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  1. Born in '71, the parents were talking about taking me to see it that summer. I remember imagining tanks driving across the surface of the moon fighting each other. I was so clueless of that I was going to be about and a 6 year old kid. The reality of it was of course MUCH better than the imagining I had.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Dras, you're always on the ball. I'm really looking forward to them putting an updated FAQ out and with the flood of all the puters being updated I can only images that Armada's is soon...
  3. So we just got done playing our campaign here at our LSG in Tulsa and we had a couple of questions that came up. For the "All In" battle, how are the damage decks meant to be handled? One per fleet (4-6 decks) or one for the whole side (2 decks)? We tested out the one per side, and when we got low on cards shuffled back in the discards under the remaining "fresh" stack. Dodonna's ability is worded for "enemy Ships" taking face up damage and not for when friendly ships/squadrons are doing it. Needless to say the Imperial players felt this was unfair, so we went with the compromise of just when enemy ships hit asteroids (and if this would have had mines then those too), and JUST when a member of Dodonna's fleet would cause that face up card. Since it's been quite some time that a FAQ has come out for the game I'm hoping this is answered and can make it into the next FAQ release.
  4. I've had this exact same question about the deployment of the bases as well. The most interesting thing is we have two campaigns running at my LSG now four player per game running six man games. (more on that in a sec) Campaign 1 is using option A, Campaign 2 is using option B. We hadn't seen this posting when we started our games last week, but this shows the inherent ease in which this can be interpreted. So I guess as our games play out we'll see if the placements make as much difference. Now on the issue of players, the two campaigns are 6 man games being run by four people. Each team running a Shadow Fleet for the Missing 3rd person. This was put forth by the organizer, as they felt that the four man version would lead to a "rock, paper, scissors" pairing of fleets and wouldn't be fun. Only time will tell.
  5. I collect and play both sides. There are quite a few of the people in my area that are loving playing the Empire so I'm trying to get to the point where I can master the finesse needed for Rebel victories... It's a hard climb. We do have a couple of people in my area that are collecting one side or the other. Mostly I think it's a matter of taste or financial choices
  6. It's all well and good to use Wave 1 upgrades... but you gotta have access to them to use 'em. And just having a bunch of text about what they're supposed to do from various web sites as opposed to the actual cards is a poor substitute. But this is off topic. Here are a couple of lists that I scraped together from people posting in here back around the begining of April when I was playing with a couple of friends and a couple of boxes Armada Fleets: Imperial: Victory II - 85 Grand Moff Tarkin - 38 Enhanced Armament - 10 Gunnery team - 7 Victory I - 73 Enhanced Armament - 10 Dominator title - 12 Assult Concussion Missles - 7 Howlrunner - 16 TIE - 8 TIE - 8 TIE - 8 TIE - 8 TIE - 8 Total 298 Rebels: Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - 57 pts - General Dodonna - 20 pts - Redemtion - 8 pts Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - 57 pts (or Nebulon-B Support Refit - 51 pts + Leia Organa - 3 pts on the CR90A + Nav Team - 4 pts on Choice of ships New total = 299) CR90 Corvette B - 39 pts - Overload Pulse - 8 pts - Dodonna's Pride - 6 pts CR90 Corvette A - 44 pts Luke - 20 pts X-Wing - 13 pts X-Wing - 13 pts X-Wing - 13 pts Total 298
  7. Nav Team on the Neb-B is great for trying to keep the front guns pointed on your targets, The Neb's front arc is so narrow, you need all the help you can get.Garm Bel Iblis is a little iffy with no Command three ships in the list to take advantage of his sparse token disbursement. XI7 Turbolasers are a wonderful combo with the Neb-B's Salvation title. I wouldn't put Enhanced Armament on a little CR90, those side guns aren't bringing much to to the show to begin with. I'd replace it with the title Jaina's Light. It's amazing how being able to ignore the obstacles for a ship can make such a difference. And if you can get the B wings to pay off for you, more power to you. At speed 2 every time I've tried using them my opponent has pretty much ignored them and they've been just trying to chase ships around the whole game, or tied up just when I think they're FINALLY about to see some ship action. Objective is more of what you think you can play towards, but I would always say Intel Mission if you have at least one fast mover in your fleet. Your opponent will never choose it unless they just want to give the victory to you.
  8. I was looking for that key ward "Battery Armament" this weekend. Mostly because I was using the Imperial Bomber that lets all fighters within range 1 use dice from their battery armaments to attack a ship at close/medium range. On a fighter card, is that the dice for ships? Or dice for anti fighter? I assumed ships, so I just had each squad fire that. You were correct in the "ship" dice. I missed it for a while too when I went looking for it (thanks Major Ryhmer). It's on Page 2 of the Rules Ref Book under "Armament"
  9. I've played a 400 game last week and it's definitely more breathing room for your lists. Since one of my friends at the LGS is so gung ho about getting a bunch of people together to play a "huge" game on more than just the 6x3 play area, I'm really interested to know how many points can be fielded in that play area before it feels too crowded. I'm looking to try and get some 600&800 point games in to see how the space feels.
  10. I agree with the other posts that the movement tool should be on the other side to move the ship along the outside edge. And I also want to point out that if this ship is moving at speed three, there's no way it can do 2 clicks of the tool at all three joints from 0-3. On the CR-90's card it's: - , I , II At best you might do a navigate command and get one more click at the first or second joint... sooooo still going off the board.
  11. vermillian said: Well i thought this deck would be invincible... Dwarf / human alliance, forced march, dwarf defensive stuff, rune of "your stuff costs more", pilgramage, damage prevention stuff, warrior priests, and infiltrates... Just wall up forced march their guys to their 'quest' zone and deck them out... Its not working out so well... (against my other deck, a straight orc deck). I watched a friend do this one this weekend with just a pure Empire deck. He had the nwutral quest Infiltrate which caused the other player to discard from his deck how ever many resources were on the quest. With the Forced March and Twin Tailed Comet he have him drawing nine per turn and discarding four at the end.
  12. Well I saw that Hastur posted a complete Excel spreadsheet listing of the core cards in one of the posts here ( http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/46095 ) and I'm sorry to say that I don't quite feel right about postin' pics to a game like this that mostly is the pictures. I know this game sold out quickly at GenCon like in about 24 hours or so, they even held off on selling it until 4 on Friday afternoon. But it'll be released soon the picts on the site and the descriptions might just have to tide you over until you can get a set. Soon soon! and then there will be glorious whompin' and stompin'!
  13. So you figure just play four players and everyone else is your enemy? or just the people playing opposite of your faction? Like take for instance the factions that come in the box; Dwarves (Order), Empire (Order), Orcs (Destro), and Chaos (Destro). Would it be best to play teams? Order vs Destro. Every man for themselves? It just really feels like if 3 people decide to go after one person they're definitely going to be out of the game before they have a chance to respond to the dogpile.
  14. Yeah I saw some really odd MP rules for the Cthulu LCG, but I can understand how a typical MP round robin would work. But with there being two overall sides and probably two people per side. But I'm wondering what happens if you're playing Orcs on Orcs or Empire on Empire... or "can" you. Is this game more meant to be Order Vs. Destruction? I guess we'll find out in all due time...
  15. I've seen on the box 2-4 players and in looking through the cards it seems there are statements of: "all players...<blah blah blah>", but I can't seem to find anything that actually states how to work a 3 or 4 player game. For the most part all the rules seem to talk about just 2 players. Now that I've brought home a copy I've like to make sure I can get some other friends sucked into it and we like playing games that are multiplayer. Any thoughts? -IvoryTower
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