to win without partners and alliances, so when there is a clearly powerful race in the game, you gang up on it. That is how you keep strong races in check and It works fine as a balancing element of the game.
  8. Its wroth pointing out as well that Group dynamics vary greatly. The aforementioned Yassril Tribes for example has the worst record of any race in my group, they basically never have and never will win a game. This however has nothing to do with the mechanics and everything to do with the fact that anyone foolish enough to pick the Yassril Tribe can expect to play 5 vs. 1 My group is not nice, we don't play fair and we give ZERO f's about it. You will be crushed, always and definitively. Balanced Achieved!
  9. H9's .. *Drops mic Game Over
  10. I have to disagree with your assessment, both in regards to Armada and X-Wing. First is the point limit. Just like in X-Wing's 100 point limit, Armada's point limit of 400 points keeps the game sane. At that amount of points it doesn't matter if there is a million special upgrades the game is not anymore complicated than the 5-10 that are on the table. Sure they might be different everytime, requiring you read them, asses them and plan and play a very different strategy than in your last game but this is just the game creating unique and dynamic matches. The complexity of the game does not rise because there are more upgrades available because you can only fit a tiny portion (I would venture to guess less than 1%) of what is available. Consider for a second that at 600 points, you are playing with 50% more points than a standard game, effectively raising the complexity of the game by 50%. Its the same with X-Wing. A typical game has 3-4 ships, 5-10 upgrades... it never gets more complicated then that no matter how much stuff they add the game as a whole. Yes it requires you to look over your opponents cards, asses his strategy and try to respond with yours. But that in a nutshel, is the game. As for assessment of balance, strategies, what is good with this or that ship, the impact of the introduction of a new card, ship or squad, the search for a counter to a popular build, the rising complexity of that process. That is also a HUGE part of the game and without it, Armada would stagnate quite quickly. There really is no end game here, as more things become available we get the opportunity to go back to the drawing board, re-asses and armchair command the possibilities. This is vital to the health of the game, if it was not for this the competitive META would simply stand still, we would see the same lists simply repeated over and over and over again because eventually players simply figure out the winning combos and there is no reason to re-asses. So getting new stuff to shake up the game is vital to its health. As for new players, I have to disagree with this as well. New players enter the game with all the bells and whistles available, a far wider and more interesting door to walk through then the one we started out with in Wave 1. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. The complexity of learning how to play the game is not any higher today than it was in Wave 1. The core rules are the same and the upgrade cards are simply adaptations to the rules, ones you have in front of you when you play and again (only 1% of what is available). As such anyone can learn to play the game and its no more difficult to learn how to then it was when I started in Wave 1. Sure getting caught up as a new player (aka getting your collection complete and in line with competitive play) becomes more expensive as time goes on, but that expense is simply there because you want it all on day 1 and that is not nescessary and none of us had everything on day 1. We only had what was released and frankly if you get into the game today you don't want to get everything that is released. There would be no point to it. You buy the core set and play a few games to figuire out what play style you favor.. then and only then do you look at the expansions with a fresh, understanding pair of eyes and consider what you want to buy. I played this game with Wave 1 ships until Wave 5. I just recently bought expansions from anything after wave 1 because it took a while to understand what it is I actually wanted. Sure if your in a rush, ya it can get more complex for you.
  11. I think this thread is funny. You are using the words "realistic" and "Star Wars" in the same sentence and your trying to be serious.
  12. You might feel you are in the minority but I think that is very accurate. The only thing I disagree with really is Madine. He is absolutely amazing. He effectively makes the whole fleet impossibly mobile across the board supporting the strongest command in the game, Navigate. Other than that though I think its a really good assessment. I especially agree about Dodonna, he would still be good at 30 points, at 20 he is a steal.
  13. Totally agree. I think Rogue is still useful in particular if your list is 134'ed out with a high body count, but in general you want to avoid getting locked down and that usually happens in the squad phase and is avoided through squad activation. I actually don't think Rogue squadron is that good either. Rogue is worth less then Escort not more, they have it backwards. It should cost 13 or 12 even, not 14 more then a normal X-Wing.
  14. Its interesting, I definitely think you should try it. I haven't tried the Pelta yet either so I can't say too much about what a proper setup would look like, but I don't think there are any particularly good ways to put it into a pew pew role. Its a command ship, I think its role as a support ship of one sort or another is kind of the comfort zone. At 91 points, man that's pretty expensive. Flight Controller and Boosted Coms might be a bit redundant, though I see what your going for with the fast moving Squadron but since your supporting it with the GR-75 I don't think you are going to want to let it get too far ahead anyway. Everyone has there own personal take on list building, I'm a bit of a less is more kind of guy when it comes to upgrades. Taking the approach of "what is absolutely necessary to make the list work" and cutting everything else. As a rule too I always look at my list and ask the question, can this list take a fully load ISD down (aka do I have an appropriately scary amount of Firepower). Taking the same concept you have going here I think I would probably do something like this. Pelta Command Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 398/400 Commander: General Dodonna Assault Objective: Precision Strike Defense Objective: Fleet Ambush Navigation Objective: Dangerous Territory Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - All Fighters, Follow Me! ( 5 points) = 69 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 51 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 51 total ship cost MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) - Admonition ( 8 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 76 total ship cost [ flagship ] GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - General Dodonna ( 20 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 46 total ship cost 3 Y-Wing Squadrons ( 30 points) 1 Jan Ors ( 19 points) 1 Norra Wexley ( 17 points) 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) 1 Corran Horn ( 22 points) The thinking here with the objectives is that you want to leverage crits given that you have Dodonna. Precision Strike I think is a better choice then Advanced Gunnery for a list like this, you are going to be outgunned with like 95% of all lists out there via ships so it would be worse for you. With Precision Strike your leverage points off your Bombers and flipping up cards. Flee Ambush Forces your opponent to push his fleet up to catch early else leave them to your bombers so its good for you either way and Dangerous Territory, that's just an auto add with Dodonna but especially when your running agile Corvettes that will be flanking anyway. Pelta makes your fleet a 4 move minimum across the board, that's really plenty fast. Boosted Coms is sufficient, you won't have trouble keeping up until you strike. The Corvettes are the classic builds, you want to make sure you flank like hell, steal objectives and shoot at stuff with shields already down for crits. MC30 .. always Title.. always... An MC30 without one of the two titles should stay in the box, they are waaaay to good to pass up. No Ordinance Experts, the list was a bit tight but black dice are dependable enough, your not that shooty anyway. GR-75 should sit as far behind as you can get it while still supporting the fleet. With tokens you will be able to command the squads when it counts, I don't think Expanded Cargos are needed here, you shouldn't be that close to the action anyway. Toryn far... would be a nice add, but again ... 1-3 is a bit too close and you should be looking to bomb as much as you can anyway. You have tons of counter, let your A and E Wings lock down and get shot at with counter. 4 Y-Wings with Norra are shield melters, you need Intel to keep them moving. Escort would have been nice but Y-Wings are sturdy, Jan Ors will die but if you manage it well she will have done her job by the time she does. In any case, not sure you actually me to tell you what I would do but Its Saturday night, kids are asleep, Im drinking an Ice cold Piston Head and I got Armada on my mind.
  15. Yeah Strategic was impressive in a match for our CC. They played Minefields and the Imperials where 1st player, ended up totally commanding the battlefield and turning the objective advantage on their opponent. Very powerful mechanic, I think it will be a key player in particular for Imperials.