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  1. Arryn, Tully, and Tyrell are considered great houses during the time period. I think adding any of them would be great. Just include a provision that these houses can play any <house name> trait char without OOH penalty.
  2. In the example you used, I believe the answer is 1. Power gained from the challenge is actually 'moved' from the opponent, not 'claimed'. The power from unopposed, _is_ claimed, so that one you can move to a Lannister char.
  3. ktom said: Hooray! We don't have to argue... I mean, answer... the Coldhands/Blood of the First Men question anymore! You're assuming everyone reads the FAQ
  4. I don't believe I've seen anything official regarding this. I tend to place my setup cards in a line and organize them when revealed.
  5. Power on characters are protected from claim for power challenges. If somebody wins a power challenge against you and you have 0 on your house card... they get nothing (unless unopposed). Some characters also gain abilities of benefits from having power on them. The downside... if the character dies, you lose the power.
  6. Maybe I'm just unlucky and keep finding people that come up with some odd play combos....
  7. Gualdo said: Now we have several sites to check. http://agot.dbler.com/ http://info.wsisiz.edu.pl/~szczesnj/ (don't forget) http://www.cardgamedb.com/
  8. Toqtamish said: I dont think more FAQ is what this game needs, it needs less. I find FAQs to be more a hindrance than a benefit. Out of this whole thread, this is the one statement that really mattered to me. Biggest hurdle I've had so far in recruiting new players to AGOT is the FAQ. Basic concepts are okay, style of game, general mechanics, etc... all entice people to give it a try. When I have to pause to show them the FAQ, explain timing structures, point out linguistic variances... they basically give up.
  9. ktom said: The upshot for you is that now the character isn't already dead when you go to take control of it. The upshot for me is that none of my other characters had to die for claim. I'd still consider this a great scenario... you still lose the use of a character, but by saving it... I gain one.
  10. So the person taking control could also possibly save the character?
  11. As long as the character allows attachments (ie: doesn't have 'no attachment' text), you can do it. Hell, I'm pretty sure you can make carrion bird a lord if you want. Using the ability of Old Nan, you can make just about any character have any trait you want.
  12. This is more or less the way I got a couple of my friends started. I started with just a core set and 3 other people I could sit down to play with. First couple games we played with the pre-built core set decks. Afterwards, I integrated some of the raven CPs, using a draft system between each of us for any neutral/multi-house cards/plots. Since one of the players has lost interest, there are now only 3 of us and the 6 houses to play with. Each of us has claimed 2 of the house cards, and with the release of each CP, we draft and build from there. This is definately not going to provide tournament competetive decks, but when working on a limited budget... it gives each of us a good pool of cards.
  13. Stormtower said: Lars said: ... and there's no other core house deck that gives you a duplicate like that. Didn't Targ have Rhaegal?
  14. Might just be me, but I've been worrying about how powerful a Bara-Winter-NW deck could be. 3x Wall, Ravens, Sam, etc... you are looking at Bara's rush and renown coupled with basically every char you play being a tricon that doesn't kneel to defend. Heck, you could probably run a bunch of weenies just to make sure you have enough gold to counter winter/cost of wall/ravens... Then again, I'm still rather new and haven't played in any tournaments or even have a local meta.
  15. rings said: So, does this card put Milk over the edge into "must play"? I have historically never liked Milk (wait...I pay 1 gold and a card...and you still get to use the character for challenges?!?), but there are a few character combos now that I think might change my mind. Thoughts? I've had good luck running 3x MIlk in a lot of my decks recently. Nice to have the option for cards like Coldhands, but more often I see the Milks ending up on my own chars. Blanking the passives on GJ cards like Ancient Mariner has enabled me to get some rather powerful low-cost cards running
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