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  1. you have to sac to friends that are in play, i know this as i use to play it
  2. +1 Morbidsanity thanks for the trade and repping me and the note
  3. im posting this in your thread cause i dont think you or anyone checks mine, so i got you stuff either today or other day i didnt check the the mail yesterday but its here just leting you know. let me know if you got mine
  4. the only reason that i, jerry, david o, and tyler know that joe pulled the triton was because we where all right there when he pulled it. thats why everyone at the store at that time new he pulled it execpt you and your brother, and yes he did ask us not to tell you guys was for what i was told so no one would hassel him about trading it or selling it. also he showed what card he pulled later in that tournament, and you also cant get mad at some one about doing somthing that you your self had done with your sephiroth, when you blatenly told everyone besides jerry and myself.
  5. lol devil monky you got a pretty good list there, there are some shows that i like one that coulnd remember the name of
  6. so far i have bought one pack and pulled a ultima weapon
  7. Roxas said: Roxas Barn? Do I ever want to ask? @Wishmaster- If Joe's deck was a rip off, it was a **** good one when I played it. no you dont want to ask. and that was about 3 weeks of him busting his a$$ to get the cards, we where talking about when he first bought his cards
  8. i would like to say one thing that is about Joe's deck, for one we never ever ever said that he got ripped off , in fact i for one cant speak for jerry didnt know how much spent on that deck, but he is the one that came up to jerry and i and asked us to build his rebuild his deck, also neither of us had said the deck was horrible, and i can understand about the supply and demand of the products you had in stock. what he spent on his deck is his problem not mine or anyone. as for the triton being pulled the only one that found out was david owens, and joe asked and us not to tell anyone, why i dont know i didnt ask. as for the division of the store that was all on you guys you choose to sit by your selves you could have at any time came over and seen what was goin on, just because some people sat next to us and not you was not any one person to blame, the people that sat to whom ever wanted to sit next them i assume they wanted to something with that person. as for the tourny that he said he quit because of another ones deck and what he played in it is completely silly, since i was in the same tournaments as he was and i never ever herd this form his mouth, about people not shacking hands or a 'good game' happens so much at any tournament it shouldnt even be considered to be hypocritical that it would be more like human nature.
  9. i sent them monday, but now im bumping this thread
  10. yes you can buy both as i said first come first serve my email is vroom459@hotmail.com i sent you a email, but i perfer cash as stated
  11. wishmaster said: haves foil tink 1 tigger 1 1 flag sora HF- 10$ 1 flag sora FOIL- 20$ kiri promo FOIL- 10$ or best offer refs are thirroxin +5 from him you sending first no execption is maybe or no deal(said face) united states currency only this is a first come first serv deal. disregaurd the sending first thing
  12. haves foil tink 1 tigger 1 1 flag sora NF- 10$-(pending sold) 1 flag sora FOIL- 20$- (pending sold) kiri promo FOIL- 10$ or best offer refs are thirroxin +5 from him you sending first no execption is maybe or no deal(said face) united states currency only this is a first come first serve deal.
  13. i assume so because of the sd card slot, the ds was modable but you need a certain action replay. but i think it will be pretty neat
  14. the last time i played it was the first time i finished it
  15. maybe they are trying to seed the in the public because maybe not a lot of shops hosted the tourny and also maybe thats why they stoped taking in the heart points for the current promos and they might make new ones for the 4th edition of kingdom hearts
  16. no matter what pumps anyithng pooh still makes it a 0, its in the compresensive rules guide
  17. from what i read of the raffles you are put in the point range and depending what games that you set in your games invintory or top 5 (dont remember) and they send you prizes for one of those games
  18. genie- jafar is a great card in general, whom ever says its a useless card has never played with it or played against it.
  19. i would if i had a ds still, but im my eyes if you played 1 you played them all
  20. naglfar- pariah- the hole cd as it is all good
  21. "take a step and F*** YOUR FACE !!!!!!!!!" tropic thunder
  22. im not a fan of that ghost in the shell S.A.C show but the movie was great
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