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  1. Hi just made my first character for the new game but I was a bit dissopnted at how few skills I got I think I ended up with 7 skills seems qitelow what does everyone think?
  2. Shame I do not have the Knights book early birthday press then.
  3. I have had a look but I can not find official rules for clone trooper armour and kit are there any out there or will it be clone wars source book?
  4. If I was running a horror game or a post aplytic game with scare resources I would give people physical represtation like poker chips to represent bullets and you hand in what you spend. That is for when the setting means that 7 rounds of 9mm is a big deal. But most of the time I feel that using complications to force a reload and a despere mean you are out of ammo. You lost the clips or forgot them.
  5. I see 2 types of people those who usterestmate how much ammo to carry or over estimate how much. Most armed people with pistols have 2 extra mags which is genrally 21 to 50 rounds wich is genral enough for a gunfight in a spy cop cyberpunk modern game. Most soliders will have 6 loaded mags and 120 rounds in strippers. Enough for 1 or 2 firefight (Kelly heros bivvy scene giving out more ammo). So in a roundabout way I am saying I think most of the time most people have enough ammo. A cop like Riggs probably carries a couple more mags than avarage but not 6 or more.
  6. There is a TI rpg already if I rember correctly Merctol Rex was full of dangerous stuff left behind from the overthrow. And there was a very international settlement shangia police vibe with all the major polity providing money and people.
  7. The super stats where for normal human supers your batman hawkers & blackwidows not Hulk
  8. Moglwi


    I just hope that instead of all the good dragons in a row then the bad you alternate good vs bad make for a much better concept
  9. I know I have the books somewhere I was just pointing out that making a twilight imperium game is not outside the realm of posablity
  10. Rune bound source book. There is a Dust RPG and a twilight imperium one as well already out there but they could do with an update. I would like to see the Kate Daniels world as a rpg.
  11. I give the PC an operating budget for each mission and they can use that to r equation items from alliance stores also every so often I roll 3 d10 for pay to simulate the fact that the alliance is not a regular force with pays ales and paydays. The budge I give is not an actual pile of money it is to simulate what the alliance is willing to invest in the mission.
  12. As per the rules skills cannot be raised above 2 ranks at character generation unless you use the Knight level option and then the maximum starting ranks become 3. Attributes can be raised to maximum at character generation normally but that requires a fair amount of xp in most cases. Also My game concept was that the group were younglings being transported to the Jedi Temple around the end of the Clone wars when Order 66 happened. As a result the Jedi who was acting as an escort took them to an Outer Rim world and raised them as 'War Orphans'. At game start they had been given training and I made the mistake of giving them Lightsabers (though with lesser quality Synthetic crystals). I would definitely advise not allowing full sabers at start, I would give them training sabers instead if I could start again from scratch. I am also looking at limiting how quickly and easily they can learn Force Powers and upgrades as my bunch quickly became very powerful quite quickly. And to be honest, any further games I do will be combination games using all three core books and I will only allow one Force user at start. I am curious to know why you felt giving them lightsabers at start was a mistake? I run a game at knight level where 3 PC started with lightsabers and I had no problems. Because they are murder death sticks and we where slaughtering Imperials left and right
  13. I do not see them having to give up there light sabers they are personal property probably the only thing a jedi owns.
  14. We captured a ship from slavers who attacked a village we where protecting.
  15. Never noticed that we have just been buying powers from ones we had from char creation I don't think anyone has tried to learn a new force power
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